Welcome to the My Inner Sim blog.

I’m currently working on my second story based on The Sims 4 challenge – The Runaway Teen, which follows the life of Alice Pendleton.

After suffering daily at the mercy of her brother’s menacing ways, Alice runs away to Newcrest to start a new life on her own.

The Runaway

Alice Portrait 2cropped

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Completed stories

I’ve recently finished my first The Sims 4 story – The Room Challenge. Following the life of Lola Wolfe as she embarks on a lonely journey to riches, confined in her small house.

Does she have it in her to survive or will she crumble?

The Room Challenge



Tamz Playz YouTube Channel

I also have a YouTube channel where I’m currently working on occasional Speed Build videos and two Let’s Plays; Runaway Teen in the Jungle and Paws for Thought – Vet Clinic. The names link directly to the YouTube playlists.
I’m also starting a new video series for My Time at Portia.
Finally, I’ve completed two series’ called Dexter’s Delights Bakery, where I take part in The Retail Store Challenge by AIRIS6962 and Bree Miles and Unusual Suspects, where I take part in the Wolf Pack Challenge by Lilsimsie, Hatsy and Steph0Sims.

All the houses, lots and people that I create will also be uploaded to the Sims 4 gallery under the name MyInnerSim.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and thank you for visiting.