The Runaway – Chapter 5: Fitness, Friends and, Strange Encounters

After an amazing night’s sleep, Alice awoke bright and early on Friday morning, ready to face the day.

CH5 Sack lunch

She didn’t have time to venture to the park, right now, so she grabbed a sack lunch of grilled fruit out of her inventory and eagerly tucked in, whilst she contemplated what she should do first.

When she was finished eating, she tidied away her rubbish into the nearby bin and set about tending to her plants and remembering she had harvested some new items, the day before, she planted some strawberries, onions and lilies.

As she stepped back, she proudly gazed over her flourishing garden, knowing that it was her love and care that was helping these plants grow. She never imagined that she could accomplish so much by herself.

By the time she had finished gardening, Alice was rather grubby and in need of some exercise.

Back when she lived in Windenburg, Alice had been quite sporty and could regularly be seen working out at the gym or out for a run around the neighbourhood. She was really starting to miss that part of her life and so she travelled to The Fitbox Gym to check it out.

CH5 The Fitbox Gym

She decided to give Caleb one last chance and so she invited him along to workout with her.

When they arrived at the gym, they headed upstairs together and whilst Alice worked out on the treadmill, Caleb took a moment to do some press ups. Alice thought he was secretly trying to show off.

After he had finished, they talked for a while whilst Alice continued with her workout.

CH5 Working out

Feeling satisfied, Alice headed downstairs to take a shower and use the facilities.

When Alice had finished in the bathroom, she went back upstairs to look for Caleb, but he was nowhere to be seen. Once again he had disappeared and Alice decided, enough was enough. Clearly, he wasn’t interested in her, so she decided to cut her losses and move on.

It was a good job she hadn’t found him, though, as after leaving the bathroom she’d wandered back into the gym in just her towel, again!

CH5 In a towel again

Feeling energised and ready to get to work, Alice headed out in search of items to collect. She didn’t have to go far before she found some and boy did she find a real gem!

Not only did she find some plants to harvest, she also collected a ruby, another trophy and a frog, but best of all she found a rare Pre-Pre-Pre Sim Head fossil, which was worth an amazing §225!

When she finally made it back home to her tent, she counted up her money and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, so much so she counted it again; she now had §1,404! She was absolutely delighted.

The next day, Alice awoke bright and early and got straight to work, tending to her plants. Aching slightly from her workout the day before, she stood and had some breakfast and then headed out to see what she could find.

Ch5 people fishing

As she crossed the street from her home, Alice spotted some people over by the fishing pond and decided to go join them.

Just as she arrived, a strange man appeared and then vanished in a puff of smoke. She blinked, not sure what she had just witnessed. She thought it must have been a figment of her imagination, either that or she was going mad! She was sure she’d just seen him, walking over to the pond, just moments before.

CH5 strange man appeared

Confused, Alice decided to forget about it and taking out her rod, she began fishing. She soon caught herself a Guppy worth §5. This really isn’t a very profitable way to collect!

Unfortunately, all the people at the pond were adults and Alice’s social need was deteriorating fast. She would have to head out soon to see if she could find someone her own age to talk to, but before she did the strange man appeared, again, right next to her and scared her half to death. This time there was no mistaking how he had appeared, even if it didn’t make sense.

CH5 Strange man again

There was something very strange about this man; his skin was deathly pale and he had a creepy air about him that made Alice’s skin crawl and not wanting to be anywhere near him, she hastily put away her fishing rod and left.

As Alice crossed the street, heading back towards her home, she spotted Lucas Munch walking by.

CH5 Lucas Munch

She was so happy to see a friendly face that she quickly ran over and greeted him. They stood talking for ages and were soon laughing and joking. She really liked Lucas; he was such a sweet kid and he always seemed so happy to see her.

She told him a joke about boogers and he burst into a fit of laughter and soon they were both in hysterics.

CH5 Fits of laughter 2

They spent another hour just talking on the sidewalk and then Lucas said he had to go home to finish his school project so they said their goodbyes and Alice headed back to check on her garden.

As she tended to her plants, Alice felt so thankful that she had made a friend and that things were really starting to look up for her, now.

It wouldn’t be long until she could think about building a real home for herself. How she longed to sleep in a real bed and enjoy the things that she had previously taken for granted, like having a bathroom and a roof over her head.

As bad as her parents were to her, deep down she knew that they had always made sure that she had what she needed and it was times like these that made her realise that she missed them, but as sad as that made her feel, she knew she could never go back.

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Author’s Notes

Alice’s finances are definitely looking up after finding the rare fossil and various other items. I can’t believe she now has §1,404!

This challenge is so exciting. I can’t wait until I can start building her a home, although, I’m wondering how much I’m going to need to build a basic house. Like, can it be an open plan style home? Or does it need to have separate rooms inside? Walls cost a lot, so I’d rather opt to build her a small shack, of sorts, with maybe just one big room and a separate bathroom.

OMG, I have never seen a vampire appear like that before! I suppose it’s because I only recently bought the pack and haven’t played much with it. Vlad is so creepy lol He just keeps showing up everywhere! I thought they weren’t supposed to be out in the day lol!

I was going to link to the gym that was featured in today’s post, until I realised it was actually created by Maxis, lol! I wondered why I couldn’t find it in the Sims 4 gallery.

7 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 5: Fitness, Friends and, Strange Encounters

  1. Ha! This must be the gym you were talking about! How funny. Technically, it’s supposed to be separate rooms but I really don’t understand why? That’s just how the Sims 3 rules were written. Vlad has that “go everywhere as a bat” thing I think and have you seen Caleb Vatore? He goes everywhere super fast! As to the other Caleb, poo on him! I hope she finds someone new! Too bad little Lucas is too young! He always ages up so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂
      I know, I can’t believe it was from the game. I spent ages looking and thought to check my lots and it was there lol!
      Ok, seperate rooms it is 🙂 Ha I have no idea how much she’ll need to build the house. I may playtest it on another sim to see how much it requires.
      Ooh no, I’ve not seen Caleb Vatore before. Is he the one that I saw in the old fashioned clothes in curses?
      Yeah the other Caleb sucks! Aww, yeah it is a shame, but she met him as a kid it just wouldn’t be right now lol

      Liked by 1 person

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