Room Challenge: Week 5

Lola had lived in her little house for over four weeks, now. The cow plant, although not yet fully grown, was coming on nicely. Lola was completely besotted by her little friend and she spent hours talking to it. Her skill in gardening was now the best it could be and so she could finally focus on selling her paintings and writing her books.Talking to cow plant

Her latest piece of work was a motivational book, called “You Rock! A Celebration of You!”

Writing motivational books filled her with confidence and she hoped that through her books she could inspire others to live their dreams and be happy with themselves, even if she could never meet them in person.

She was also feeling very confident with her paintings; creating masterpieces more frequently, which sold for huge amounts of simoleons which meant her bank balance was rapidly increasing with each week that passed.

It was on Monday that she noticed her cow plant had finally matured. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she walked out into her garden and saw just how big he had grown.

As she took her first steps towards him, she felt slightly nervous. She hadn’t expected him to grow taller than her and the size of his mouth, alone, was a daunting sight! Reaching our her hand, she nervously petted him and, much to her surprise, he gently leant into her touch, nudging her hand with his head and closed his eyes. He seemed to really like it.

Feeling her nerves ease, she took out a piece of food and held it out to him. He sniffed at it and then eagerly wolfed it down in one swift gulp. They played together for a while and then Lola returned to her writing, once again.

Later that evening, Lola looked out through her window, into the garden and noticed the cow plant doing something rather peculiar. It seemed to be offering her a piece of cake, but how could he possibly have gotten hold of a cake?

Cow plant cake

She headed outside and as she stepped closer to investigate, the cow plant gestured for her to take the offering and upon doing so she suddenly found herself being thrown up in the air and into his mouth! He had swallowed her whole!

The cow plant had tricked her and now she was inside his stomach, but no sooner had he swallowed her, his stomach began to convulse and after a minute of heaving and retching, he threw up. Lola was swiftly expelled out of his mouth and onto the ground in front of him.

As she sat there, covered from head to foot in all kinds of slime, she felt so betrayed. She had nurtured this cow plant from a seed; talked to him, petted him and made sure he was well fed and this is how he repaid her kindness. She had really begun to love him and now she couldn’t even bear to be anywhere near him.

ShoweringPicking herself up, she almost ran into the house, eager to get away from the monster that she had grown in her garden. She headed straight for the bathroom and promptly showered, trying her hardest to cleanse herself of not only the slime that she had been covered in but also the betrayal that she had encountered.

Drying herself, she knew what she had to do; she had no choice. She was going to have to get rid of him. Filled with a deep sense of loneliness, she sold her friend without even daring to say goodbye, took herself off to bed and once again, cried herself into slumber.

The next day, Lola woke up with a new resolve to rid herself of the reminders of her monstrous creation. She began by downsizing the garden; being outside, trapped within her little fence, only made her long to leave the house even more and on the plus side, she gained a lot more space inside, which gave her the opportunity to revamp her tiny home.

Finally satisfied with her new living space, Lola returned to her computer, determined to lose herself in her writing, but no sooner after sitting down, the computer broke. She couldn’t believe it; she had only recently purchased it and she had been ensured that this model was a lot more reliable than the heap of junk that she’d had before.

She couldn’t afford to replace it but if she tried to repair it herself, she ran the risk of being electrocuted! The thought of parting with money for something she had already paid for just wasn’t an option and so with great apprehension, she attempted to fix it.

After a long and stressful hour, Lola had finally managed to repair her computer. Relieved that she had successfully evaded electrocution, she wiped the sweat from her brow, walked over to her bonsai tree and spent some time carefully pruning it. She was behind on her writing again and she often found after pruning the bonsai that she felt more focused and ready for anything.

Pruning 1With a renewed sense of focus, Lola spent the next few hours writing her latest book and after successfully sending it in the mail to her publisher, she got ready for bed.

It was at that moment, whilst she was changing into her pyjamas, that she noticed just how tight her clothes were becoming. She had begun to put on weight.

Back in San Myshuno, Lola had regularly visited her local gym and yet somehow, with all the stress and challenges of the last few weeks, she had managed to neglect her fitness regime.

Her first task, after waking, was to buy herself a new treadmill. The §900 was a slight sting to her bank balance, but she figured it was worth it in the long run.

Treadmill 1

As soon as she had finished her breakfast, she changed into her fitness gear and spent the next hour running on the treadmill; it felt great to finally burn off some of her frustrations.

It wasn’t until the next day, though, that she realised just how unfit she had become. Her legs felt like she had lead weights strapped to them and with every step she took she ached.

It took her another two days before her aching muscles finally began to ease, but she was determined to keep up the hard work; as they say, no pain, no gain.

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Author’s Notes:

My cash at the end of the week stands at §81,090. I managed to gain a good §30,000 this week, from selling paintings and writing. So at least that’s progressing nicely now.

My lot value is now at §23,451. I am still waiting before I buy too much. I just don’t want the bills to go too crazy in case I haven’t earned enough to complete the last stage of the mansion baron aspiration.

My aspiration points are now at 1,320. After reaching 4,000 points again I bought the never weary trait. This has helped a lot and I’m managing to get two whole days gameplay before she needs to sleep!! So, thank you, Rainy, for that wonderful bit of advice 🙂 I wish I’d thought of it sooner lol!

My score is now at 126. Last week score was 108, -7 for the week and +10 for completing the last two stages of the painter aspiration, +5 for completing the first stage of Leader of the pack and +10 for completing the first two stages of the writing aspiration.

My score, I have recently discovered, is appalling. Even if it has jumped up a bit this week. Haha! I was trying to find out if the surrounding house could actually have more than one floor, (so long as the sim doesn’t have access to another floor in her home) when I came across someone’s post on their progress in the challenge. Let’s just say they had more points in their first week than I had by the end of week 5!! Haha!

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