The Runaway – Chapter 15: A New Best Friend

When Alice awoke she hopped straight into the shower; she had a busy day ahead of her and there was no time to waste. As soon as she was ready she called in the renovation team to expand her humble home.

Whilst they were busy working on the house, Alice tended the garden and planted the new seeds that she had harvested from Brindleton Bay.

Now that the boring stuff was out of the way, it was time to give Shingo some attention.

Ch15 petting shingo

She petted him and played a game with him and then, with all the excitement, Shingo got a bit carried away and barked at her. Alice had no choice but to lecture him about barking.

She wanted to be fair to him but she knew she couldn’t have him misbehaving otherwise it could get out of hand. She still felt guilty, though, so she gave him a big hug.

Ch15 hugging shingo

As she hugged him she was greeted with not only love and affection but also a strange smell. In fact, didn’t he have some white fur before? How did he get so mucky so quickly?

The house was now complete and as soon as the renovation team had left Alice headed straight inside to take a look.

Ch15 outside bigger house

The front door opened up onto the lounge and as Alice stepped inside she was immediately greeted with a wonderful surprise; the workmen had placed a Christmas tree in the corner of the room.

How on earth had they gotten it past her without her even noticing?

ch15 living room

As she wandered around the house, taking in her new surroundings, she felt so happy. The workmen had done a great job with the renovation.

The kitchen and dining table were now in a separate room to the living room and there was now a dog bowl, for Shingo’s food, in the corner.

The bathroom had been rearranged slightly and there was now the addition of a bath for Shingo. Alice wasn’t all that keen on baths but she didn’t think it would work trying to get Shingo in the shower.

She had contemplated having a bath outdoors, but then she’d changed her mind and decided to make room for it in the house, instead.

The bedroom had to be enlarged to fit in Shingo’s bed and, with a little extra room, Alice treated herself to a new dresser that matched her bedside tables.

She’d spent ages trying to figure out where to put his bed and had contemplated putting it in the lounge but, in the end, she’d settled on letting him sleep in the same room as her.

Now that she’d seen the whole house it was time to get down to business; Shingo needed a bath. He was absolutely filthy and she was starting to wonder when his fur had last seen soap.

Ch15 bathing shingo

Shingo was a little unsure, at first, but eventually, he hopped into the bath and was soon covered in soap bubbles. She worked the soap into his fur and scrubbed away. It seemed to take forever to get him clean.

Alice was just wondering how to get him dry when Shingo jumped out of the bath and proceeded to shake all of the water out of his fur. It went all over Alice and the bathroom floor.

Ch15 wet dog lol

Oh well, that’s one way to do it, Alice thought, as she chuckled to herself. She had a lot to learn about looking after a dog.

Alice was now feeling quite hungry so she made herself a plate of Mac and Cheese. She also filled up Shingo’s bowl in case he was hungry too and then sat down to eat.

ch15 mac n cheese

When she had finished eating she cleaned up her plate and then headed to the bathroom to work on her handiness skill. She decided to try upgrading the toilet and hoped it would increase her responsibility value but, unfortunately, it didn’t.

Whilst she was in the bathroom Shingo ventured into the kitchen and ate his dinner.

ch15 shingo eating

Now that dinner was out of the way for both of them it was time for Shingo’s first walk.

As she put his collar on and attached the lead, he bounded around with what Alice could only assume was excitement. It was such a cute sight to witness.

Ch15 walkies

As she walked out of the house she wondered where to take him and then spotting the pond across the road, she decided to walk around it and head towards the park and back.

She didn’t want to take him far on their first walk. She wasn’t sure how he would behave, but in fact, she’d had nothing to worry about; Shingo had been as good as gold and had even done his business when she’d asked.

When they arrived home, Alice decided it was time to work on teaching Shingo some new tricks. She started with teaching him how to sit and at first he just looked at her puzzled, but he soon got the hang of it.

Ch15 learning to sit

Alice was ecstatic that Shingo had learnt the trick very quickly so she gave Shingo a huge ‘Feel the love’ hug and she even managed to get a Simstagram picture, from which he gained twenty new followers.

Ch15 feeling the love

Next, Alice tried teaching Shingo to fetch. At first, he seemed to get the hang of it but then he looked at her puzzled again.

She persevered with him and he soon collected the ball and brought it back to her, but then just before he learnt the trick, he collapsed in a heap and fell asleep.

ch15 fell asleep

Aww, the poor thing must be worn out. Maybe she’d worked him a little too hard, that day, but she’d just been so excited to teach him new things.

Not wanting to leave him out in the cold, she woke him up and encouraged him to sleep in his new bed. He did a few circles and sniffed the bed and then curled up and fell fast asleep.

Ch15 in his bed.png

Alice then got ready for bed. They both slept very soundly that night.

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Author’s Notes:

Alice didn’t earn a lot that day, far from it; she spent a fortune, lol! At the end of this chapter, she had §266 left, but she had renovated the house, quite a bit, so it’s ok.

For some reason after taking Shingo for a walk around the pond, they got back to the house and I realised I hadn’t even taken any pictures, oops! I will next time. It’s so cute seeing them running together.

I tried to take a cool Simstagram picture of Shingo when he’d fallen asleep, however, for some reason, the camera was at floor level and wouldn’t move up much. The lack of freedom with the movement of the camera is a bit frustrating. Alice, is technically the one taking the picture and she isn’t laid on the floor… or am I doing something wrong? I tried moving the position, but it didn’t move much.

Ch15 simstagram 3

Ooh how exciting; pet training increases the responsibility value!! YAY! I had read this, but I’d forgotten about it, so I was thrilled when I saw it increasing.

I made Alice upgrade the toilet, as I thought that might increase the responsibility, but it didn’t; oh well, it was worth a try.

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