Room Challenge: Week 1

After finally getting over the panic of being trapped in her house, Lola came to her senses and her survival instincts kicked in.

Her first step towards ultimate riches was to start with the indoor garden. With only six plant pots her selection was limited but she began by planting some carrots, spinach and mushrooms.

Realising she had no idea what she was doing, she decided that buying a gardening book would be a good investment. Parting with the §75 was tough, but hopefully, its rewards would pay off one day.Social need declining

After a hard day of gardening, Lola was already feeling the strain of not being able to leave the house and was in desperate need to talk to someone. She walked over to the computer, sat down and searched online for someone to chat with. Although it wasn’t the same as meeting someone in person, it helped ease the pressure for a short while, at least.

The plants were now thriving and all the reading and hard graft were finally paying off as the quality of the plants increased. Her garden salad dinners would soon be a delight.

tense for gaming

Before long Lola yearned to have some fun and her longing to play a video game took over. Once again she sat down at her computer and sought out some well-earned down time, playing her favourite game, The Sims Forever.

After several hours of fun, Lola finally returned to her garden and spent some time weeding, watering and harvesting the vegetables. With only six plants Lola realised that this just wasn’t going to be enough to sustain her food supply for long and so she decided to expand the indoor garden across where the front door used to be. With such a small living space she didn’t gain much but she now had enough space to have nine plants pots.

Lola had eaten nothing but garden salad for several days now and it was slowly starting to become a chore to eat, so she decided it was time to grow some fruit. She picked up the phone and rang for a delivery of seeds. The new pack arrived, almost instantly, and she was now blessed with being able to grow strawberries and grapes.

Expanded garden

Realising she was neglecting her main goal in life, to be filthy rich, she decided it was time to hone her painting skills. Before moving to Windenburg, Lola worked in an art gallery. She could stand for hours admiring the paintings on the walls, wishing she could paint something just as beautiful. How hard could it be?Painting

She decided to start with a small classic painting. With every brush stroke, the picture was slowly brought to life. She was better at this than she thought! Finally, she stepped back and gazed at her completed work on the easel with a new sense of pride and inspiration. Maybe this really was the first step, of many, towards her ultimate dream.

At last, the pennies were slowly trickling in and the more she painted the more her skill increased. She could feel that masterpiece painting, eagerly trying to escape with every dab of paint.

But alas, just as she thought she was finally seeing her hopes come to life, the bills arrived and her good mood crashed to the floor. Not only that, but the house was starting to look rather grubby, it was about time she had a cleanup!


Returning to her garden, Lola tended to the plants. They were her only access to another living thing and the pressure of not being able to go out into the world and socialise with people, really began to take its toll. So much so, Lola was slowly losing her mind, to the point where she now found herself talking to her plants. Imagining they were talking back, her social need began to rise again. Maybe there really was hope, after all.


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Author’s notes:

I’m going to be writing each chapter based on the previous week and will summarise my progress in the author’s notes at the end of each chapter.

End of week one

I opted to start with the gardening aspiration. I figured I would need gardening in order to be able to gain the talk to plants quicker so I thought I might as well do both at the same time. I’m just about up to the end of the third stage, I just need to gain one more skill point in gardening and then I can work on the final stage.

The traits I’ve gone with are Geek, Creative and Art lover. I have also gained Collector from choosing a nature aspiration which is pointless but oh well.

At the end of week one, I have §8,618. When I started the challenge I had §9,511. I bought the NanoCan bin, in case I end up with any rubbish I can’t get rid of. I meant to keep a track of my bills but I paid them and then realised I hadn’t actually looked at how much they were, doh!

My lot value now stands at §10,840 up from §9,476. I suspect this is mainly to do with the quality of my plants increasing as I haven’t bought anything other than the bin.

I decided to keep a track of my score, after all, and so far I am at 104 points. Starting with 100, -6 for the week(excluding the first day) and +10 for completing two stages of the gardening aspiration. I haven’t reached level 10 in any skills as yet.

Finally, my aspiration points are at 1,960. I haven’t spent any thus far and I’m unsure whether to make it harder by not doing so or to just spend them, seeing as though I don’t gain any score by not spending them, I may very well just decide to use them.

I’m hoping by starting with the gardening skill and aspiration first, that I haven’t impeded my chances of gaining money faster, but only time will tell.

8 thoughts on “Room Challenge: Week 1

  1. I’d use those satisfaction points! Save up the 4,000 for Never Weary first. It will give her more time in the day to make money. After I completed the challenge I removed it from my guy though because hardly sleeping drove me nuts! Let’s see. There’s Creative Visionary which helps with both book and painting quality. Marketable makes paintings sell for more. I’d do the writing aspiration next so you make the money off of books through the challenge. Sorry, if you don’t want the advise I’ll hush up. I just completed this one is all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I already have the next two posts scheduled as I’m going away for 3 weeks in August, so I’m trying to get ahead so I still have stuff posting while I’m away 🙂
      Thank you for the advise though, I have done the Creative Visionary and a few others but yeah the Never Weary one makes sense 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice house layout. You are brave having a stove. Hopefully no fires! lol Is there a fire alarm, I couldn’t tell. I love that these are done weekly. Makes sense to me to do it that way. I will keep that in mind when I attempt the challenge. Great start!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yes I was lucky not to end up with a fire, but in the beginning I tried to be realistic that she was only eating the fruit and veg that she grew so she only made the garden salad or fruit salad and that, of course, doesn’t require the stove. I didn’t even realise I was avoiding a fire, haha!
      Yes I do have the smoke alarm, it was on the kitchen wall somewhere 🙂
      Thanks, I noticed other people doing the story weekly and it allows you to gather enough story to write about. Not a lot happens in just one day.
      Good luck with your challenge 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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