The Runaway – Chapter 12: Responsibility and Furry Encounters

Alice woke up in a dreadful mood; starving hungry and in desperate need of fun… again, but before she could deal with that, her garden was looking very withered and so she headed outside to take care of her plants.

CH12 Watering the garden

After watering, weeding and harvesting all of the plants and selling the produce, she now had §1,521.

As she headed inside to make breakfast, she noticed her responsibility drop even further into the red. This could not be! No matter how hard she worked she just couldn’t fight that pesky irresponsible trait.

She made herself a BLT sandwich, in the hopes of cheering herself up, but because of her low mood the meal turned out to be poor quality and after she had finished eating it, she was left with a bad aftertaste, which further decreased her mood. If that was even possible.

Ch12 poor BLT

Determined not to stay down in the dumps, she tried watching the cooking channel for a while, in the hopes that if she improved her skills then she would no longer make poor food. She then decided it was time to tackle her responsibility issue and purchased an Air Pressure Rocketry school project.

Ch12 working on rocket ship

She worked on the project late into the night and despite how tired she felt, she was still very pleased with her achievement.

She wasn’t sure what would happen if she launched the rocket, so she left it sat outside and hoped no one else would play with it.

Ch12 rocket completed

It was now time for bed so she headed inside, and after eating a quick meal she settled in for the night in her tiny single bed.

Ch12 sleeping 1

When she awoke, her overall mood was slightly better, but she was now in need of some social interaction. She gave Jamie a call on the phone and they chatted for a while.

Ch12 talking to jamie

It was now very late, after spending the entire day asleep. Alice decided that she needed to buy a better bed to sleep in, in the hopes that she wouldn’t need to sleep as long and then maybe she’d wake up in a better mood, too.

She bought a new bed and couldn’t resist buying two new bedside tables to match. She couldn’t fit a dresser in yet, but maybe next time she had some money she could get the renovation team back out to make her house a little bigger.

ch12 new bedroom

Speaking to Jamie on the phone, only slightly helped her social need and after eating breakfast, she found herself pouring her emotions into her journal. Thankfully, that seemed to help relieve her sadness, if only for a short while.

Ch12 pouring emotions into journal

She tried ringing Jamie again but, unfortunately, he was busy so she headed outside to tend to the garden and found herself in desperate need of interaction, that she started talking to her plants and, surprisingly, within no time at all, she was feeling much better.

Ch12 talking to plants

Now that she was feeling a bit happier and her garden was in good order, she decided it was time to really focus some attention on her responsibility. She’d missed so much school already and it was now time to make up for that.

Ch12 working on robot

She spent the next few days, working on school projects, only stopping to eat, sleep and tend to the plants and at the end of it all she’d finish two more projects; a mini robot and a Tesla coil.

Her responsibility was now far enough into the green, that she didn’t need to worry as much and even better was the fact that it was now the weekend so it wouldn’t drop down again for a few days, phew!

ch12 three projects complete

When her third and final project was complete, she made herself a new plate of BLT and she was pleased that it turned out better this time.

Whilst she was eating she received a call from Lucas Munch, inviting her to join the Garden Gnomes club. She was thrilled; she’d never been invited to join a club before and she had gotten really good at gardening, lately. She even quite enjoyed it. So she accepted the invitation and headed out to meet up with the other club members at Hare Square in Windenburg.

Ch12 Club gathering

Upon arriving at the venue, she realised that Lucas wasn’t the only member of the club and, in fact, two of the other members, Moira Fyres and Bjorn Bjergson were adults, eek! She decided the best thing she could do was to simply try to avoid talking to them and just hang out with Lucas, instead.

Ch12 talking to Lucas

They joked around and talked about gardening and the Garden Gnomes club, for a while, and then Alice found herself distracted by something walking by.

As she made her way into the park, she looked out for the dog that she’d seen and soon spotted it near a chess table, in the far corner of the park.

Ch12 meeting Blue.png

As she cautiously walked up to him and held out her hand, she hoped that he was friendly and, thankfully, he was.

On closer inspection, Alice noticed that he had a name written on his collar and that name was Blue. How cute! She stayed with him for ages; petting him and playing with him.

Ch12 petting Blue

She was gutted, when she spotted his owner walking towards them and she realised that she had to say goodbye.
It was like she had instantly fallen in love with him, the moment that she saw him wagging his tail and bounding by. Was that even possible, to love something so quickly, without even knowing it?

Sadly, it was time to leave and Alice, now feeling very hungry, decided to head to a nearby cafe to get some food. She made a quick phone call to Jamie and then left the park to meet him.

Ch12 cafe

After sharing an embrace, they headed inside to order some food. Jamie wasn’t hungry so Alice ordered a plate of Cannoli for herself.

They sat and talked while Alice ate her food and she told him all about Blue, the dog she’d just met. Jamie told her that he’d seen several dogs and cats when he had visited Brindleton Bay, earlier in the week, and some of those animals were even homeless. How awful! she thought.

Ch12 eating at the cafe

When they headed back into the cafe, Alice realised that the place was now full of adults and not wanting to draw attention to herself, she decided that she’d best head home, so she kissed Jamie goodbye and left.

Ch12 kiss goodbye

When Alice arrived home she was still quite hungry; the Cannoli had barely touched the sides, so she grabbed a quick meal from the fridge and sat down to watch tv.

As she sat and ate her ham and cheese sandwich, her mind drifted back to what Jamie had said about the fact that there were cats and dogs walking the streets of Brindleton Bay with no one to love them and keep them safe and the thought almost broke her heart.

She couldn’t just sit back knowing that she could do something to help them and so she resolved to travel to Brindleton Bay in search of a pet to adopt.

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Author’s notes: 

For some reason, at some point, I’d turned off capture UI for screenshots, so the ones of her responsibility and receiving the club invite didn’t work, doh!
Keeping her responsibility up is a pain, but I’m determined not to let it beat me, haha!

So, she definitely lost all of her relationships 😦 I’ve decided just for her to make new ones. She’s obviously befriended Lucas again, as he’s such a sweet kid, I couldn’t let him disappear from the story 🙂

I made a mistake when joining the Garden Gnomes club; I never even thought about adults in being in the club lol, but it’s not long now until Alice’s birthday so I’m just going to go with it and have her avoid the other members.

Somehow, I forgot to mention that she bought a new TV lol! So yeah she did that. Also, I purchased the never weary trait for Alice shortly after completing her second school project. I hadn’t even realised that her satisfaction points had gotten that high. 


7 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 12: Responsibility and Furry Encounters

  1. Alice is really working hard on all those school projects! Yeah! And joining a club! That’s great! And meeting Blue…..such a sweet dog. Oh, she is really doing well. Can’t wait to see what type of pet she gets.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was wondering how to add in pets and its worked out really well. Haha yeah it’s good her responsibility is up, but oh man it was boring having her doing 3, it took 4 days in game, hence why I partly skipped over it lol

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