The Runaway – Chapter 13: The Search for a Furry Friend

It was evening time and Alice had just finished eating her sandwich. She was itching to travel to Brindleton Bay in search of a stray to adopt, but there was no point travelling there, until tomorrow, as it would soon be time for bed.

Instead, she wandered outside to tend to her garden and after harvesting all the plants, she now had §2,024.

Ch13 tending to the garden

As much as she loved her garden, the time it took to take care of it was becoming too long. She barely had any time free for anything else and if she was going to adopt a pet,  she would need more free time to look after it.

Ch13 evolving plants

By the time she had finished evolving all of the plants and deciding which ones to keep and which to get rid of, it was now very late so she headed inside and went straight to bed.

When she awoke the next morning, the bills had arrived costing, Alice, §254, which she begrudgingly paid. She was going to have to find an alternative way to earn money now that her garden was smaller.

Ch13 bills

She ate some breakfast and was finishing getting herself ready to head out when the toilet broke! Before she could leave she thought she had better repair it.

Ch13 broken toilet

By the time she had finished repairing the toilet, she was covered in water, so after getting changed she was finally ready to head out to Brindleton Bay.

She decided to start at Pupperstone Park, which Jamie had said was a great place to see dogs and maybe, along the way, she would find some items to harvest.

When Alice arrived and stepped out of the taxi, she headed through the gate into the park and she couldn’t believe her eyes. Inside the fenced park, were several hoops and dog training items; how exciting!

Ch13 Pupperstone Park

Sadly, there were no strays in sight, so she decided to head out and wander around the area.

She hadn’t gone far when she came across a dirt pile, near a beautiful waterfall and there were even a couple of rocks to dig, nearby, but all she found were a few time capsules and a fossil containing an Enormous Trilobite, worth §40.

Ch13 digging

She wandered back to the park, hoping that now she might see some strays. When she got there she spotted two dogs running around and, for a second, she got all excited until she discovered they were already owned by somebody.

However, she did see a friendly face, which made her smile. Blue was over in the corner, dutifully sat in front of a food bowl, waiting for it to be filled, so she wandered over and filled it up for her.

Ch13 feeding Blue

If she’d hadn’t been on a mission to find a stray, she would have happily stayed and played with Blue at the park, but time was already passing by and she hadn’t had a single sighting yet.

As she wandered around, she found several more items to gather, but sadly there were still no strays in sight, so she decided to move on to a different area.

Jamie had also mentioned an island off the coast of Brindleton Bay, called Deadgrass Isle, which was home to the Deadgrass Discoveries Museum and the lighthouse and apparently, that was the best place to see strays.

Ch13 museum

Within a minute of arriving on the Isle, Alice headed towards the museum and, lo and behold, she had spotted her very first stray. Sadly, it was a cat and since meeting Blue Alice had really set her heart on finding a dog.

She decided to wander over to it anyway and offered it a cautious introduction, but unfortunately, the stray was very timid and she cowered and hissed at Alice and ran away.

Ch13 Afraid Annie

The poor thing must be so scared, all alone out here, thought Alice. Meeting the cat made her even more determined to find a pet and so she continued on with her search, but as she wandered around the island, gathering rocks and digging dirt piles she was still yet to see a stray dog.

As she wandered to the island’s coast, she found a few more rocks and then spotted another stray, heading over to a pile of leaves, nearby.

It was another cat, but Alice couldn’t believe her eyes. He was the cutest cat she had ever seen and he was wearing a top hat and green bowtie!

Ch13 meeting Major Whiskers

She offered him a cautious introduction and, unlike the other cat, he didn’t cower and run away, instead, he nudged her hand and purred. She played with a laser light with him, which he chased around and pounced on, which Alice thought was the cutest thing ever.

Ch13 laser fun

The poor thing was in desperate need of some food and a bath, but with no bowl in sight, she simply offered him a treat and hoped that would help and petted him.

When she’d met Blue she was so set on getting a dog, but now that she’d met this cat she was so torn. She could afford more that one pet, right?

She played with him for a while longer and then decided she would just adopt him; she couldn’t help it, he was adorable! But just as she was about to adopt him, he turned around and ran off up the road and out of sight.

Now tired and very hungry, Alice had no choice but to abandon the search and head back home.

As she crawled into bed, that night, she felt very disappointed that she hadn’t managed to find a new friend to take into her home, but she was not giving up yet.

The search will continue!

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Author’s Notes

Alice sold everything just before going to bed and she now has §2,616 and she reached the last stage of the Curator Aspiration. I can imagine, completing a collection is going to be quite difficult, but I’m tempted to see if she can do it 🙂

When Alice was at the park and she saw Blue, I missed the picture of her sat in front of the bowl and I’m gutted because it was so cute! As Alice filled the bowl, Blue stood up and wandered off, how rude lol! But she then came back to eat the food, so at least it wasn’t a wasted effort.

Oh and funny story, I referred to Blue as a boy and actually, it’s a girl, haha! It drives me mad that the tooltip that appears when you hover over them doesn’t have the gender there in some way. I’ve noticed that too when running the vet clinic, I’m like erm… I think it’s a girl…. awkward! lol!

Repairing a toilet raises responsibility, woop! She ended up repairing the sink and the shower, as well. I’m starting to wonder if I may actually be able to get her the Responsible trait too, now that would be an achievement lol. She loses loads when she misses school each day.




5 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 13: The Search for a Furry Friend

  1. Congrats to Alice for getting more responsible! lol Luckily, she sold some stuff because those darn bills came. I hate those bills. And so happy she made it to Brindleton Bay, but not to adopt….yet. I will have to go back in my story and see if I called Blue a boy, too. lol Ooohhh….and I think she met Mayor Whiskers on Deadgrass Isle! I think he may have the aloof trait and that is why he went off, or had some other duty to perform. Can’t wait to see what pet Alice adopts and maybe next time she will have more luck. I just love the Cats and Dogs pack, and the scenery in Brindleton Bay is just fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, it’s definitely not easy battling missing school lol Yeah, those bills really suck, but at least hers aren’t too bad… yet lol! Haha, yes I think I may have seen that you called Blue a boy, too hehe! She just looks like a boy lol

      Liked by 1 person

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