The Runaway – Chapter 8: From Bad to Worse

When Alice finally awoke from her nap on the bench her needs were at an all-time low and she was now in desperate need to use a toilet.

Dragging herself up off the bench and onto her feet, she headed down the path, in search of a toilet and for once her luck was with her as she stumbled upon a public toilet.

Ch8 Public toilet

If only she lived near here, then at least she wouldn’t have to travel just to use a restroom.

Finally relieved and feeling a tiny bit better, she spotted a bin nearby and for some reason, she had the urge to scavenge it, in the hopes of finding something. Just as she leant over the edge and started digging around Lucas Munch turned up, walking towards her. She hastily stopped what she was doing and hoped that he hadn’t seen her.

Ch8 Scavenging

If he did he didn’t say anything and they stopped and chatted for a little while. He didn’t stay long though, excusing himself to go do his homework.

A bit further down the path, Alice saw Ciera Coates, a local teen. She hadn’t met her before so she went over to introduce herself.

Ch8 Talking to Ciera

They stood and talked for a moment and Alice cracked some jokes, but then Alice felt a wave of tiredness wash over her again and she passed out into a heap on the floor and Ciera just walked off and went to talk to Wolfgang, without so much as batting an eyelid.

Ch8 Passing out

When Alice finally managed to pick herself up off the floor she was mortified; she was an absolute mess. She really had to pull herself together, otherwise, she was going to get sick, for sure.

She’d been so focused on trying to earn a living, scavenging items to sell, that she’d completely neglected her needs and now she had no choice but to abandon her search and head home to sleep.

Alice slept all night and awoke bright and early but as she stepped out of her tent she could smell something really bad. It seemed to be coming from her bag and on closer inspection, she soon realised what it was!

She’d stayed out so late that she’d forgotten she had needed to get back in time to pack the sack lunches into her inventory and they were now all spoiled; what a waste!

She now had nothing to eat and so she headed to the park to look for food, but when she arrived there was not a single plate of food in sight, nor a single person, for that matter.

Alice felt so low that she burst into tears.

Ch8 feeling down

Eventually, wiping the tears away, she was resolved to pick herself up and raiding her emergency stash she pulled out a fun potion and an instant hygiene potion and quickly downed them both, one after the other.

It was time to sort herself out, she was never going to succeed if she didn’t look after herself. There was still no one around making food so Alice headed back to her tent, collecting a few items along the way.

She decided to check her tent for anything to eat and would you believe it, she still had two sack lunches of grilled fruit. How on earth had she missed them?

She quickly wolfed down one of the bags of food and then checked her bag to see what items she had collected and after selling all the fruit and veg she now had §1,995. She still had a few other items to sell, but she’d heard about a flea market that comes to San Myshuno and she decided that she would save some items, in case she was able to visit it.

Ch8 gardening

She spent a bit of time tending to her plants; watering them, pulling out the weeds and harvesting the produce. She was really quite proud of her little garden. It was growing really nicely, now.

Alice’s bills had been delivered, the day before, and today she received a notification in the mail to say that she still hadn’t paid them, but seeing as though she didn’t even have a house, let alone anything electrical, she didn’t see the point in paying them, just yet.

After her garden was all tended to, Alice headed back to the park and was delighted to see Riya Archarya and Riya Srivastava, making food, but she did think it was odd that they had the same first name and looked so alike! Spooky!

ch8 two Riyas

Alice was still a little hungry so she ate another plate of food and was now desperate to pee again. Determined to make her home more self-sufficient, she decided to head back and buy a ‘Duty Calls Model Citizen Bush’, but before she even managed to leave the park, she wet herself.

Ch8 peed herself

Now she was filthy again and very embarrassed; this day really was going from bad to worse. She finally made it back home and bought the bush so that at least next time she would have somewhere to go. If only she could afford to build a house, she thought, but she knew she didn’t have enough money yet.

Feeling sorry for herself, she decided to stay at home for a while and spent some time evolving her plants.

Ch8 evolving plants

After a short while, she decided to head back to the park to collect some more emergency food and when she got there she couldn’t believe her eyes; the tables were all full of food and people were still there, cooking more!

Ch8 lots of food

She quickly packed up as much as she could into sack lunches and, this time, she was determined to get them home before they spoiled.

After collecting the food, she noticed the park was a real mess, kids had splashed paint all over the floor, so she cleaned up the messes.

She’d been avoiding talking to people all day, what with the crazy mess that she was in; she didn’t want people to think she was weird but she was now feeling very lonely.

Spotting Olivia Kin-Lewis, she headed over for a chat and hoped that the child wouldn’t say anything about how bad she smelled. She really couldn’t deal with rejection as well, today.

Thankfully, Olivia was really sweet and stood and talked to Alice for a little while, they laughed and joked and shared funny stories and it really cheered Alice up.

Ch8 Olivia

After spending so long talking to Olivia, Alice needed to pee again. Determined not to embarrass her self again, she decided to take full advantage of the new ‘toilet’ she’d bought.

As she stepped towards it she realised, just how exposed it was, with everyone walking by, and checking that no one was around, she quickly hid inside it and relieved her bladder.

She crept out slowly, again looking for people walking by, but thankfully there was no one in sight.

Ch8 pee bush

Alice’s needs were finally in a much better state and so she decided to work on her school project that she’d bought and had nearly forgotten about.

Ch8 Project 1

As she worked carefully, placing each piece together, she didn’t even realise how much time had gone past and by the time she had finished it, it was morning. Time really flies when you’re having fun.

Ch8 building bridges

AS she looked down at the little bridge she had just built, she was so pleased with herself and even better her responsibility was now back in the green, just!

Ch8 responsibility2


But then, just as she was clearing up she got a letter from her school, telling her that due to her poor attendance she was now a Grade F student and her responsibility dropped straight back into the red.

ch8 responsibility fail

She just couldn’t catch a break! She was so annoyed, she threw the bridge into her inventory and stormed into her tent and slept the rest of the day away.

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Author’s Notes

Wow, Alice really isn’t having much luck, lately. Sorry if this chapter was a tad erm… depressing lol I guess it wouldn’t be an interesting story if everything went right all the time, but she really needs a break lol.

So I recently discovered, I could have built her a tiny shelter. I thought I had to wait until she was able to afford the whole house before building anything, but apparently not, so I clearly read that wrong lol!

I wasn’t sure I was going to get this chapter written in time, I’m battling a really bad cold and feel quite drained, but I was determined not to reschedule it and I succeeded, so at least something has gone right this week 🙂

She’s doing quite well for money. She now has §1,705 after buying the toilet bush, I still can’t believe that’s a thing lol Oh, and not forgetting she has a few items saved for the flea market in case it pops up again, so here’s hoping she will have a house really soon.

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