Room Challenge: Week 7

The strangest thing happened when Lola woke up the next day. As she walked into the bathroom, she noticed that one of the windows had disappeared and on further inspection, she realised that the same thing had happened in the kitchen, too.

She wandered over to the window, nearest the easel, and she couldn’t believe her eyes. A huge wall had appeared as if the house had gained more rooms. There were even some beautiful plants, bushes and garden lights out the front.

Wk8 Bigger house

She quickly ran back into the bedroom and was nearly taken aback with shock; there was a pool behind the house with columns and a roof and she could just make out two fountains and a bench; the rest was out of sight.

Surely, this wasn’t… this just couldn’t be happening, could it? Was she still dreaming? She was sure she would wake up any minute and it would all be gone, but it didn’t go away and she wasn’t dreaming, at all.

Inspired by the changes to the house, she decided it was time to make some renovations inside. She replaced everything that she could with the latest model, all except her computer as she had really begun to be attached to it.

WK8 New things

Finally, after receiving all the new items and putting them into place, Lola settled back down in front of her PC and begun working on her latest book, “Windershins Ballet 2 and Other Stories.”

Whilst in the middle of writing her book, Lola received her royalties cheque and after doing the maths she realised she had earned over §25,000. This was amazing, she never realised she could earn so much money just from writing and selling books and add that together with the money from her paintings and she would soon have enough to finally accomplish her dreams.Wk 7,Literary digest

When the book was finished, she was told it was sure to be a bestseller, so she submitted it to the literary digest.

Inspired by the recent success of her latest novel, Lola spent the next two days working as hard as she could on her books. She barely slept and only stopped to eat and use the bathroom, but her hard work and determination finally paid off and she completed two more bestsellers. wk 7 chess table

Now that the money was steadily flowing in, Lola decided she would like to work on her logic skill and so she splashed out on a new chess table.

She practised and practised, late into the night, and finally feeling exhausted she dragged herself to bed.

The next day, Lola was out of sorts, no matter how hard she tried to motivate herself, she just could not focus on her writing or painting, so instead, she settled into her chair and read a book. In the end, after finishing her third novel, she finally felt rested enough to continue her skill building and returned once again to her chess table.

She was really getting good at this, but she really wished she could play a game with someone else. Being trapped in the house really was starting to take its toll and although she never really was one for being ultra sociable, she wished she could just get out of the house, from time to time.

WK 7 upgrade toiletAfter several days of nothing but reading and skill building, Lola realised the house had gotten into a bit of a state again and sick to death of cleaning the toilet she decided it was time to try her hand at upgrading it.

Several hours later the upgrade was complete and feeling accomplished, she went on to upgrade the shower, too.

Intrigued by the handiness skill, she decided to purchase a woodworking table, so that she could create her own furniture and items. She started by making a bunny sculpture, which surprisingly sold for §76. Inspired by the new craft, she then went on to make a horse sculpture and then a knife block, because who doesn’t need one of those in the kitchen.

It wasn’t until the end of the last day, of the week, that Lola realised she really didn’t have much of an attention span, for anything. She found herself constantly trying to keep busy, in any way that she could. First, it was painting and gardening, then it was writing, then it was her fitness levels, of which she really had begun to neglect again, and then most recently it was her logic and handiness skills. At least she had completed some of her goals, but the others were impossible without being able to leave the house.

She chuckled to herself as she thought if only her parents could see her now. Her mum would be all in a flap, demanding that she should go visit the family shrink, Patricia Yates, who she was often subjected to as a child.

She could just hear Patricia now, “Lola, I think you are trying to make up for something. All this flitting from one aspiration to another is not good for the mind. You should take some time to reflect on your recent actions and try to understand why you can’t concentrate on a single goal.”

Well, she could concentrate on one goal, at least, one day soon she was going to own that big house that she was always dreaming about and she had a feeling that was the ultimate key to her freedom.

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Author’s Notes:

My cash at the end of this week is §46,979. I decided to start working on the Mansion Baron aspiration so I spent quite a bit of money on the new part of the house and the pool, etc and some furniture and items for the interior.

My lot value is now at §130,248. Wow, reaching §300,000 is going to be so hard. I’ve seen people resorting to buying lots of violins to finish the goal but, if I can, I really want to avoid that.

Oh, and I would have had a slightly better lot value but I made a mistake. For some reason, the paintings I created didn’t class as art for the mansion baron aspiration, so I deleted them all, thinking, ah well, at least it will give me some money and then my lot value dropped by nearly §20,000!! Oops! And of course, I had returned to live mode so I couldn’t get them back… doh! So I’m now working on creating paintings again to place in the house.

My aspiration points are now at 720. I bought the Savant and Frugal traits. I figured now that the house was bigger and with all the expensive items, the Frugal trait would come in handy to lower the bills a bit.

My score is now at 182 up from 139. -7 for the week, +10 for reaching cooking level 10, +15 for three lots of the Readily a Parent stage for the family aspirations, +5 for finishing the final stage of the writing aspiration, +10 for two stages of the Mansion Baron aspiration and +10 for two lots of Prudent Student for the knowledge aspirations.

My score is finally progressing rapidly and I don’t quite feel so bad about it now. Although, I’m really going to have to finish this challenge soon as I don’t have many aspirations left to do to get more points, except completing skills lol!

6 thoughts on “Room Challenge: Week 7

  1. Wow, she had a great week! That score just shot up. When I did Mansion Baron the first time in the Drifter Challenge I ended up resorting to buying 2 of those violins. The first time I did this challenge though, I bought TONS of them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! What a nice looking house….it’s coming along. And so what if Lola flits from one thing and then another, she’s getting things done and building her skills! Congrats and can’t wait for the next chapter! Woot!

    Liked by 1 person

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