Room Challenge: Week 11

Despite the deep loneliness Lola felt on a daily basis, she really was feeling quite proud of herself. Throughout her time in the house she had learnt so many new skills and accomplished so many goals, that if the day ever came that she could escape into the real world, she was sure her life would become something great.

Wk11 feeling proud

She started the day with her daily running session. She had once read that fitness was the key to a healthy mind and she was willing to try anything to feel happy.

After her run, Lola took a shower and then decided it was time to do a spot of redecorating; some new wallpaper would do the trick.

Happy with her refreshed surroundings, Lola picked up her violin and returned to composing. Her latest song was called Into The Night, which was aptly named, considering it usually took her most of the night to finish just one song. She hoped in time it wouldn’t take her as long, but she hadn’t seen any sign of it yet.

With all the skill building she had been doing lately, Lola realised that she had begun to neglect her income and with the bills dramatically increasing on a weekly basis she thought she had best try to earn some more money.

wk11 writing

Returning to her computer, she opened up her word processor and spent the rest of the day writing books. When she was done, she sent them off for publishing, but the next day, when she received her royalty cheque, she was somewhat disappointed as her hard work hadn’t quite paid off.

Although the published books were bringing in a daily income, the money just didn’t quite seem to be enough; she was going to have to get over the need to hoard her paintings if she was ever going to succeed.

After several days of painting and playing the violin, Lola was beginning to feel overwhelmed with boredom, when the strangest thing happened.

She was outside, minding her own business, tending to her plants, when a strange man appeared at the other side of the fence. There was something very odd about this man; his complexion was unlike anything she’d ever seen before and just looking at him made Lola feel very uneasy, and so she quickly ran into the house and hid.

Wk11 Vlad visits

After all these weeks, Lola had been desperate to meet someone new and yet this person just didn’t seem normal. Something about the look in his eyes, made him seem older than his years and there was some kind of hunger in them that she could not explain.

What if she had just passed him in the street? What if the fence hadn’t been there to protect her? She shivered at the thoughts passing through her mind.

Eager to shake off the unnerving feeling, she immersed herself in a game of MySims Go and soon forgot all about it.

Finally feeling happy, once again, Lola returned to her violin to compose yet another sentimental tune and she couldn’t believe her luck when she also maxed out her Violin skill.

But whilst writing her song, Lola was distracted by a noise coming from outside; it sounded like someone was splashing water. She walked into the bathroom to take a better look and would you believe it, the guy that she had seen, earlier that day, was swimming in her pool!

wk11 Vlad swimming

She couldn’t believe the absolute cheek of it; not only had he turned up, unannounced but now he was taking advantage of her property; that even she couldn’t use.

Returning to the living room, Lola, once again, picked up her violin and after composing another song, she finally accomplished all that she could with the Musical Genius aspiration.

Longing to forget all about the strange encounter with the unknown man, Lola decided to try her hand at Mixology and so she bought herself a bar and two stools. It took her a little while to rearrange the kitchen and, after sacrificing a counter and her bonsai tree, she soon managed to fit it in.

wk11 new bar

She spent hours learning to make drinks and after several broken bottles and spillages, she was soon getting the hang of it; she could now make the best glass of water, you’d ever tasted!

Lola’s social need had reached yet another all time low, this week. What with the strange man lurking outside her house and the constant monotonous daily skill grind, she really was feeling the strain.

No matter how hard she worked to cheer herself up, the happiness never lasted for long and yet, as always, she carried on.

The last day of the week had finally arrived. Each day was beginning to blur into the next, to the point that half of the time, Lola barely knew what day it was.

That day she decided that she needed a good brain challenge and so she spent the last few hours of Saturday night, pondering moves and playing a game of chess; she even reached the maximum skill level in Logic, which was a welcome bonus.

That night, as she lay in bed contemplating her life in her little home, she vowed to herself that, starting from tomorrow, she would work harder to earn more money and hopefully, she would soon be free, once again.

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Author’s Notes

At the end of this week, my cash stands at §101,804. I did earn a little more than I thought I would from writing books, but it was the paintings that really helped. I’ve found the small abstract paintings don’t take too long to create and usually sell quite well and miraculously, Lola managed not to hoard them, hehe! Though, she rarely seems to paint masterpieces, anymore, so that’s a little disappointing. The bills are now at §8,000, eek!

The lot value hasn’t increased much and is now at §238,917. I did replace a few lower priced paintings with more expensive ones but, apart from that, I’ve been trying to save the money so that I can attempt to reach the final goal, in one go.

My aspiration points are at 3,940. I’m saving up for the Super Green Thumb and Antiseptic traits. As soon as I’ve got those, I don’t think there’s much left that is worth getting.

My score at the end of the week stands at 254 points, up from 219. -7 for the week, +5 for the 3rd stage of the Musical Genius aspiration, +10 for level 10 in Violin and +10 for level 10 in Logic.

All in all, I think it’s been an okay week. I’m definitely seeing a decline in points earned and the lot value isn’t increasing very fast but, hopefully, the latter will improve next week.

5 thoughts on “Room Challenge: Week 11

  1. That pic of Vlad swimming was priceless! So funny, him taunting her like that. By the lot value and the cash on hand it doesn’t seem like it will take much longer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I was thinking about trying to reach it in next weeks post.
      Haha, yeah he text her then just showed up, but I couldn’t believe he came back and swam in the pool haha.
      Just before he turned up I was worried the week would be boring 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, you were worried it would be boring! lol Vlad to the rescue! And the nerve of him swimming in that pool. Those bills are terrible! You are doing so great at this. I am not sure I could survive this long! Maxing logic skill – congrats! Do you think over time, it takes longer to get a skill? I think it may.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah all I was doing up to that point was skill building and there’s only so many times you can say ‘she played the violin or played chess’ haha!
      Yeah the skills get harder the higher the level.
      The bills are terrible and they keep on getting worse, eek!

      Liked by 1 person

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