Room Challenge: Week 6

It was Lola’s sixth week in the house and, once again, things were going from bad to worse. It started with the toilet breaking and then the computer broke. When she had finally fixed both of those, she settled into a game of The Sims Forever, her favourite game, only for her Sims to cause a fire and nearly die.

After an hour of gaming, Lola thought it would be a good idea to prune her bonsai tree. This always seemed to lift her spirits and usually helped her become focused and ready for the day ahead, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not get it to look the way she wanted and in the end, she had cut so much off the tree, that it now looked bare and neglected.

overpruned bonsaiFeeling slightly deflated, she continued on with her day. The bills arrived and she paid them, she made breakfast and ate it, feeling a severe lack of motivation, no matter what she did.

That was until she came to do her daily workout.

As she stepped on the treadmill, she let out a huge sigh, feeling a real lack of interest, but once she set off running and her adrenaline kicked in, she started to feel a lift in her spirits. With each stride she felt great, she felt powerful, like she could take on the world if she had to. By the time she had finished, the sweat was literally pouring off her, but she didn’t care.

After a long hot shower, Lola, feeling hungry again, headed over to the fridge to find something to eat; she decided on a plate of garlic noodles. As she sat down at the table, she looked over at the counter; it was absolutely filthy! She wished she could hire a maid to take care of the daily chores but she couldn’t, so after eating her lunch, she washed up the dishes and quickly cleaned the kitchen.

GN messy kitchen

Once the cleaning was taken care of, she settled back down in front of her computer, to work on her latest book. This time she was working on a screenplay called Twilight Boulevard.

Abstract 1After finishing her book, she sent it off to the publisher and headed over to the easel to paint. Choosing an abstract theme, she spent the next few hours, working on her latest masterpiece, and that is certainly what it was. Selling for a whopping, §2,787, Lola realised that abstract paintings were certainly the way forward to reaching her lifelong goal of riches.

With all the exercise she had been doing lately, Lola seemed to be in a constant state of hunger. Returning to the kitchen she chopped up her ingredients and placed them in the pan. Lola’s skill in cooking was increasing with every meal she made and so she was beginning to feel overconfident in her abilities. She was soon brought back down to earth, though, after messing around trying to throw the spoon up into the air and catch it, she dropped it into the pan, covering herself in food.

messy cooking

After eating dinner, she headed to the shower to clean up after the dreadful mess she’d made at dinner and once again, the shower broke. After being awake for nearly two days, she was exhausted and feeling utterly fed up, with things in her house constantly breaking, she took herself off to bed, resolving to fix it in the morning.

Later that week, after several monotonous days of writing, painting and working out, Lola was finally starting to feel the benefits of her hard work. The money was rolling in nicely and much to her delight, her figure was slowly, but surely, returning to normal.

Feeling a renewed sense of confidence in herself, Lola decided to try an uphill climb on the treadmill, but this was not a good idea at all. No sooner after setting off, Lola tripped and fell, banging her head on the belt. Remarkably, despite feeling dazed, Lola climbed back on to the treadmill, lowered the incline and carried on, as if nothing had happened.

Later that day, Lola submitted another book to her publisher and no sooner after doing so, she received a notification that she was now considered to be a ‘Novelest Novelist’ and she was well on her way to becoming a bestselling author. With her skill finally maxed out, she no longer had to spend time learning, which gave her more time to concentrate on the stories and characters.

It was now Saturday, the day that should have been the happiest of the year for Lola, but sadly it wasn’t. Today was Lola’s birthday and as she baked her chocolate cake, added the candles and set them alight, she couldn’t help wishing that she wasn’t so confined in this tiny space and that she could, once again go out into the world. If only wishes came true.


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Author’s Notes:

So at the end of week six, my cash is at now §108,062. The paintings are selling for great amounts and the royalties from the books are certainly helping. Bills are still only at §567, so not upgrading the furniture in my house yet, is paying off.

My lot value is at §30,831, this has jumped up a bit and I can’t remember what I have done for this to increase, lol.

My aspiration points are at 3,270. I bought the marketable trait to help make my paintings, etc, sell for more.

My score is now at 139, up from 126. -7 for the week, +10 for completing two stages of writing and +10 for completing the writing skill.

I’m glad to see my score is finally increasing. I did get off to a very slow start, but at least I’ll know for next time to work harder and to think more about what aspiration I start with.

At the end of this post, I really wanted a screenshot of Lola blowing out her candles, but unfortunately, I didn’t pause the shot in time and missed it, doh! I wasn’t prepared to age her up again just to get it, lol.

With this being my first ever challenge I haven’t set a lifespan duration, so she didn’t actually need to age up, but I noticed a few of the aspirations require the sim to be an adult, so I figured now is as good a time as any.


7 thoughts on “Room Challenge: Week 6

  1. Ahh poor Lola with everything breaking in the house. But yeah for her selling great masterpieces and getting the Novelest Novelist award. I haven’t done the writing career before, so that is fantastic! This sounds like a hard challenge. I would just want to bust my sim out of there! lol Congrats on getting the simoleons up and keeping the bills down. Looking forward to your next chapter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! I’ve actually quit without saving to get the pic before. I try to remember to save right before the cake for that reason. Also, I’ve had sims get bugged when aging so there’s that too.

        Liked by 1 person

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