The Runaway – The Rules and Introducing Alice

Welcome to my story, The Runaway. After much deliberation, between this challenge and the Abandon Kids Challenge, I finally settled on The Runaway Teen.

The challenge was originally created by StardustX for the Sims 3. You can find StardustX’s original rules here. Since then the rules have been apdapted for The Sims 4 by Rainy, who also has a WordPress blog and can also be found on Twitter.

The Rules

I won’t go into the full details of the rules as they’re quite long, but if you’d like to know them you can find them at Rainy’s blog.

Basically, the challenge begins with a teen on an empty lot. You may buy him/her a bed/tent but then you have to get rid of any money left.

The only way your teen can earn money is by collecting, gardening or fishing. They can not get a part-time job as a teen or go to school and when they age up they can’t get a full-time job until they have a house (at least 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen), which you can only build once you have the money to build it all.

There is no scoring system with this challenge so the aim is to survive and preferably end up with a high paying job, children and a big house.

The only slight adaptation to the rules at this time is with the release of Parenthood, came the introduction of character values. One of which is the Responsibility value, which is affected by children and teens not going to school. If they end up with a negative responsibility value then they will obtain the Irresponsible trait which will affect their future jobs.

During this challenge, I will be testing to see if we can avoid getting the bad trait in any way.

The Runaway – Introducing Alice


Alice Portrait 2cropped
Alice Pendleton

Meet Alice Pendleton, a runaway teen, desperate to make a new life for herself in Newcrest.


Life in Windenburg had been a miserable affair for Alice and after years of putting up with her older brother’s mean ways, she decided enough was enough and so she ran away from home.

Not only did he pick on her, every chance he got, but he used to find ways to get her in trouble with her parents and of course they never believed her when she told them that it wasn’t her. She could never do anything right, not like that ‘golden boy, Marcus’.

Arriving in Newcrest with just a tent to sleep in and no money to her name, life was certainly going to be tough for her, but at least she would be free from that menace.

Next: Chapter 1 – A New Beginning

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