The Runaway – Chapter 3: Another Chance

After her embarrassing ordeal with Caleb, Alice was desperate to leave and get as far away from him as possible, but she was in great need of some food, so she headed upstairs to see what they had to offer. She’d packed a sack lunch into her inventory, earlier that day, but it had spoiled so she had to throw it away.

When she got to the bar, she was pleasantly surprised that they offered free bowls of chips, so she happily tucked into one and when she was finished she ordered another.

She was finally able to leave the Bowling Arcade and just as she was about to head home, she spotted a rock on the floor which contained another time capsule. People sure did like leaving those around. This time it had Dr.F MySims Trophy inside.

Ch3 rock outside bowling

Annoyingly she saw food on the table, but she was no longer hungry so she left it.

The next morning, Alice awoke hungrier than ever and quickly made her way to the park, bypassing all the collectables, on the way. She figured she could get those after she’d eaten.

Luck was with her because when she arrived at the park, there on the table, amongst all the rotting food, was a half-eaten baked potato which still looked fresh. She hesitated for a second but then realised she was too hungry to care who’d left it.

Ch3 half eaten potato

As she ate the food, she realised she was missing school again, which made her sad because she was missing her friends, but if she wanted to survive then she would have to make sacrifices. Plus, there would always be new friends to meet, along the way.


She was also feeling really tense from the lack of fun. She’d thought the bowling alley would be the perfect place to go, but it really didn’t help much.

As she cleared away her plate, she spotted Summer Holiday cooking at the grill and then soon, Bob Pancakes and another guy were both cooking, too.

The park was starting to get really busy, now, so she quickly grabbed another plate and began to eat it, before heading out.

Ch3 busy park

Alice was now desperate for the toilet again and realising she had no choice but to travel, so she decided to head over to Newcrest Park; maybe then she could have some fun somehow.

She boldly invited Caleb along to join her, she was still a little embarrassed but before the clumsy fall, they’d been getting along so well, so she thought she’d give him one more chance. Hopefully, things would go better for them this time.

When they both arrived, Alice quickly ran to the toilet and ironically, so did Caleb. After they were both finished Alice invited Caleb to play a game of chess.

Whilst they were playing, a really cool guy walked by, named Joaquin Le Chien. If things didn’t work out with Caleb she’d be finding him when she ages up!

Ch3 Joaquin

Their time together was going great and Alice was feeling a little relieved. It seemed that they had moved past the embarrassing ordeal. Although, it was still odd how he just said goodbye and walked away.

They talked and played chess for hours and Alice learned that he was romantic and self-assured. The latter she could definitely see in him, but she wasn’t expecting him to be romantic. Maybe she would invite him out on a date sometime and put it to the test.

Alice was in a really silly mood, by now, and she decided to tell Caleb a funny joke. She thought it was hilarious, but Caleb didn’t seem all that impressed. Maybe he just didn’t understand the joke…

Ch3 funny joke

It had soon started to get dark and Alice was feeling hungry, so they both sat down on a bench to eat some hamburgers that Caleb had made earlier.

When they were finished, eating, Alice offered to help Caleb with his homework. For some reason, he didn’t sit at the same table as her; instead, he chose to sit on the next one along.

Alice just didn’t understand him at all, one minute he was nice and the next it was like he didn’t want to be with her; she was very confused.

Ch3 homework together

After finishing their homework, Alice noticed the sun was starting to come up and she couldn’t believe it; they had stayed out all night at the park! She hadn’t even spent any time looking for things to sell.

She quickly made her excuses and decided to have a little look around before heading home. She didn’t have to go far as she spotted 3 rocks and a strawberry bush, nearby.

Ch3 rocks and strawbs

By the time Alice got home, it was time for school to start and she didn’t know what came over her. She must have gone into autopilot because instead of going to bed, she hopped on the bus and went to school.

She soon regretted it though, it seemed like everyone was just staring at her and she left feeling mortified.

When Alice finally made it back home, she burst into tears. How could everyone be so cruel? Staring at her like she was some kind of freak to be looked at. Thankfully, she escaped before any of the teachers had the chance to say anything to her.

She felt so stupid for going, but at least now she knew that she was better off staying away.

Ch3 crying

Alice was now feeling extremely tired and emotionally drained, so she climbed into her tent and drifted into a very deep sleep.

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Author’s Notes:

Ok, so I really need to keep a track of Alice’s money better and write down how much she has at various stages of my notes lol! By the end of this post she had ยง138 (I had to look at my screenshots) She’d had ยง158 just after leaving the bowling alley, but of course, she had to travel again.

I can’t wait for her to have her own home so I don’t have to keep wasting money just so she can pee lol I even looked to see how much “The duty calls model citizen bush” cost, but it was too expensive and I’d rather save up for the full house. If I can ever find time for her to collect anything lol!

So, Alice accidentally went to school at the end of the story. I swear, one minute she arrived back at the lot and the next minute she had just disappeared and then I noticed she’d gone to school! As it happened it worked out quite well for the story, hehe.


9 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 3: Another Chance

  1. Poor girl just can’t catch a break! She seems to be having an awfully hard time making money too. Maybe if you did some of the easy whims to get some satisfaction points and bought her a moodlet solver?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You could switch around some aspirations to get points too. Like the nature ones are really easy for the first level or so. I use the potions in Drifter or I wouldn’t think of them either.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. She seems to be getting on better with Caleb, although he still seems strange. Oh and that was funny, arrive at the lot and then …. where did she go? lol Off to school….and those kids were so nasty teasing her. Who needs school anyway, she can read books at the library. Frog breeding is very lucrative and I think you can do this every 4 hrs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know that was literallt what happened. I was like where is she… oh she went to school… oops ๐Ÿ˜‚ It added to the story though so it kind of worked lol
      Yeah Caleb’s hard work!
      Frogs are definitely good ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve done gathering for money before, it’s actually fun ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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