The Runaway – Chapter 9: Everything Falls Into Place

After a horrendous few days, Alice slept for hours and by the time she woke up, it was very late.

Now starving hungry and tense from a lack of fun, she decided to head to the park in search of food. Of course, she could have just eaten one of her emergency sack lunches, but where’s the fun in that?

As she entered the park, she spotted a few plates of food on the table and quickly ran over to grab a plate, but just as she was about to tuck in she noticed a strange smell and a green aura rising from the plate. The food had spoiled!

Ch9 rotten food

She had no choice but to go home, after all, and eat a sack lunch.

After eating her food, she noticed that her garden was beginning to wilt and was in desperate need of some attention so she spent some time tending to the plants.

Ch9 tending garden

Despite the dreadful few days she’d had, she was still very proud of herself that she had managed to grow and expand the garden and the money she earned from it, though not a lot, was certainly adding to her house fund.

Now that the garden was taken care of, Alice was able to get back to tending to her own needs and decided it was time to head to the park for some fun and to wash up.

When she arrived she was pleasantly surprised to bump into Ciera and this time she wasn’t at risk of passing out, so she was finally able to get to know her better.

Ch9 ciera

They stood for a while talking and telling jokes and then Alice invited Ciera to play a game of chess. That always seemed to help her with her need for fun and she got to learn something at the same time.

Ch9 chess with Ciera

Whilst they played, they continued to talk and share interests and Alice learned that Ciera is a music lover and that she is hot-headed. Alice thought she’d better stay on Ciera’s good side, she did want to get on the wrong side of her with that trait.

After a few hours, chatting and playing chess, Alice excused herself to go get some food and when she had cleaned every last scrap of food off her plate, she headed to the bathroom to wash up and brush her teeth, a few hundred times!

Ch9 Brushing teeth

She hadn’t realised just how filthy she had gotten. By the time she was done, the sink was disgusting and feeling bad for the mess that she’d made, she cleaned it before heading back outside.

Ch9 cleaning

Alice was now feeling a bit tired and desperate not to reach such a bad state again, she decided to have a little nap on a nearby bench, before heading out to look for items to collect.

When she finally woke up, she felt refreshed and ready for the task ahead and it didn’t take her long to find some rocks and a couple of plants.

Ch9 lots to gather

Her luck was finally returning, because after collecting the items she looked in her inventory to find two fossils, which she promptly extracted, revealing a Raptor Claw worth §70 and a rare Fossilized Alien Skull worth an amazing §250!

And her luck didn’t end there, she continued looking around for items and not only did she collect several MySims Trophies out of some time capsules, but she also found a treasure map. How exciting!

Ch9 treasure

Alice was now very tired and happy with her findings, she got in a taxi and headed home to go to bed.

Well if you thought Alice was in a bad mood yesterday, it was nothing compared to how she felt after finally waking up from her slumber.

As she climbed out of her tent, she cursed and stamped her feet.

Ch9 cursing

She’d had enough of struggling and scraping to get by and decided enough was enough and after having a look through her inventory, she sold everything and now had enough money to build herself a little house.

And here it is. It wasn’t much, but it was everything to Alice.

Ch9 a house

As she stepped through her front door, she was in utter shock; the builders had done such an amazing job, with the small budget that she’d given them.

It wasn’t anything fancy, but she had all the essentials to get by for now. No more having to travel to use the toilet or using sinks in restrooms to wash up; she had a real shower of her own… her very own!

All that hard work had finally paid off.

There was no question of what she would do first as she headed straight for the bathroom to take a long hot shower, but first, she realised she’d better pay her bills that she’d been neglecting.

ch9 shower

The hot water felt amazing; it made every last struggle that she’d had, so worth it.

After drying off and getting dressed she headed over to her new fridge and made herself a garden salad. She wanted something more substantial but she wasn’t going to risk burning down her house on the first day. Then she headed to her cute little TV and chair and settled in to watch a program.

ch9 watching tv

The last time she’d watched television, was the day before she’d left her parents home. She’d been watching BEtween TV when her brother had come home from a night out with his friends, drunk and spoiling for a fight.

She’d hidden in her room to stay away from him and it was in that moment that she’d vowed that she’d never put up with his mean behaviour ever again and so that night, in the early hours of the morning, she’d left.

But look where she was now. Sat watching tv, eating a meal that she’d prepared, in her very own house. Life really was finally coming together and who knows what great things she could achieve now.

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Author’s Notes

Wow, what a rollercoaster poor Alice has been on this last few weeks, so you can imagine how happy I am to be sharing this wonderful chapter with you all. She finally has a house!!!!!

I accidentally forgot to make a note of her money after selling everything. I think I was just too excited to get it built, but I think she had just over §4,000.

After everything was built, she only had §86 simoleons left, but, oh well, she has a house and that is awesome and she’ll earn more money in no time.

For some reason, I took a screenshot of her responsibility falling further into the red. I have a feeling it may be to do with missing school again, eek! Time to get working on some more school projects lol!

Ch9 dangerous responsibility

Oh and here’s a slideshow of the inside of her house, it’s pretty empty, but I’m so happy, I just have to share it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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