Room Challenge: Week 12

After the terrifying ordeal of Vladislaus’s unexpected visit, last week, Lola just wanted to forget all about it and so she immersed herself even deeper into her skill building.

Lately, she had been practising making drinks at the bar and her skill level was certainly improving. She was now able to perform some pretty awesome tricks; well, most of the time!

With no more aspirations to work on, Lola’s heart was now set on owning a big expensive house, so when she wasn’t practising at the bar, she was busy painting pictures to sell.

To break up the monotonous routine, Lola decided to have a go at another novice tournament of Genie’s Curse. After several hours of sheer determination, she actually achieved third place.

Wk12 Geniescurse tourny

Ecstatic with her recent gaming success, Lola returned to her bar and channelled all of her energy into improving her skill and it definitely paid off; she finally reached level 10. Now that she was a pro at making drinks, she had the urge to try making some real drinks, but she knew they cost a lot, so she refrained for now. Spending money certainly, wouldn’t help her reach the Β§350,000 house goal that she had set herself and she was getting close now.

wk12 RoadRivalAlpha

After all her hard work, she decided to treat herself to an excellent plate of scrambled eggs on toast, which she tucked into whilst trying out the latest game on the market, Road Rival Alpha.

That night Lola slept great and awoke feeling refreshed, but she was bored with the constant daily grind of learning new things so she decided if she really had to learn something then it would have to be fun, and so she decided to work on her video game skill. Secretly, she just wanted to sit and play video games all day. Who wouldn’t!

Feeling confident after her recent success, playing Genie’s Curse, she decided to have a go at a Sims Forever tournament. Whilst playing the game, she reached Level 10, so when she lost the tournament, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Staring at the screen in disbelief, she felt so sad. She just couldn’t understand what she was doing wrong.

As the weight of her sadness grew ever deeper, Lola was really struggling to pick herself back up. Longing to feel happy again, she decided to get dressed up in her party outfit and have a go at making some real drinks.

Just the feeling of getting ready and making herself look pretty again, cheered her up enough to put on a smile. As she mixed various drinks at the bar, she couldn’t help having a sneaky taste and wow did they taste good! One drink soon turned into two and then into several more and before Lola knew it she was incredibly drunk and the rest of the night became a blur.wk12 hungover

Waking up the next day, Lola felt like she was dying, but of course, she wasn’t, she was just incredibly hung over. Her head had never hurt so bad and as she dragged herself out of bed, she vowed that she would never, ever drink again.

Try as she might, she could not recall what had happened the night before. The last thing she remembered was drinking a Salty Llama and then the next thing she knew she was waking up.

As she walked out of her bedroom door and headed towards the kitchen, she was shocked to discover, not one but eight violins all lined up neatly on the floor, but how on earth had they got there! wk12 violins

She must have bought them at some point during her drunken state; this was taking hoarding to a whole different level!

Distracted by a beeping noise coming from her mobile phone, she was even more shocked to see that she had received a notification, telling her that she her house was finally worth over Β§350,000.

She was so happy at the news, that she hadn’t even noticed that the front door had finally reappeared. As she looked over towards her television and gazed around the room, she quickly doubled back when she spotted it. But no, it couldn’t be, she thought. Surely she was dreaming? But as she walked towards it and peered outside, she soon realised she wasn’t and it was in fact really there!

wk12 Lola at the door

She stood in front of it cheering for a moment, before quickly changing into her everyday wear. As she walked out of the front door, the realisation of what was happening overwhelmed her and she just stood outside, taking in her beautiful surroundings.

She had been fortunate enough, whilst staying in her tiny home to be able to venture out into the small outdoor space, but in no way did it compare to this. Not only did the air smell fresher but she had never really taken the time to fully appreciate the view from her home.

After a short while, she turned around to walk back inside and she almost fell back with shock as she gazed over her house. As she looked around the garden and through the door, there was something very familiar about it, that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. And then it clicked!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But no it couldn’t be, could it? she thought. As she walked through each room of her new home, in utter amazement, she couldn’t believe her eyes. This was the house that she had dreamt about, all those weeks ago. This was it! It really was real and it was all hers, but not only that but she was finally free and for the first time in her life, she felt truly happy.

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Author’s Notes:

First of all, I’d like to say thank you, so much, to all the people who have read this story and followed my blog and to any future readers and followers. I’ve had a truly amazing few months writing this story and sharing it with you all.

With all the excitement of renovating the house, I forgot to make a note of the final lot value, which of course changed once I started making alterations but obviously the lot value was just over Β§350,000.

I also forgot to note down her final cash amount but I found it on a screenshot πŸ™‚

My score at the end of the challenge stands at 292! -7 for the week, +20 for the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, +5 for completing the Mansion Baron aspiration, +10 for level 10 in Mixology and +10 for level 10 in Video Gaming. I’m definitely pleased with the score I achieved, after having such a slow start. I’m almost tempted to try the challenge again, to see how much I’ve learnt and what score I would get, hehe!

I can’t believe I’ve finally finished my first Sims challenge. I’m so happy right now πŸ™‚

So that concludes this story, once again, thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this story and I hope you come back to see what I am working on next.

I’ll leave you with a screenshot showing the aspiration completion as I couldn’t fit it into the story and, also, I had placed the violins in the living room area and then realised I needed to place the front door, hence why they were moved to the kitchen πŸ™‚

Mansion Baron Screenshot



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