Room Challenge: Week 8

Lola’s need for something new, reached an all-time high this week when she had the urge to buy a rocket ship. She spent hours trying different layouts, but no matter how hard she tried to rearrange the house, she could not fit it in, anywhere.

Eventually, she gave up and pondered her next venture and in the end, she decided now was a good time to have a go at learning the programming skill.

Wk8 programming 1

The next morning, Lola’s bills arrived and she could not believe the cost; they were now at §4,101! She was absolutely outraged at the companies; just because she had bought expensive items, did not mean that they could take all of her money. She felt like writing a letter of complaint, but she knew it wouldn’t make a difference.

Lola’s skill in programming was coming along nicely, now, and she was starting to feel really focused on her work, but knowing you can work too hard she decided to take a short break. WK8 Gaming tournie 1

She thought now would be a good time to enter another gaming tournament and so that is what she did, well that was until the PC broke… again! Infuriated by it constantly breaking down, Lola decided to order a replacement. As soon as it arrived, she set it up and resumed her whim to enter the Sims Forever tournament.

She was sure she would win this time, but unfortunately, she didn’t and this made Lola feel very sad. No matter how hard she worked on her gaming, she just could not beat the other players and she had really thought that she was getting better at the game; clearly, she wasn’t WK8 low needsgood enough, yet.

“Oh well, maybe next time I’ll win,” she thought.

Several hours had passed by and Lola hadn’t even realised just how late it was and she hadn’t eaten a thing since breakfast. So she whipped up a quick plate of garden salad, ate it and now desperate for the toilet, she quickly relieved herself and went to bed.

Tuesday was a new day and Lola awoke feeling confident and refreshed after a good nights sleep. Nothing could stop her today!


She started the day with an energetic run on the treadmill. After a short while, Lola nearly slipped, but she managed to hang on to the bars and pulled herself back up as if nothing had happened. She wasn’t going to let that break her mood today.

When she made a mess in the kitchen after making dinner the night before, the counter was filthy, but there was no need to fuss, she quietly and promptly cleaned it up, without a care.

Next, she upgraded the fridge so that the food would stay fresher for longer; despite banging her elbow against the door, she just carried on with the task at hand.

Feeling a bit peckish, she cooked herself an excellent plate of Butternut Gnocchi and it really did taste divine; there wasn’t a scrap left on her plate when she had finished.


Still full of energy, Lola began a mission to upgrade more items. She started with the toilet, then the bathroom sink and finally finished up with the shower and after all this, it was still only the middle of the afternoon.

Feeling super productive, Lola decided to try her hand at creating a plugin, on her PC, of which she was successful, of course, as nothing could bring her down today! wk8 very confidentThis left Lola feeling very confident, and so, inspired by her new-found talent, she decided to have a go at modding her favourite game, The Sims Forever.

It took her a few hours but she finally had it working the way she wanted, which left her with enough time to test it out; for research purposes, of course.

Lola spent the next few days, making more plugins, which really didn’t make much money, working on her paintings, making sure the garden was looked after and that the plants weren’t getting lonely.

On the last day of the week, Lola’s skill in programming was finally good enough to create her own mobile apps. She felt so excited by the new prospect and couldn’t wait to start, but she hadn’t quite realised just how much work was required to creating such a thing.

After hours of perseverance, it was now late on Saturday night and she was nowhere near close to finishing the project, so in the end, she decided that it would have to wait until next week.

Despite the computer breaking once again, Lola really felt that this week had been a success, in terms of building up her skills and so she went to bed, feeling determined that the week ahead would be just as rewarding, if not more so.

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Author’s notes:

So at the end of this week, my cash is now at §83,051. I tried not to spend much this week, as I didn’t want the bills to get any higher. I dread to think how much they will be once I reach the §350,000 lot value goal.

Speaking of which, my lot value is now at §141,328. It’s been slow progress this week and I only gained a bit when I hung a few paintings on the wall that Lola had created.

My aspiration points are now at 2,145. There’s not a lot left to buy, so I’m saving up for the Hardly Hungry trait, which is 4,000 points.

My score at the end of this week is 190, up from 182. -7 for the week, +5 for the second stage of Nerd Brain aspiration and +10 for the first two stages of the Computer Whiz aspiration.

I didn’t actually manage to get any skills up to 10 this week, which I was a little disappointed with. Also, I’m slowly running out of aspirations that I can do anything with, so I really do need to try to complete the Mansion Baron Aspiration soon, otherwise I’m going to end up losing too much score… eek!

Also, this week’s post is slightly shorter than I’d have liked it to be, but she literally spent hours doing the same task, so this week was rather uneventful.





9 thoughts on “Room Challenge: Week 8

  1. I’ve just completed Mansion Baron in my legacy so I checked what my bills were for you. $13,000 with the Frugal trait! So, you have that to look forward to. I have the same problem with not having much to take screenshots of. My family skills almost all of the time!

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      1. If you plant off the produce from one of them it will grow whatever quality it is. So if it’s a perfect fruit the plant will grow perfect quality.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have not done this challenge, and I think you are doing a great job. I hate those household bills! Blech! There must be some strategy to winning those on-line game tournaments, because my sim has never won either. Hang in there!

    Liked by 1 person

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