The Runaway – Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Arriving at her new home in Newcrest, Alice looked around her empty lot and smiled; it may not be much but it was all hers and she was finally free from her horrible family.

With nothing but the clothes on her back, a few essentials and a tent that she had taken from her old house, Alice knew that without money for food and travel, she wouldn’t last long so she quickly got to work, looking for items to collect.

She didn’t have to walk far before she stumbled upon a pond to fish from.

Ch1 Fishing

Alas, fishing proved to be much harder than she had first thought. After what seemed like a lifetime, all she had to show for her efforts were a few measly fish; a Guppy worth §5 and a Cichlid worth §7.

Ch1 TunaFish

Just when she thought things couldn’t get much worse, she caught a Tuna fish worth §0. Yes, you read that right, §0!

Disappointed by the worthless catch, Alice decided she’d had enough of fishing for the day. Spotting a rock nearby, she went over to dig it to see what was inside. To her surprise, the rock contained a time capsule and upon opening it, Alice discovered a MySims trophy of Lyndsay which turned out to be worth §65! Elated by her new find, she almost jumped for joy.

As she put the statue back in her pocket, she discovered that she had brought her homework book with her and so she sat down by the pond, to complete it. Sadly, this did not increase her responsibility value.

Just as she finished her homework, Alice spotted a child called, Lucas Munch. She hadn’t spoken to anyone yet, since moving to Newcrest, so she decided to stop him for a quick chat.

Ch1 Lucas Munch

She offered him a friendly introduction and began to make conversation, but he didn’t seem to want to hang around because, after asking him about his day, he walked off and didn’t come back.

She hoped it wasn’t her outfit that scared him; ripped jeans were all the rage, these days, and he wasn’t to know that she hadn’t bought them that way.

Ch1 Snapdragon1

Disheartened by her brief conversation, Alice, returned to looking for things to collect and soon spotted an onion plant. Unfortunately, it didn’t have any onions, ready to harvest, so she carried on looking. Next, she found a Snapdragon plant and this time luck was with her as there was a flower, ready to be picked.

Next, she found a Snapdragon plant and this time luck was with her as there was a flower, ready to be picked.

She decided not to sell the snapdragon. Instead, she kept it to plant back at her new home. Growing up, she’d always wanted a garden to grow things in, but her parents wouldn’t let her. They didn’t think she was capable and told her that the plants would just die. Now that she had her own place, she could do what she wanted.

Realising she still had the fish and the statue in her inventory, she took them out and sold them. She now had §77 to her name, which wasn’t bad considering it was only mid afternoon.

After all the hard work, fishing and looking for things to collect, Alice, discovered that she was quite hungry and after searching around for something to eat, of which there was nothing to be found, she soon gave in and travelled to the local diner.

As she walked inside and headed to the podium, Alice suddenly felt exposed. What if they found out that she had run away from home?

Ch1 Diner visit

As she waited to be seated, she tried to hide her panic; desperate not to draw too much attention to herself.

If only she could have invited someone along with her, then it might not have looked so odd, but she didn’t have any friends, yet, nor did she have the means to contact them, even if she’d had any.

On top of that, she was also worried that eating out would cost her too much money; what with the §10 taxi fare, each way. For that reason, Alice decided she’d better order the cheapest meal that she could, so she opted for a plate of Mac and Cheese costing just §3

As soon as the food arrived, she wolfed it down and hoped that no one had noticed, her poor manners. When she was finished, she realised that she was desperate for the toilet and so she nipped to the bathroom.

Ch1 Toilet needed

After washing her hands, she looked around to see if anyone else was there and seeing that the bathroom was empty, she quickly pulled out her toothbrush and brushed her teeth.

She figured that she would have to take advantage of these situations, as often as possible, until she could afford to build her own home and if today’s collecting was anything to go by, it would be a long time before she would have enough money.

Not to mention, what if she was to bump into a cute boy, on her way home. The horror of being seen with food in her teeth or being caught with bad breath was unthinkable!

As soon as Alice was finished preening herself, she headed back out to her table and after settling the bill, she left the diner.

Ch1 Nancy Landgraab

Alice’s social need was now very low and so she decided she’d best look for someone to talk to, but the only person she could see was Nancy Landgraab, out for a run. Of course, she couldn’t talk to her, because she was an adult and she might report her, so she carried on her way.

As she walked around the diner, she spotted another Snapdragon plant, but just as she was about to harvest the flower she noticed Aimee Chavarria, walking nearby. She quickly stopped what she was doing and went to introduce herself.

Just as she was walking over to Aimee, she spotted Johnny Zest. What a hunk! she thought. It’s a shame he was too old for her, otherwise, she would have been introducing herself, immediately.

Ch1 Johnny Zest

After Johnny had walked by and Alice had stopped gawking, she stood and talked to Aimee. They hit it off straight away and were soon deep in conversation. Before she knew it, she was complaining about her parents and the horrible life that she had left behind. She knew that she ought to be careful about what she said to people, but she already felt like she could trust her and she hoped that, one day, they would be good friends.

Ch1 chatting with Aimee

It was now getting really late and Alice was feeling exhausted. She couldn’t wait to get back and get a good nights sleep, but first, she decided to have one last look around for anything to collect. She soon spotted three Snapdragon plants and harvested them all. She even found a log to search for frogs in, before finally returning home.

As she climbed into her tent, Alice couldn’t help feeling that her first day had been quite successful and she couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring.

That night she slept like a baby.

Ch1 sleeping

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Author’s Notes

So, first of all, thank you for reading my story. I’m so excited to have, not only, completed my first story, The Room Challenge but also to be starting a new one. I love this challenge already and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

I think the first day went quite well. She ended the day with §84 which isn’t too bad considering I’ve never really tried only earning money by collecting, before now. I maybe should have skipped eating out at the diner but I couldn’t find her any food, lol.

Also, I had actually collected another frog and a quartz. I sold the Quartz for §30 and I’m going to keep the frogs to breed. The frogs were a Dirtsurfer worth §100 and a Tiger frog worth §35.

For this game I downloaded various lots from The Sims 4 Gallery and added them into Newcrest. I won’t link them all now, I’ll do it as and when they feature in the story. Today’s post featured the ‘Updated 50’s Diner‘ by Lilsimsie.

Apologies for the headline effects on the first few screen shots. I had intended to record this, at the same time, for a Let’s Play for my YouTube channel, however, I soon realised that it wasn’t possible to do both.

For the blog posts, I need to constantly take pictures and remove and add the headline effects so I had to scrap that idea. Which is a shame because when I started recording it, my voice over was the best I’d ever done. I’ll just have to record a separate Let’s Play, at some point.

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  1. She seems to be doing quite well. Already knows a child and a teen. The park is a great place to hang out for free food. Or that neighborhood in Newcrest that has the monkey bars.

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