Room Challenge: Week 4

Since achieving her maximum potential in painting, the money had begun to roll in, thick and fast. This meant that Lola was now able to spend more time concentrating on her garden.

Her new hybrid plant had successfully produced a dragonfruit seed, which she then planted, growing her very first dragonfruit plant. If only she could share her news; gardeners from around the world would be so envious, if they knew.

Lola’s latest gardening purchase was a potted bonsai, which she spent hours, delicately pruning into a symmetrical tree. She was very proud of her creation and often found herself gazing at it, which somehow helped her focus for the next few hours.


The bills arrived on Monday and much to Lola’s dismay, with every delivery, the cost was increasing; the house now cost her §578 per week. On a good note, she did receive a lovely postcard from Julie, over in Riverview, detailing her latest escapade into the mountains, where her food was stolen by a wandering bear and the wind had been so strong, it nearly blew her tent away!

Tuesday was much more productive. Lola painted yet another masterpiece, which sold for a great amount. As she stepped back to admire her work, her computer played a sound, notifying her that she had received a new email.

Her curiosity got the better of her, so she checked to see who it was from and she soon wished she hadn’t. Today was the day that the GeekCon festival arrived in San Myshuno!

geekconBeing an avid lover of all things geek, Lola was filled with disappointment. GeekCon was Lola’s favourite festival, of all time, and back when she lived in San Myshuno she would visit it every time it was in town. She loved seeing all the people dressed up in their favourite costumes and all the gamers competing against each other. Not to mention the smell and taste of all the wonderful foods that were served at the stalls. Oh, how she wished she could visit it just one more time.

Lola closed the email, no longer wishing to be teased by her favourite past times. She contemplated heading over to the easel, but her desire to paint was slowly fading. Instead, she decided to try her hand at writing and so she started her first children’s book, named Pat the Badger.

Writing 1

It took her ages to complete; learning how to format a book from scratch was hard work. Finally, when it was done she sent it off in the mail. Self-publishing her book didn’t earn her much money, but the feeling of achievement was exhilarating.

Lola’s skill in writing was increasing fast and she soon noticed that she was at her most productive when she was learning first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This meant she could spend a few hours painting in the afternoon, allowing her to keep the money coming in.

Returning to her garden, she noticed the dragonfruit plant was now fully grown, so it was time for her next step towards owning her very first cow plant. She took a cutting from the snapdragon and grafted it onto the dragonfruit, thus creating a plant that would produce a cowberry seed.

Failed to germinate cowberrySeveral days of writing, painting and tending her garden, passed by and the cowberry was finally ready to be harvested, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not get the seed to germinate. Returning to the guide, she realised that the plant required a lot of space in order to grow. She was going to need a bigger garden, but what could she bear to part with?

After spending several hours racking her brains, she decided that as much as she cherished her plants, she was going to have to let some of them go. It was taking up a lot of her time, looking after them and as much as she loved the fresh fruit and vegetables, she really was sick of eating the same meals, over and over again. There’s only so many times you can eat a fruit or garden salad, and so, she harvested what she could and sold the majority, leaving just two plants to keep her company.

From now on, she would have to resort to buying ingredients for her meals, but at least she would be able to eat whatever she wanted. How she had longed for a bacon sandwich with lettuce and tomato, not forgetting the mayonnaise!

She spent hours extending the garden, but instead of keeping it indoors, she created a bigger outdoor space in which the cow plant could thrive. She placed the planter in her new outdoor garden and planted the cowberry seed; this time it finally germinated!


The very next day her new friend was already beginning to grow and he was the most adorable thing she had ever seen! In a matter of days, he would be fully grown and she just couldn’t wait!

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Author’s notes:

My cash at the end of the week stands at §52,538. I realised I had built up a tonne of fruit and veg in my inventory so I sold it, which gave my finances a good boost.

My lot value stands at §23,521. This isn’t going up much as I’m trying to wait until later in the game to spend my money. I figured this would help me build cash quicker as I wouldn’t have high bills early on and also I don’t want the value to decrease before I can afford to buy enough to reach the §350,000 lot goal.

My aspiration points are now at 1,470. I reached 4,000 on Tuesday, so I purchased Creative Visionary, Morning Sim and Night Owl. I probably should have bought Never Weary but I thought the skill speed boost might help as levelling up skills to 10 seemed to be taking forever.

My score is now at 108, up from 105, the previous week. – 7 for the week and +10 for reaching level 10 in gardening. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t quite make it to completing the gardening aspiration but I am really close now.

This week has been a little more exciting, Lola is so close to completing the gardening aspiration. She reached level 10 in gardening just after planting the cowberry and thankfully, she managed to evolve her last two plants up to excellent just before needing to make more garden space.

I decided to extend the garden outdoors instead of indoors, but it still stayed within the confines of the 64 tile rule. She still couldn’t leave; only look out longingly at the rest of world, blocked by a fence she probably could actually just jump over, but we’ll just pretend that there’s an invisible barrier preventing her from doing so, lol!

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