The Runaway – Chapter 11: Humor and Hijinks

After the fantastic amount of money that Alice made the day before, she decided it was time to upgrade the kitchen and living room area.

First, she sold her cooker, fridge and counter and bought new ones, then she sold her table and bought a smaller one and placed it next to the cooker, with the chair that she already owned.

Ch11 New kitchen

Next, she moved on to the living area. She bought a tv unit to stand the television on and even treated herself to a new sofa. Now, when she invited Jamie to visit, they would have somewhere cosy to watch a movie.

Finally, the room looked a little bit more homely and satisfied with her work, she settled on to the sofa to watch the cooking channel and improve her skills.

Ch11 New living area

Just as she was getting into her program, she received a notification for the Humor and Hijinks Festival.

She thought that would be a perfect place for her and Jamie to hang out and have some fun and so she gave him a call and they headed over to San Myshuno together.

CH11 humor and hijinks 1

When they arrived, they stood and talked for a while and then they both agreed to drink the light tea and join the Jokesters.

Ch11 drinking the light tea

Alice was the first to take a drink and after drinking the light tea together, Alice got straight to work and headed over to the microphone.

Wolfgang was the only person to stand and watch her. For some reason, everyone else seemed to be ignoring her; even Jamie, who had disappeared out of sight.

Ch11 telling jokes

Alice was having so much fun and after telling several jokes on the microphone she decided to head over to Jamie to have a chat and watch the fireworks.

ch11 talking and watching fireworks

Next, she told him some jokes and they were both in hysterics and then Jamie told her how much of a great time he was having and that next time they should make it a real date, somewhere fancy.

Ch11 telling jokes 2

The festival was coming to an end and the results were finally in; The Jokesters were the winners after gaining a five-point lead.

Ch11 Jokesters win

Alice was sure that it was her jokes that had gained the most points and she couldn’t be happier. She’d never owned a comedy mic before and she’d had so much fun on the stage; maybe she’d found her true calling.

The final celebrations were underway and they both stood to watch the spectacular fireworks display for The Jokesters and what a beautiful sight it was.

Ch11 fireworks display

The fireworks were now over and Alice and Jamie decided to call it a night.

Arriving home, Alice decided she didn’t need all the fireworks that she’d won and so she decided to sell them along with two posters that she collected before leaving.
She also noticed that she could breed another frog and she received a Whirlyflower Frog and now she had §1,445!

She had almost kept the frog, after placing it on the tv unit to take a better look, but she needed the money more right now, but how cool would it be to have a pet to share her little home with.

Ch11 whirlyflower frog

Alice had a fantastic time at the festival and she couldn’t believe that her team had actually won and not only that but that she’d come back with more money than she’d taken to spend. She really was doing well.

It was time to harvest the garden again and tend to the plants. They were absolutely flourishing now and after harvesting all the produce, she sold it all and now had §2,775. She couldn’t believe it, the money was just flowing in like crazy.

Ecstatic by her new-found wealth, she decided to renovate the house again and extend her bedroom and kitchen. She even had enough spare to treat herself to some new planters for the garden.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the renovations were complete Alice took some cuttings from her new plants and grafted them onto some of her other plants to make hybrids.

Whilst doing so, she reached Level 6 in Gardening and also reached the final stage of the Freelance Botanist Aspiration.

It was time to go collecting again, so Alice headed to the nearby park, to see what she could find. On the way, she found several rocks, a log and a strange dirt pile.

ch11 lots to collect

She found her usual time capsules but also found a Fossilized Whatsit, which was worth §175.

When she eventually made it to the park, she spied a plate of food on a nearby table and figured that she couldn’t let it go to waste, so she sat down and tucked into a plate.

ch11 eating at the park

As she sat eating, she realised she hadn’t actually been to the park in nearly a week since building her new home.

So much had changed, in such a short space of time. In fact, it had only been 17 days since she first ran away from home and look at all that she had accomplished!

However, some things didn’t change; as she looked around the park, she noticed that someone had made an incredible mess all over the play area floor.

ch11 what a mess

How she hadn’t noticed it until now, was beyond her. After finishing her food, she dutifully headed over to clean it all up.

Ch11 cleaning the mess

Now exhausted, she headed home for a quick nap, but by the time she’d woken up, eaten dinner, watched some tv and watered the plants, she was now tired again and decided to call it a night and goto sleep.

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Author’s Notes:

Alice had §769 at the end of this chapter.

So lots of changes to Alice’s house today! I think I may have gotten a little carried away, but I was so excited by how much money she kept getting, every time she sold something and I just couldn’t help myself, hehe!

So a weird thing happened when I bought her the planters and placed her plants in them, for some reason, she can’t get to the plants and they seem to be sitting in there at funny angles. Does that mean I will need to delete those plants and plant new ones?
If that is the case then I will have to move them to one side while I plant new ones, so that she doesn’t lose any money. She really does gain a lot from it.

So it’s now nearly two weeks since Cats and Dogs came out, will Alice discover a furry friend to share her house with? Check back next week to find out 🙂


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    1. Yeah it looked really cool zooming out to see the fireworks 😀 It was so easy to win though, I swear Alice was the only one doing anything lol
      Thanks, I know I can’t believe how fast she’s progressing now and she’s barely been out to gather items lol I have a new idea coming up to earn money 😀

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