The Runaway – Chapter 6: The Perfect Date

After her lovely time spent with Lucas Munch, Alice was feeling happier than ever. She tended her garden and set out to see who else she could find to talk to. Unfortunately, the next person she bumped into was Caleb!

Deciding she should be civil, she stopped him for a quick chat and soon wished she hadn’t. They talked for a moment and then she tried telling him a joke and he just totally blanked her and started playing on his phone.

CH6 Caleb again

She had never met such a rude person, in all her life! Next time she saw him she was just going to pretend that he didn’t exist and to make matters worse Alice was now feeling really embarrassed and in a really low mood.

Well, that was until she saw this hunk walking by. Drawn in by his dashing good looks, she soon forgot all about Caleb and wandered over to introduce herself.

CH6 Meet Jamie Shook

Alice, keen to get to know him better, asked him about his interests and where he worked. His name was Jamie Shook, he worked as a barista at the Foamy Frother and that he had the bro trait.

As they stood talking Alice realised she was absolutely desperate to pee and, as reluctant as she was to stop talking to Jamie, they said their goodbyes and she headed back to her tent and it was a good job she did!

As soon as Alice returned to her home lot, Alice realised she wasn’t going to be able to travel in time to make it to a bathroom and so she had the misfortune of wetting herself.


If she wasn’t embarrassed before, she certainly was now. Thank goodness she had left Jamie when she had. If he’d seen her in this state, she was sure he would never have spoken to her again.

Well, on the bright side, she didn’t need to visit anywhere to use the toilet now, but she stunk so bad and her clothes were a mess. She didn’t have time to venture out so instead she dug deep into her inventory and found an instant hygiene potion that she’d been saving for emergencies and she was soon back to her normal clean self.

CH6 Hygiene potion

Desperate to cheer herself up, she decided to treat herself to a few new items, but first, she had to see how much money she had spare. After clearing out her bags, she now had §1,672 and so she bought herself a yoga mat, a journal, and a school project.

Ch6 New things

She hoped the yoga mat would help her relax and keep her fit, the journal was for when she felt sad or overly emotional and she bought the school project so that she could continue to learn. She really missed going to school and learning new things and she didn’t want to completely fall behind.

She rolled up her mat and placed into her bag and then knelt down and began working on her project, but no sooner had she set it all up, she overheard someone talking as they walked past. They were telling their friend all about the Romance festival that was in town that night over in San Myshuno.

CH6 Working on a school project

Well, that was an opportunity she certainly couldn’t pass up; what better way to get to know Jamie than in the most romantic place around. She left the project where it was and called a taxi.

Arriving at the Romance festival, Alice quickly scanned to see where Jamie was and soon spotted him, walking towards her. It dawned on her that she really wasn’t dressed for the occasion, but until she could afford some new clothes, there wasn’t much she could do about it.

Ch6 The perfect place

As they stood talking and getting to know each other a bit better, a feeling of overwhelming confidence enveloped Alice and she found herself asking him out on a date and much to her delight he said yes! Just to the date; I know the wedding arch is in the background but don’t go getting carried away, lol!

Alice soon learned that Jamie was a romantic and he asked her if she would like to cloud gaze with him. She said yes, of course, and they both laid down, side by side and stared up into the sky. They played a game for a while, trying to spot real things in the shapes of the clouds and then headed indoors.

Ch6 Cloud gazing

Inside the building were a few tables, a bar, and a karaoke machine. They decided to sit down together and soon found themselves talking about all their favourite movies and music and everything and anything they could think of. Being around Jamie made Alice feel at home; like they had known each other their whole lives.

After listening to a random guy at the karaoke stand, who’s singing resembled the noise of a wailing cat, they both decided to head outside again for a while.

Feeling bold, Alice told Jamie that she had a huge crush on him, but she didn’t get the reaction she expected. Maybe it was the guys singing that had lowered the mood, but Jamie shrugged it off and Alice felt somewhat embarrassed.

Ch6 revealing a crush

But he must have come to his senses and realised his mistake because within minutes they were flirting again and before they knew it they were having their very first kiss!

Ch6 First kiss

When they finally managed to take their hands off of each other, Alice played her boldest move yet; she asked Jamie if he would like to be her boyfriend and he said he would love to and that nothing would make him happier.

After heading inside and talking over a bowl of chips, Alice and Jamie enjoyed one last, very passionate, kiss and then they headed their separate ways back to their own homes.

CH6 Passionate kiss

Alice had never been so happy in all her life. She didn’t even care that she’d forgotten to go out and collect that day, she’d just had the perfect date, with the most amazing guy who was now her boyfriend and soon she would have her own house and maybe then they…. no, let’s not get carried away. 

She was happy and things were really looking up for her and no amount of misfortune could stop her now; she was on top of the world!

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Author’s notes

So, wow, what a chapter, for a moment when she revealed that she had a crush and he dismissed it, I thought oh no not again but she tried flirting and he was totally into it lol Phew!

I’ve never visited the romance festival before and OMG it’s so beautiful outside, seeing the wedding arch in the background of the pictures almost made me giddy haha! The building inside could do with being a bit more exciting but never mind.

Oh and I tried so hard to get them to do a duet on the karaoke machine, but for some reason, his name wouldn’t come as an option! Gutted, lol!

At the end of this chapter and after buying the yoga mat, journal and school project Alice had §1,399. I didn’t really want to spend money yet, but I’m intrigued to see if the school project helps with her responsibility and the yoga mat was so that she could gain a little fun at home. I almost forgot that I’d bought the journal as I’d put it straight into her inventory. I noticed recently that her emotional control was slightly in the red and figured that was something she should work on a bit.

I’m not sure if the instant hygiene potion was allowed, but I thought why not, it wastes so much time travelling around just for a shower and at least she no longer needed the toilet…. oops lol!




5 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 6: The Perfect Date

  1. It was hilarious when she peed herself! The potion is allowed but really like I’ve said before it’s your game have fun with it. Jamie seems to be a great guy. Sometimes interactions like the crush one only go over if their romance bar is really high or if they’re very flirty. I have no idea why but you can’t do karaoke together sometimes! Drives me bonkers cuz I love getting those screenshots.


  2. Ahhhh….yes….hello Jamie….good bye and so long Caleb…he had his chance…Oh lovely date at the Romance Festival. 🙂 Maybe soon they will be able to sing a duet together…or maybe they are….love…sweet love….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah so long Caleb! He was annoying. Yeah it was nice goig to the Romance Festival, although that bar feels like it’s missing something. I couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t simg together either 😕

      Liked by 1 person

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