Room Challenge: Week 3

After an exhausting week, Lola was really hoping that this week would be better. She rose out of bed early, ate her fruit salad, showered and got ready for the day ahead.

She began with tending her garden; weeding and watering as normal. When it came to tending to the strawberry plant, she recoiled in disgust. The plant was buzzing! As she searched through the leaves a swarm of bugs flew up into the air, circling around her and back to the plant.


The plant was completely infested and on closer inspection so was the one next to it. If she wasn’t careful this problem could spread through the whole garden and her beautiful friends would perish.

After rooting through the kitchen cupboards, she located the bug spray and swiftly sprayed both plants. Within minutes, the bugs were dropping to the ground. No longer a threat, she swept them up and threw them into the trash. She continued with the gardening; harvesting the produce and placing it into the fridge.

Snapdragon seedAs she stood admiring the garden, she noticed something lying on the floor. It appeared to be some kind of seed.

She bought an empty pot and proceeded to plant it, wondering what delightful new friend she would meet in the following days to come.

The rest of her evening was filled with painting; completing yet another masterpiece and selling it to the art gallery for a whopping §2,310, then Lola ate her dinner and went to bed, sleeping soundly.

Tuesday came around fast and Lola was rudely awakened by the phone. It was a message from the electric and gas company, demanding that she pay her bills, immediately, or face having her services cut off. She hadn’t even realised that she had forgotten to pay them.

The thought of being trapped in the house, in the dark, was not a risk she wanted to take and her tension soon escalated again; not to mention it had been several days since she had been able to play a video game.

After paying the bills, she took a seat at the computer, thrilled by her new state of the art PC that she had recently purchased and her tension began to ease. Feeling happy, she decided to take part in a novice Sims Forever tournament; she’d never tried this before, but she thought it sounded fun.


She played for hours, competing against people from around the world. Trying her hardest, she soon realised her skill in gaming wasn’t as good as she had once thought and sadly she lost.

Feeling somewhat deflated, she turned the computer off and headed over to the easel, but her inspiration just wasn’t there. Filled with sadness, she painted a picture that oozed her emotions with every lick of paint.


As if the feeling of failure wasn’t enough, she found herself gazing out of the window at the house across the lot. Longing to be able to leave and meet another human being; to mingle and make friends. She went to bed that night and sobbed into the early hours of the morning, eventually crying herself to sleep.

The following days, went by slowly, rolling from one to the next… wake up, shower, eat, do the gardening, paint pictures, eat, sleep, repeat…

Snapdragon plantThat was until Thursday. When she awoke she saw that her new plant had flourished through the night. Ignoring her daily routine, she searched her gardening books to identify the mysterious plant and found that it was, in fact, a snapdragon plant, boasting a vivid red blossom.

It was wonderful, the most beautiful plant she had ever seen, but it was something else that really stole her attention, that day.

Whilst she was trying to identify the snapdragon, she came across an article that told of the most obscure plant, if that’s what you could call it, that she had ever heard of; it was called a cow plant. This wonderous plant was known for its playful nature and she just had to find out more about it.

Quickly scanning the rest of the article, she discovered that she actually had the means to grow such a plant; the excitement was almost too much to bear.

The first step involved taking cuttings from the snapdragon, which she could then graft onto the strawberry plant in order to create her very first hybrid. The concoction of the two would produce dragonfruit seeds, with which she could then grow the ever-elusive dragonfruit plant, a rare and seldom seen specimen of nature, boasting an exotic, vibrant-coloured fruit.

taking cuttings

She had to try, she just had to!

While she waited, she checked to see if she had received a reply from the penpal that she had written to in Riverview and she discovered she had, indeed, received a letter.

The lady was called Julie, she worked as a doctor at her local hospital, Riverview General. In her spare time, she loved to play the piano and was often found performing at her local bar. She also loved the great outdoors and had recently returned from a mountainside vacation; she sounded lovely. Lola wrote a reply and returned to her easel to paint, once again.Mountains painting

This time Lola’s inspiration was taken from the words of her penpal and she painted an exquisite picture of a lake, surrounded by a mountain landscape.

As she gazed at the picture, she wondered if she would ever be able to go on vacation. How she longed to be free again; if only she hadn’t wished to get away and start out on her own.

That night, Lola slept dreadfully. Her dreams had taken a new form. She dreamt of herself in a huge house, filled with luxurious items, but not only that, this particular house had a front door; if only it was real.

New bed 1

Waking up the next day, feeling somewhat drained, after falling in and out of the dream, Lola decided that maybe buying a new bed would help. She was sick of lying on that godawful mattress and so that is what she did. That night she slept perfectly.

With a renewed sense of determination Lola returned, once again, to her painting and would you believe it, she had finally reached her full potential in her pursuit to become an established painter.

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Author’s notes:

So, I am now at the end of week 3. Thankfully, Lola reached level 10 in her painting skill, phew!

My cash at the end of the week stands at §22,333. I splashed out a bit on the bed, which cost §8,500, but I figured if my sim could get a better sleep, then maybe she would be more productive and have more time to earn money, etc. At least the money is rolling in nicely now.

My lot value is currently at §22,432. Buying the bed definitely helped with that.

My score is now at 105, -7 for the week, +10 for the painting skill level 10. I began the week with 102. This really is slow progress… but at least the points are going up and not declining, lol.

My aspiration points are at 3,320.

So that concludes, week 3, here’s hoping that I can finish my gardening skill and aspiration by the end of next week… eek!



3 thoughts on “Room Challenge: Week 3

  1. I am following your story and see that you have accumulated such a nice bit of simoleons! Congrats! I had started this challenge and read the rules incorrectly and so will have to start over again. I am so happy that I came across your blog. You make the weeks very interesting. Looking forward to your next chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you are enjoying reading it 🙂
      I love writing stories but writing books is hard. This is the perfect way to do it and, of course, it’s great being able to play the game and get screenshots etc.
      Be sure to check back every Sunday for the next part 🙂 I’m actually 4 posts ahead of this already as I wanted to get ahead before I go away in August 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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