The Runaway – Chapter 10: Time for a Shopping Trip

When Alice awoke the next day she felt very sad. Despite having finally built her wonderful new home, it didn’t stop the fact that she was feeling lonely.

She made her breakfast and sat down in front of her tv, hoping that watching a program might make her feel better, but it only slightly helped.


Ch10 Sad watching tv

She needed a way to release her emotions so she decided to write in her diary but she soon realised that she didn’t have a table to sit at.

Her money was really low after building the house, but after looking through her inventory, she realised she still had some frogs and a poster to sell, giving her ยง528 to buy a new table and chair.

Ch10 new table and chair

She took a shower and got ready and was just about to call Jamie when she spotted him walking past her house.

Ch10 Jamie visits

She quickly ran outside and asked him if he wanted to hang out for a while and they both headed inside to watch a movie, but when they went to sit down Alice realised that the house was a bit small to have guests come over and with only one chair to sit on in front of the tv, she had to stand whilst Jamie sat down.

Ch10 no sofa fail

She would have to expand it as soon as she could, but first, she needed to earn some more money.

Alice and Jamie talked for a while and she was now feeling happy again. It was so nice to finally have a home to hang out in, instead of being out in the cold, or having to travel to have fun.

It was time for Alice, to return to her garden, as her plants were now beginning to wilt, so after sharing a loving embrace with Jamie, they said their goodbyes and he headed home.

Ch10 embrace

Despite the fact that they were wilting, the plants were thriving and Alice noticed that most of them were ready to evolve.

Whilst she was evolving them, she received a disturbing message from the strange man she’d seen near the pond. She felt a shiver run through her as she read it and quickly deleted the message.

Ch10 strange message

Later that night, after eating her dinner, Alice decided to head outside to work on another school project. Determined to get it finished, she worked on it, into the early hours of the morning.

Ch10 project time

Despite how exhausted she felt, as she stared down at her finished school project, she felt a real sense of pride at what she had achieved.

Ch10 finished project

After a long hard nights work, Alice fell into a very deep sleep and when she finally awoke it was afternoon. Groggy from staying up half the night, she still felt tired when she awoke, but somehow she summoned the strength to drag herself out of bed.

Once again, the garden was in need of care; it only felt like minutes since she’d last tended to it, but she did so, anyway, and after harvesting all the plants and selling the items she now had an amazing ยง1,455!

Ecstatic with the money she’d made, she decided a shopping trip was in order and so she headed to Threads to treat herself to a new outfit.

Ch10 Threads

When she arrived, she looked for Jamie, who she’d invited along, but he was nowhere to be seen and after waiting around for a short while, she decided just to head inside and maybe he would show up.

Ch10 new outfit

Upon entering the store, she was immediately drawn to an outfit on a mannequin and after trying it on she decided it was perfect for her and so she bought it straight away.

No more walking around in scruffy jeans, maybe now she wouldn’t get such odd looks from people when she went outside.

Just as she was about to leave, she spotted Jamie walking towards her. She quickly ran over and to him and gave him a big hug and showed off her new outfit.

Ch10 showing off outfit

He told her that he loved it and how beautiful she looked, which made her blush and then they stood and chatted for a while and even took a picture together outside the store.

Ch10 photo fun

They shared a kiss before saying goodbye and Alice wandered around to look for items to collect before heading home and boy was she glad she did.

When she’d sold everything she counted up her money and she was pleased to find out she had ยง1,812. She would be able to expand her home for sure, now.

She was now very tired and hungry and so she headed home and after eating dinner she headed to bed.

Things really were looking up for her now. The money she earned from her little garden and collecting items from the world was rolling in and she truly felt very happy, indeed.

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Author’s Notes

Sorry, this chapter is a little shorter than usual but after looking at my notes, it seemed like the perfect time to end it.

So when I opened up this save, I tried to get Alice to call Jamie, but unfortunately I hadn’t heard about the relationship bug from the Pre Cats and Dogs patch, so, unfortunately, she had to meet Jamie again… so they had yet another first kiss etc, d’oh! Thankfully, just as I noticed this he walked past the house, phew!

She’s also lost all of her other friendships and I haven’t loaded it since they released a patch fix for the bug. I’m hoping that her relationships will be restored when I next load up the game, but I have a feeling because I played it, that she may have to start again

Things are going so well for Alice, I can’t believe how fast her money is rolling in now. After struggling so much, in the beginning, it seems like everything is all happening at once.

I added in SoulGal7’s Threads store for Alice to visit. SoulGal7 also has a WordPress blog and her Threads store features in her Retail Wars story for the Retail Store Challenge by AIRIS6962 and Bree Miles.

I’ve been wanting to add her store for a while. I also wanted Alice to meet Hallie who runs the store, but unfortunately, when Alice arrived, Hallie left the lot lol!

I had Alice work on another school project as her responsibility had dropped quite low again and after completing it she was still slightly in the red, but at least it isn’t quite as bad, now. I was also quite pleased to see she’d gained some manners and a bit of conflict resolution, which I hadn’t noticed before ๐Ÿ™‚

Ch10 responsibility 1

6 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 10: Time for a Shopping Trip

  1. Oh my! I am blushing here in rl. Oh you are so sweet to include Threads in your story. And congrats for being the very first teen ever to shop in the store! lol This is a great chapter and must have missed the whole pre-release Cats & Dogs “bug” thing, but so happy it’s fixed now. Alice is just raking in the simoleons now! Great job!

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    1. Aww ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been wanting to add something of yours into my story and that seemed like the perfect opportunity ๐Ÿ˜€ I was going to download Hank as well but he is uploaded as Eastern so it confused me lol It was great fun to have a cameo ๐Ÿ˜€ Yeah she’s doing great although the garden is a bit too big now and time consuming, I may have to downsize it lol

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