The Runaway – Chapter 7: From Good to Bad

Despite having a fantastic date with Jamie, the night before, Alice awoke feeling tense and in desperate need of some fun, but she didn’t have time for that right now. She’d spent way too much time, lately, socialising and visiting different places and she really needed to get back to collecting again.

She’d received a VIP bucket after the perfect date so she sold it and received an amazing §245.

Her plans to go collecting soon failed, when she hit an all-time low and now feeling very tense she decided to spend an hour doing some yoga, in the hopes that it would ease her dreadful state.

Ch7 Yoga

Only slightly relieved from the tension, Alice was now focused and ready for the day and so, after eating breakfast, she set about looking for things to collect.

Along the way, she found some mushrooms, onions, roses and lots of snapdragon plants, all ready to harvest. She even found a rock to dig which contained a fossil, but unfortunately, she wasn’t very skilled in extracting them and the fossil broke into pieces, rendering it almost worthless.

Alice continued to look for more items to collect but she seemed to have collected everything nearby and was now in desperate need of a toilet and somewhere to wash up. She had no choice but to travel, after all.

Inviting Jamie along, she made her way to Newcrest Public Pool in the hopes that she would find everything she needed there.

When she arrived, Jamie was there waiting for her, already in his swimwear and Alice thought he looked very hot!

CH7 Jamie

She began to feel embarrassed that she was such a mess and she hoped Jamie wouldn’t notice. He didn’t say anything, at least.

They headed over to the pool together and after changing into her costume, Alice invited Jamie to swim with her.

She felt so much better already, although she did feel bad that she should have showered first, before entering the pool. They swam around for ages, laughing and joking and splashing each other. They were having such a great time.

She was about to head over to the slide when she noticed Mortimer Goth staring at her and she began to feel quite uncomfortable and paranoid that he might figure out that she was a runaway so she hastily headed downstairs for a shower, hoping that when she returned that he would be gone.

CH7 Staring Goth

After showering and using the facilities, Alice headed back upstairs and wandered over to Jamie, who was standing near the diving board. They talked for a little while and then shared a loving embrace and a kiss, before taking it in turns to dive into the pool.

Ch7 Diving fun

However, Mortimer was still there, watching at the edge of the pool, so she decided it was time to leave and get back to her collecting.

Along the way she saw the weirdest thing; it was a sim dressed up as a racoon, just prowling down the path. What a very strange thing to do, she thought.

Ch7 Random Racoon

Shaking off the weird sight that she’d just seen, she hunted for things to collect and her luck was soon with her when she came across three rocks containing a trophy in a time capsule, an emerald, and a punium metal fragment; not to mention all the plants she found along the way.

As she wandered further away from the swimming pool, her tense state, once again, returned. The struggle to keep up her needs was getting worse with each day and no matter how hard she tried to focus on collecting, she just couldn’t concentrate.

As she stood in front of a beautiful lake, taking in the view, she decided this would be a perfect spot to do some yoga and so, taking the matt out of her bag, she set it down and began her workout.

Ch7 Yoga by the lake

There was something refreshing about doing yoga outside; it was almost like she felt a wave of energy wash over her, but sadly it wasn’t enough to stave off the hunger pangs that had been growing stronger with every minute and so she went in search of food.

Unfortunately, Alice had stayed out all night and it was now the early hours of the morning and there seemed to be no one around. No doubt everyone was still tucked up in their beds, all cosy and warm, unlike her, out in the cold scavenging for food. She didn’t even find any abandoned plates, so she had no choice but to attempt to cook for the first time, ever.

She had often sat watching her mum cooking when she was younger, but her mum had never tried to teach her. With only a faint idea of what she was supposed to do, she decided to make a plate of Frank and Beans and hope for the best. She couldn’t make enough for one meal, but at least she could pack the rest into her bag for emergencies.

Ch7 Cooking

As she nervously fired up the grill, the flames hissed and grew larger; she was so anxious about setting herself on fire but, thankfully, that didn’t happen. At least something had gone right today, she thought.

Pleased with her recent accomplishment, she sat down at the table and devoured the plate of food and she thought it actually tasted pretty good. When she was finished, she hastily began packing the rest into sack lunches, feeling somewhat tired now, she needed to get home to bed.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t realised just how tired she was and before she could finish she passed out on the floor in a heap.

Ch7 passing out

What a sorry state she was in, first she spent the day feeling tense, then she couldn’t find any food and had to risk cooking and now this.

She picked herself up off the floor, dazed and wondering what had just happened, but she soon remembered that she was trying to pack away the rest of the food and carried on.

As she was packing the food away, Bob Pancakes came over and took the last plate. How rude! So she quickly grabbed the bags from the table and put them away before he could take any more.

As she was about to leave she spotted a log nearby. Not one to pass up an opportunity for money, she tried to have a look to see if there were any frogs to collect, but no sooner had she stepped towards it, she passed out, again! This really wasn’t her day, at all.

CH7 passing out again

Bob must be used to seeing people pass out because he didn’t even glance in her direction, let alone come to help, in any way.

Dazed and wearier than ever, Alice knew that she wouldn’t make it home in time before she hit the ground again, so she had no choice but to try to take a nap on a nearby bench.

Ch7 napping

Oddly, no one so much as batted an eyelid, not even the lady rummaging in the bin nearby, nor Nancy or Bob who wandered by, shortly after.

It really had been a tough day and night for Alice, but at least she had gotten to see Jamie again and she’d found a few good items to sell so it wasn’t all bad and hopefully, when she woke up she wouldn’t feel as bad as she did right now.

As she drifted into a deep sleep on the hard, cold bench, she dreamt of the day that she had her own home and how nice it would be when she didn’t have to struggle anymore. She really hoped that day would come soon.

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Author’s Notes

So Alice is doing ok, but I realise I’ve not been spending enough time collecting and making money and she’s spent a lot of time having fun, socialising and visiting new places, but no matter how hard I try she still ends up needing to visit somewhere to go use a restroom, or her needs just start plummeting as soon as I try to do anything. I didn’t realise it would be so hard not having a home lol

At the end of this chapter she has §1,616, well §1,626, but when she travels I automatically deduct both travel fares so that I don’t forget to pay when she goes home lol

She’s doing fairly ok, but I did try to test out building a house and wow, it cost over §900 just for the bare walls… Eek! So she is going to need to collect a lot more.

At the end of the last chapter the flea market notification had popped up, but weirdly when I went back into the game it didn’t seem to be there anymore, so I don’t know what happened, also I forgot it was only on for a limited time and she would have been too late anyway, which is a shame because I wanted to try selling some items there.

Omg, that picture of the racoon totally cracked me up; I love this game for random things like that and I just couldn’t miss sharing it!

Alice also received a notification for her bills, before starting cooking, but seeing as though she’s not supposed to have a phone, I couldn’t work out how to add it in and she didn’t make it home in this chapter to see it in the mailbox lol.

9 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 7: From Good to Bad

  1. Did you know fishing is fun? It’s the main way I get fun for my sims living off the land. If you have strawberries and snapdragons you can graft them to make dragonfruit when she can do that… there might have been some at the Romance festival even. The Spice Festival has plants too. Not socializing is so boring tho! Maybe you should make her a little outhouse? Oh! There’s that really high fence that’s pretty cheap. I usually use it for my Drifters to make a makeshift bathroom. Just a shower and toilet. I’ll try to find a pic for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I didn’t realise fishing was fun lol I think I’ve avoided it because she didn’t do very well and it wasn’t profitable.
      Oh i thought I couldn’t build anything until she could afford to build the whole house and furnish it lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It says you can’t build until you have the money to do so… which that wording is kinda confusing now that I read it! LOL A lot of that I just copied from the original rules.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh that swim date looked so nice and refreshing. I was cracking up thinking about her falling asleep…and then getting up…oh I see a frog….thump…oh these sims are so funny! The simoleons are racking up! Yeah!

    Liked by 1 person

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