Room Challenge: Week 9

With all the hard work that Lola put in last week, working on her programming skill, Lola’s social need became quite low so she went outside to talk to her plants. Not being able to socialise in the real world was really tough and it was starting to get Lola down. She wished that she hadn’t had to get rid of her beloved cow plant, but the memory of him trying to eat her still haunted her at night.

wk9 talking to plants

After she was done socialising, Lola returned to the house to continue with her painting. She wished that she could find a better way to earn money, but for now, she would just have to keep creating the paintings, as and when she could.

Luckily she created two masterpieces in a row, which meant she could now return to finishing her mobile app, but this was no easy task. After three very long and gruelling days of sleep deprivation and near starvation, Lola finally completed the application.

The app didn’t earn her much, but it was nice to have a little bit of income trickle in each day and this made her feel really happy, that was until she peed herself! She hadn’t realised just how much she had needed to go to the bathroom and so she had an accident.

Absolutely mortified, Lola quickly ran to the shower to clean up. Feeling a little more refreshed and less stinky, she sat down at her computer and tried to start making her very own video game, in the hopes that this would cheer her up, but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t concentrate.wk9 very embarrassed

Next, she tried playing her favourite game, The Sims Forever, which did improve her mood a little, but it still wasn’t enough to take her mind off her embarrassing ordeal.

Desperate to offload her woes, she decided to purchase a journal. Her mother had often told her when she was younger, that if she ever needed to clear her head of something that was troubling her, the best thing to do was to write it down, and so she poured her heart out onto the pages; hoping somehow to ease her emotional state.

wk9 writing in journalWriting in her journal helped Lola a little, but she still wasn’t quite right, so she took herself off to bed and slept her troubles away.

Upon waking the next day, Lola felt happier and after treating herself to her favourite breakfast, scrambled eggs with bacon, she was ready for the day ahead.

She began by working on a new mystery novel, called Every Man in Town. She had received her royalty cheque not long after waking up and was rather disappointed to see that she wasn’t receiving as much money anymore and so she thought she had better work on writing another. Sadly, it didn’t turn out to be a bestseller, but regardless of the fact, it would still help keep the money coming in.

Before long the computer broke, once again, despite the fact that she had received a replacement, only the week before. Sick to death of the PC breaking all the time, she purchased a newer, more reliable model, butshe still didn’t feel reassured that it wouldn’t break, so she tried upgrading the ECC RAM in the hopes that this would prevent the issue of it breaking. Apparently, it would…

wk9 Broken fridge1

It took her a few hours to upgrade the PC and by the time she’d finished, she was starving. She went over to the fridge and took out her ingredients and would you believe it, now the fridge had broken too! This was seriously beginning to grate on her nerves. She was sure she’d already upgraded the fridge to prevent this from happening, but she figured, she must have been mistaken. As soon as she had finished eating, she repaired the fridge and upgraded it in the hopes that, this time, it wouldn’t break.

Eventually, Lola was able to return to work on her video game and it was whilst working on this project that she completed her skill in programming. This meant she could now hack supercomputers, not that she dared try.

After finishing her video game, Lola decided she really wanted to add a new video card to her computer. She had really enjoyed adding the extra RAM and was really keen to add more. When the upgrade was complete, despite feeling very tired, she couldn’t wait to test it out and so she loaded up a game and began playing.

Hours passed by and Lola hadn’t realised just how late it had gotten. Turning the PC off, she stood up, yawning as she did so when all of a sudden, a wave of exhaustion washed over her and she passed out on the floor in a heap.

An hour later, she woke up feeling a little confused and still extremely tired so she went to bed.

The next day Lola spent time crafting some items at the workbench and as a result, she maxed out her handiness skill. Despite the embarrassing mishaps, Lola thought the week had been relatively productive and she couldn’t wait to see how the next week would play out.

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Author’s Notes:

My cash for this week is at §86,976. I haven’t made much money this week, what with spending a lot of time finishing up skills and I did spend a little, buying the replacement computer and purchasing stuff for the other part of the house.

My lot value is now at §179,279. That §200,000 mark is so close! How I will ever reach §350,000, though, is beyond me!

My aspiration points for this week are at 3,645. I’m still saving up for the Hardly Hungry trait, maybe next week.

My score at the end of this week is 218, up from 190. -7 for the week, +5 for one stage of the Master Chef aspiration and +30 for maxing out the Gourmet Cooking, Programming and Handiness skills.

I’m really pleased with how my score is progressing now, although I’m just praying that I can complete the Mansion Baron aspiration before my score starts to deplete again.




10 thoughts on “Room Challenge: Week 9

      1. Well I rushed so I had posts scheduled for my holiday, which was a good job because I’ve had no time free at all. I’ve only got 1 more posting on Sunday so I’ll have to write Week 11 next week. It’s been great fun, can’t wait to start the next one 🙂

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      2. From what I can remember it’s something to do with having a Teen and a kid survive without parents. I may have got the name slightly wrong lol
        It’ll be nice to do a story with conversations haha.

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