The Runaway – Chapter 14: The Search Continues

Alice was determined to find a stray to adopt and she planned to go back to Brindleton Bay very soon, but first, she needed to work on another school project.

Ch14 project time

After working on the project, she tended to her plants but by the time she had finished it was too late to go out so, instead, she decided to work on another project, which she was very pleased with and after spending a moment, admiring her finished work she went to bed.

Ch13 finished project 1

The next day Alice still didn’t quite manage to get up early enough, but she didn’t care; she couldn’t put off looking for a pet, any longer and so she headed back to Brindleton Bay.

She had decided not to bother looking anywhere else and headed straight back to Deadgrass Isle, seeing as though that is where she had seen the most strays.

As Alice wandered around the island looking for strays, she spotted a plant growing near the lighthouse that she hadn’t seen before.

Ch14 Nuzzlenip

It was a Nuzzlenip plant. Alice was so excited to have found a new plant that she harvested it, immediately, so that she could plant it at home and grow her own.

Next, she found three rocks, near the coast, containing an Ozinold metal worth §25, a Simtanium metal worth §90 and a fossil containing a Fossilized Alien Skull worth an amazing §250. Awesome! 

Ch14 lots of rocks

After digging the rocks, she was about to head back inland, when she spotted the cautious stray cat, rummaging through a pile of leaves.

She felt really sorry for it and decided to try again to show it some attention and much to Alice’s surprise, this time it didn’t run away.

Ch14 foraging cat

She petted her and fed her a treat. Like most of the strays, Alice had seen, she was starving and in desperate need of a bath, but this stray wasn’t in a hurry to make friends; as soon as Alice had finished playing with the cat, she ran off and out of sight.

Alice continued on with her search, late into the night, and as dawn broke she realised that she had spent the entire night on the island and she was now very hungry.

She remembered seeing a grill near the lighthouse, so she headed back there and cooked up a plate of hotdogs.

Ch14 eating hotdogs

The food was terrible, but it filled a hole and now in need of the toilet, she wandered back down the path towards the restroom, near the museum.

On the way, Alice spotted a ghost dog stood on the path, staring down at the floor in front of him. As Alice got closer, she noticed something at his feet and she soon realised that there was a present on the floor. How cute!

Ch14 ghost dog present

The dog had obviously found it for someone but had no one to give it to and so he was just stood waiting for someone to walk by. Alice couldn’t resist opening the present; inside it was a Clam It Up squeaky pet toy. She decided to keep it, as it would come in for when she finally found a pet. She gave the dog a treat and carried on her way.

Alice spent the whole day, searching; digging rocks and sifting through mud piles, along the way, to pass the time. She even discovered two more new plants, Catnip and Madnip which she harvested to take home, but sadly, the search for a stray had not gone as planned. She was now tired and hungry again and she decided it was time to head home.

As Alice headed back towards the boat, to leave the island, she was just passing the museum when she spotted not one, not two, but three stray dogs, outside the museum.

Ch14 three strays

She couldn’t believe her eyes! She wanted to run over and meet them, but she thought they might run away so she cautiously walked towards them and as she did so, one of the dogs spotted her and she walked towards him and greeted him.

Ch14 meeting Shingo.png

She offered him a treat and he eagerly sniffed at it and took it from her hands, all the while, wagging his tail.

She wasn’t sure what breed he was but Alice thought he was adorable. She petted him and played with him and he seemed to enjoy the attention.

Ch14 playtime

After spending a little time with him, she was finally able to adopt him and he bounced up and gave her a hug. It was the cutest thing Alice had ever experienced.

She had finally done it! After several days of searching, she had finally found a dog to call her own and she was ecstatic!

Ch14 adoption hug

When they both arrived back at the house, it was very late. Alice was now desperately hungry and in need of sleep, but first, she bought Shingo a bowl.

She looked around the house for somewhere to place the bowl, but she realised there was nowhere for it, so she placed it outside the front door and filled it up for him. He ran over immediately and wolfed it down like he hadn’t eaten for weeks; it almost broke Alice’s heart, but at least he was safe now and she would make sure he never went without food again.

Ch14 bought a bowl

Alice realised she would need to make some renovations to the house, in order to fit a bed and toy box in for Shingo, but that would have to wait until the next day.

Now it was time for sleep and as Alice climbed underneath her duvet, she smiled to herself that she finally had a companion to share her little home with.

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Author’s Notes:

Well, who knew it would take so long to find a stray!! I have a confession to make; I ended up having to add in the Dog friendly lot trait to the museum. I had visions of writing chapter after chapter of her searching for a dog, haha… and so I had no choice lol

Weirdly, two of the three strays dogs that showed up had actually turned up earlier with owners and then they came back as strays… how odd.

Also, did you see the brown dog in the background when Alice was playing with Shingo…. omg it almost broke my heart!!

Ch14 poor dog

After adopting Shingo, I had her play with that dog too and tried to adopt it, as well, but it just wouldn’t come up with the option to adopt.

Oh and here’s a funny blooper picture, Alice spotted the scariest cat you’ve ever seen, haha!

Ch14 dino cat

Finally, after doing both the school projects, Alice’s responsibility was so close to getting the Responsible trait and I nearly made her do another school project but I thought I had best get back to looking for a stray. Oh and look at those manners! That’s nearly maxed out too 😀

Ch14 responsibility is high

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