Room Challenge: Week 10

After over nine weeks confined in her little house, Lola realised she hadn’t listened to any music since leaving San Myshuno and so she decided to treat herself to a brand new stereo.

As she stood, dancing along to some classical music, she suddenly felt a wave of inspiration wash over her and remembering that she had purchased a violin, she decided this was going to be her latest hobby. As if she really needed another one!

Wk10 Violin 1.png

Lola soon learned that she was not a natural at playing the violin and the sound that she produced resembled that of a wailing cat, but despite this, she persevered.

After a full day of practising, non-stop, Lola was only just beginning to get the hang of it, when she began to start making a different noise entirely; her stomach was rumbling and she realised she was very hungry.

She placed the violin back on its stand and proceeded into the kitchen to make herself a lovely bowl of chicken stir fry. After dinner, Lola thought she had better catch up on some daily tasks and so she pruned the bonsai tree and tended to her two little plants outside. The plants were beginning to become a chore to look after, but if she got rid of them, then she would have no one to talk to.

Despite neglecting her needs, Lola was pleased with her progression, learning the violin, and so she decided to spend a bit of time, playing her new Unorthodox gaming console, on her brand new television. She was so in awe of her latest purchases, that she didn’t even mind when she lost the novice Genie’s Curse tournament and instead, happily got ready for bed and slept peacefully.

wk10 gaming fun

The next day when the bills arrived, Lola was once again outraged! They were now at §6,875! She had spent a bit of money on a few extravagances, but they shouldn’t have had this much of an impact. In a rage, she threw the mail back into the mailbox and slammed the hatch shut and stormed back into the house.

Seeing as though her bills were draining her finances, she thought she had better return to her painting so that she could earn a bit more money. She spent several hours creating various abstract images, but she soon realised that her problem wasn’t with the billing company, it was with herself. Whenever she painted a masterpiece, she just couldn’t bear to sell it and instead, she framed them and placed them on the wall.

Of course, this meant that the paintings that she was selling for money, weren’t worth as much and the ones that hung on the walls were contributing to her hefty bills. Looking around the house she realised just how bad her problem had become.



Desperate not to acknowledge, her new-found guilty pleasure, Lola returned, once again, to her violin. She spent hours practising and eventually she reached skill level three and thought it was time to take a break. Upon placing the violin back on its stand, Lola realised she could smell smoke and after looking around the room, she soon discovered where it was coming from.

Somehow, despite the fact that she hadn’t used it in over a day, the stereo had broken and was emitting sparks and a cloud of smoke was rising from it, but how could this be? Surely things didn’t just break when not even in use, not to mention the fact that it was brand new! She really was having the worst luck with electrical items.

Thankfully, Lola was really good at repairing things and she put her skills to the test by fixing the stereo. When she was finished, she scavenged for parts and salvaged anything that could be of use for later, because let’s face it, it was sure to break again.

Over the coming days, Lola’s skill in playing the violin reached level eight and this meant that she now felt confident enough to try her hand at writing her own music.

wk10 violin 2

Her first song was a folksy track, titled The Long Road Ahead. She spent several hours, working on the song, but before she was finished, she decided to take a short break for dinner and a quick shower, but upon returning to her project, she realised that she had forgotten what she was doing and had to start all over again. She worked hard into the night and eventually, she finished the song.

wk10 romance festivalSaturday soon came around, once again and unfortunately, it wasn’t a good end to the week. Lola got a notification, telling her that the Romance Festival was in town and this filled her with a huge wave of sadness. How she longed to be able to go out into the world and meet that special someone to share her life with. To meet her soulmate.

Desperate to make herself feel better, she poured her heart and soul into another track, but it didn’t make her feel any happier and her sadness was portrayed throughout the song, which she named it, The Long Lonely Road.

Life in this tiny house was really weighing heavy on Lola, now. She had to find a way to leave this house, she just had to; no matter what it took!

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Author’s Notes

My cash at the end of this week is §75,254. I spent a little money in the rest of the house, but shh.. don’t tell Lola, that’s the real reason her bills are so high! LOL!

My lot value is now at §232,952, this has gone up a bit, which is good, but I’m still quite a way off §350,000 and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to reach that goal, but I will keep working on it.

My aspiration points are now at 240. I finally managed to get enough points to buy the Hardly Hungry trait and I even had enough left over to purchase the Steel Bladder trait, too.

My score is now at 226, up from 218. -7 for the week, +5 for completing the third stage of the Mansion Baron Aspiration and +10 for the first two stages of the Musical Genius Aspiration.

I haven’t managed to increase the score much this week, but I am very close to reaching level 10 of the violin skill and her logic and video gaming skills are both quite high now so hopefully, I can complete those by the end of next week.

I’m really happy that I reached stage three of the Mansion Baron Aspiration because it meant I was finally able to get rid of all those windows! It was starting to drive me mad, just how many there were, haha.

So that’s it for this week, I’m really enjoying working on this challenge and I will be a little sad when it ends, but at the same time, it’ll be awesome if I can actually manage to complete it.


12 thoughts on “Room Challenge: Week 10

      1. I’ve done it like five times now. The first time I did it it was my first Room challenge and I just bought a ton of stuff and had it on the lawn. Like I had walls full of windows. It was hilarious.

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      2. What you can’t really see in the pic is a big wall that had nothing but masterpieces on it. That took up a good part of the house value.

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