The Runaway – Chapter 2: Hunger Pains and Heartstrings

Day two had arrived and the realisation of just how tough life really was, had now dawned on Alice.

As she climbed out of her tent, starving hungry, dirtier than she’d ever been and so tense from a need to have fun, she found herself doubting whether she had made the right decision.

Ch2 realisation

She’d spent her first day collecting and trying to look after herself and all she had to show for it was §84, some snapdragon flowers and a few frogs; life on her own was certainly harder than she thought it would be.

Travelling to the diner, the day before to buy food, had cost her §23, so today she was determined to find some without having to spend money so she headed over to the park to see what she could find.

When she arrived at the park, lo and behold, there was some food on the table. She ran over, desperate to ease the hunger pains, but as she got closer she realised that the food was spoiled.

Ch2 rotting food

No matter how hungry she was she couldn’t risk getting ill from eating bad food, so she decided to hang around, in case anyone showed up, to cook.

While she waited she cleaned up the plate and took it to the bin. Not the nearest bin, that would be too easy.

On the way, she noticed a patch of mushrooms, a log to search for frogs and two rocks to dig. As she made her way, back to the park, she collected them all, in hopes of finding something worth selling.

Ch2 lots to dig 1

Her efforts weren’t wasted; she had collected a fossil worth §50, a spotted dirt frog worth §30, 10 mushrooms and a MySims trophy worth §20. Not bad for half an hours work.

Returning to the park, she was disappointed to see that still, no one had arrived, so while she waited she cleaned up a few messes around the climbing frames. This slightly increased her responsibility value.

It was whilst she was cleaning that she spotted Miko Ojo heading over to the grill to cook some baked potatoes. Her patience had paid off!

Ch2 Miko Ojo cooking 1

She quickly cleaned up the last mess and almost ran over to the table to get some food. Four people had already started tucking in by the time she had got there. I swear, they smelt the food and appeared, like ninjas!

She nervously sat down on the bench and ate her food, hoping that they wouldn’t start a conversation with her. They were all older than her and she didn’t want to be found out; thankfully, they didn’t. It was hard work being surrounded by people that she couldn’t talk to.

By now, her needs were in a dire state; she was bursting for the toilet and in desperate need of some fun. Unfortunately, she was going to have to travel, after all.

She decided to visit the Bowling Arcade. She’d always wanted to go bowling and she hoped that there would be lots of teens there, which would mean she would be able to blend in easily.

Ch2 Bowling Arcade

Of course she wasn’t taking into account that most teens would be in school, right now, so when she arrived, spotting several adults, she quickly ran inside to use the restroom. When she had finished washing her hands and brushing her teeth, she snuck out of the bathroom and found herself an arcade machine, tucked away in a corner. Hoping she could have some fun, unnoticed.

After a short while, she no longer felt tense but her need for fun still hadn’t been satisfied. At least school was finished now and as a result, the Bowling Arcade was slowly filling up with teens.

She soon spotted Wolfgang Munch, bowling with his brother, so she went over to introduce herself. Whilst they were talking, a rude man, named Baako Jang, came over and joined in their conversation, without being invited! Then to her disappointment, Wolfgang wandered off and left her talking to him. She quickly made her excuses and walked away. She had learned that Wolfgang was mean and now she believed it!

Looking around for someone else to talk to, Alice spotted Caleb Strong and she immediately fell in love; he was gorgeous, what with his perfect hair and dashing good looks.

Ch2 Caleb Strong 1

She knew that she just had to talk to him, but as she stood gawking at him, he joined his friends and stepped up to bowl and just as he was about to swing the ball, he fell flat on his face! How embarrassing!

Ch2 Caleb Strong falls over

She felt so sorry for him, so she headed over and asked if he was ok and offered him a friendly introduction.

Alice and Caleb hit it off, immediately. She discovered that he attended Buckingham High School, he worked part time as a Manual Laborer at Green Fist Garden Solutions, but most importantly, she learnt that he was single.

Hopeful that she might be in with a chance with Caleb, she decided to try hitting on him, but just as she was unleashing an amazing pickup line, they were rudely interrupted by Baako. He just would not leave her alone and the way he was looking at her, was really starting to unnerve her. Caleb seemed oblivious. He was too busy looking at Alice with a goofy grin.

Ch2 Baako is annoying!

Alice finally managed to draw Caleb’s attention to Baako and they both walked away from him. Baako seemed to take the hint and walked away.

There was something about this place that made Alice feel extremely confident and very flirtatious and things between them were certainly hotting up and moving very fast. One minute she was revealing that she had a crush on him and the next they were having their first kiss!


Ch2 First kiss

After their cute little embrace, Alice thought that maybe they were moving a little too fast, so she suggested that they have a game of bowling and Caleb agreed.

Caleb bowled first and sadly missed the pins entirely and then it was Alice’s turn. She was so nervous; she’d never bowled before and she wasn’t really sure what she was doing.

As Alice stepped forward and began to swing the ball, she slipped and fell flat on the floor, just like Caleb had done, earlier. She was absolutely mortified.

Ch2 Alice fell

Their relationship had moved so fast and ended just as quickly, because as she picked herself up, Caleb didn’t offer to help or offer any kind words, he simply said goodbye and returned to his friends.

Alice was heartbroken and realising she was, once again, hungry, wandered off in search of food, anything to get away from Caleb and his friends.

What a crazy night she’d had, from being lonely and hungry to having her first kiss, to being rejected. Things didn’t seem like they could get much worse.

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Author’s Notes:

I wasn’t expecting to have to end a chapter before the day was fully played out but if I carry on, the post will be too long, so I haven’t got an accurate account of her money. She travelled once which cost §10, she spent a little, playing the arcade machine and by this point in the game she had §93. I think she may still have some items in her inventory to sell.

It seems that, despite trying hard to raise her responsibility, no matter how much cleaning she does or how many times she brushes her teeth, it still isn’t enough to counteract the negative effect of missing school. I think it’s inevitable that she will receive the Irresponsible trait, but I think it might make it quite fun.

The Bowling Arcade, featured in today’s story was made by Simproved. I absolutely love it, it’s so bright and colourful. She’s a fantastic builder.

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