The Runaway – Chapter 4: Hard Work Pays

After staying up most of the night, Alice ended up sleeping most of the day away.

It was no surprise that she woke up in a dreadful mood and in a very mucky state, but she couldn’t let that get her down. She had already wasted half of the day and so she quickly got to work collecting items nearby. When she had collected everything nearby, she wandered back to her home lot and planted some snapdragons, mushrooms and some roses. She figured that growing some plants would certainly help boost her income.

Ch4 Filthy Growing Plants

When she was finished tending the garden she was in desperate need of a shower. She’d spent the last few days making do with washing at the sinks in the restrooms, but now her body was aching and she smelled really bad, so she decided to travel to the Perfect Balance Spa.

Ch4 Perfect Balance Spa

Once again, she invited Caleb along, however she didn’t want him to see her in this state so she quickly ran inside, before he arrived, and took a shower.

Afterwards, Alice felt so much better. Her muscles finally felt relaxed from the hot water and she smelled of the sweet lemon shower gel that the spa provided. It was almost like being back at home.

When she was finished in the bathroom, she went out to look for Caleb, but he was nowhere to be seen. How odd, she thought.

She didn’t have any time to waste, hunting him down so she gave up, and instead, she wandered upstairs to have a look around. She soon came across some yoga mats and decided that after all her hard work, she could do with a good stretch so she picked a mat and began to workout.

After a long yoga session, Alice had another quick look for Caleb but she still couldn’t see him, so she wandered into the steam room and spent a little time chilling out, before heading out to work again.

When she was finished she went outside to look for anything to collect and before long she found a plant to harvest, but would you believe it, for some reason she had forgotten to get changed after her steam session and so she had wandered outside in her towel! Silly Girl!

Ch4 Gathering in a towel

What if Caleb had seen her? That would have been super embarrassing, just as embarrassing as going to school and being stared at, the day before.

She hastily changed back into her jeans and jumper, before anyone could see and collected the strawberries.

Next, she found a rock and yet again, she found a time capsule with a MySims trophy; what was with everyone burying these?

Ch4 Digging

After digging the rock, Alice realised that she had stayed up all night and so she wearily headed back to her home lot and after eating a sack lunch, she crawled into her tent and collapsed into a deep slumber, as soon as her head hit the pillow.

When Alice awoke, later that day, she realised that she hadn’t sold anything out of her inventory, in a while, and she was pleased to see that she now had ยง714! Things were certainly starting to look up.

Feeling a new sense of purpose, Alice wandered to the park to look for some food. When she got there, there was no one in sight, so whilst she waited she cleaned up the play area. What was with kids, these days, they were so darn messy!

Ch4 Messy park

It didn’t take long for someone to show up and she was soon tucking into a delicious plate of baked potato. She had to sit next to the guy who had made the food, but she tried not to talk to him and so she didn’t find out his name. Awkward

CH4 uncomfortable eating

Whilst she was eating, Alice found out that her that her grades were now really low which meant her responsibility value had dropped. This made her feel sad, she’d always done so well at school and now she was throwing all that hard work away, but she had no choice, she couldn’t turn back now.

After clearing every scrap off of her plate Alice was in desperate need of the toilet, so this time she headed over to Newcrest park. She was outraged at the taxi driver, that he had still charged her ยง10 when the park was less than a minute away from where he’d picked her up.

As soon as she arrived, she ran to the toilet and relieved her bladder and then went to look for Lucas Munch, whom she’d invited along to the park. Lucas had wandered off to talk to somebody so instead, Alice headed over to the pirate play area and played a game with Elsa Bjergson. Alice had great fun pretending to be a sea monster whilst Elsa played on the ship.

CH4 sea monsters

After she’d finished playing, Alice wandered over to have a conversation with Lucas, she asked him about his day and learned that he loved the outdoors.

Whilst they were talking Alice spotted Aimee playing chess. In need of a more grown-up conversation, Alice headed over to join her and Lucas wandered off to play for a bit. Aww, Lucas smiled at Alice as he walked away; what a cutie!

Ch4 playing chess.png

Alice and Aimee chatted away whilst playing a thrilling game of chess, but it soon got late and Alice was desperate to get an earlier night, so she said her goodbyes and quickly checked the area for things to collect.

On the way home, she found some food and stored a few extra plates into her household inventory for later. Not that food was in short supply; people seemed to leave food lying around all over the place.

By the time she arrived back home, if that’s what you could call it, Alice was shattered but pleased that it wasn’t too late, after all. As she crawled into bed,ย  she felt happy that the day had been a success and that things were finally looking up for her.

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Author’s notes

Today’s chapter was certainly more fruitful, where the money is concerned. I’m still working off old notes that I’d written so there’ll be another chapter before I have a grasp on her finances. I started out with the intention of ending each chapter after a day but as I’ve been writing them I’ve changed my mind lol.

Damn that flake Caleb! I’d like to say she is over him, but I have a feeling she may not have given up on him quite yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

So yeah the irresponsible trait is going to be a sure thing lol So I’ll have to come up with a plan as to what I want her career to be when she’s able to get a job etc. I always do writing or painting so I want to come up with something different. Maybe she could just sell stuff at the flea market stalls or something lol. Or run a shop?

Let me know if you have any suggestions, I’ve got a bit of time before she can even get a job or even ages up so I’d love to see what you think ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, I’ve updated the time of schedule to 7pm GMT on Wednesdays.

Oh and I almost forgot, today’s post featured the Perfect Balance Spa by MaxisCreator_01 which can be found here. Newcrest Park is one that’s already built into the game to download.


5 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 4: Hard Work Pays

  1. Hmmm…I wonder what’s up with Caleb, so unpredictable. But, great simoleons in the inventory! Woot! So, I guess if she doesn’t go to school, her grades go down, and she is irresponsible. So sad. Oh well!

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