Room Challenge: Week 2

IllnessLola’s second week in her new confined home couldn’t have started off in a worse way. She found herself coughing and spluttering, her sinuses felt like they had a river flowing out of them and then finally her skin began to turn red. What kind of cold was this?

As the fever set, she looked online to check for a possible cure and found she could buy some medicine. As soon as it was delivered, she gulped it down in one go and as the day went by she began to feel better.

She returned to her painting, despite the fact she still wasn’t feeling quite right. Her fever began to rise again and as much as she tried, her works of art were suffering. As a result, she painted one of the worst paintings she could possibly have Bad painting 1created. The quality resembled that of what a child would paint. In fact, most children could do better than the appalling piece of work she had created!

If that wasn’t bad enough, Lola began to feel much worse and had to resort to buying a second bottle of medicine. At §50 a bottle, this really wasn’t her day at all.

As she gazed at the picture, she contemplated just throwing it away. It surely wouldn’t be worth a penny, let alone the §100 in materials it took to create. She decided to ring the collector, anyway, and would you believe it, the painting was bought for §219! Not only did it reimburse the initial cost, it compensated for her having to purchase the bottles of medicine. Maybe today wasn’t so bad after all!

Feeling a new sense of inspiration flowing, Lola continued to work into the night, producing much better paintings. She even started to believe that she was still capable of creating that all important masterpiece, which would take her that extra step closer to her final dream.

Now that Lola has discovered a bond with her plants, some might say a growing relationship, and the money from her paintings was finally rolling in, she began to feel a real sense of comfort and happiness within her small home. Her next painting was so good she just couldn’t part with it, not to mention the fact that it was the most adorable kitten she had ever painted. She hung it on the wall, in pride of place, above her desk and stepped back to admire her work.

Feeling confident that her hard work had yet again paid off, she felt it was time for a well-earned rest and after selecting the ingredients from her fridge, she whipped up a lovely fruit salad, making a huge mess in the process. She quickly gave the counter a clean and then settled down in front of the television, just in time to catch her favourite program, Celebrity Cook.

That night she slept soundly. Upon awaking, bright and early, she felt refreshed, ready for challenges of the day to unfold. After a wonderfully, refreshing shower, she felt ready for anything and headed over to the easel to see what she could create today.

As she painted, she was hopeful that today was going to be the day that she would paint her best painting yet, and she wasn’t wrong. It was even better than that.

When the painting was complete, she First masterpiecemade a call to the local art gallery and she received the best news she could ever hear. She had finally created her first masterpiece! Selling at an amazing §951, the feeling of accomplishment filled her with utter pride.

First masterpiece 2

The news was like a breath of fresh air. Nothing could upset her today, not even when the sink decided to break, spewing water all over the bathroom floor. She simply rummaged through her toolbox, found her wrench, rolled up her sleeves and fixed the leak. By the time she had finished she was soaked right through, but that didn’t matter today. After mopping the floor she changed into some dry clothes and treated herself to an hour at her computer, playing a game.

Her sims were also having a good day and things really seemed to be hotting up for Jake and Isabel in their brand new hot tub. It dawns on Lola, seeing her sims so happy, that if she can’t ever leave the house, she may never have a relationship again, but not allowing anything to ruin her day, she casts the thought aside, as fast as it arrives.

Gaming hot tub

It was now Thursday and her second week was flying by fast. She painted yet another masterpiece, and the money was rolling in nicely. She spent a bit of time tending the garden, stocking the fridge with some good quality fruit and veg.

After all her chores were complete, Lola sat down for her dinner and soon after eating she felt rather uncomfortable. Despite the fact that her produce was good quality the food was terrible. It was time to buy a new fridge! That grubby old heap of junk couldn’t keep food cold if it was sat outside in the middle of the north pole.

Returning, once again, to her Sims family, Lola’s uncomfortable state began to ease. That Broken pcwas until the computer decided to break. Throwing sparks left, right and centre, Lola knew that it was beyond her handiness capabilities. Facing the fear of electrocution, Lola realised her only option was to buy a new one.

With her new-found wealth, Lola couldn’t resist purchasing the latest state of the art PC, The Immersive Bend, featuring a new style curved screen and if that wasn’t indulgent enough, it came in an awesome shade of purple, Lola’s favourite colour! As if you couldn’t already tell that by her favourite t-shirt.

New pc

This really has been a rollercoaster week of emotion for Lola, what with all the items breaking, her dreadful illness and then the ecstatic news of her paintings selling well. She can only hope that the worst is over with and future as a painter is prosperous.

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Author’s Notes:

At the end of week two, I have §12,234. I should have a lot more but I decided to upgrade the fridge, then I bought the new PC for §3,360. I also realised I had forgotten to buy lighting and a smoke alarm…

My lot value now stands at §15,247, this dipped at the beginning of the week but increased after purchasing the upgrades.

My score is 102 points. Starting the week at 104, -7 for the week and +5 for completing the nature nurturer stage. It’s been a very slow week for progression…

My aspiration points are now at 3,010.

So now that I’m at the end of week two, I’m beginning to regret taking the gardening aspiration. I bought a snapdragon seed from the debug menu and in hindsight, I probably should have just taken the hit that I couldn’t obtain one and just move onto the next aspiration, but I really, really wanted to create a cow plant, haha!

What a crazy week, I’m hoping by next week to at least have reached level 10 in either painting or gardening, but preferably both. I’m also praying that I have finished the gardening aspiration, otherwise, I have probably totally messed up my chances of a good score lol.



7 thoughts on “Room Challenge: Week 2

  1. The poor girl! I think the bad outweighed the good. Sick and things breaking then having to spend all the hard-earned money replacing them! Good luck with the Freelance Botanist aspiration. At least she’s painting for money for now. What aspiration does she do next?


  2. Haha, I definitely did need luck with the gardening aspiration, let’s just say I wish I hadn’t picked it lol!! I went onto the painting aspiration after that, seeing as though I had started painting.


    1. Yeah the painting was a good way to start too, gardening doesn’t take up much time so I could do that in between paintings.
      The money was a bit slow and I definitely needed to think more about spending the aspiration points sooner, and trying to skill up quicker as my score progress was very slow, but apart from that it seemed to be going ok.

      Liked by 1 person

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