The Runaway – Chapter 16: Showing Off Shingo and New Tricks

The next morning Alice awoke quite late. Shingo greeted her immediately and began barking at her. Still half asleep, she told him off and headed to the kitchen.

Ch16 telling off for barking

She was in a lazy mood, so, instead of cooking breakfast she grabbed a plate of leftover Mac and Cheese from the fridge, filled Shingo’s bowl and sat down at the table.

As she began to eat her food, Shingo wandered into the kitchen and also began eating his breakfast.

Ch16 both eating

When Alice had finished eating she headed outside to check on the plants. As she was watering the garden, she noticed some bugs flying around some of the plants; how disgusting. She quickly sprayed them and hoped that would keep the infestation at bay.

As soon as she was finished with the garden, Shingo wanted some attention, so she petted him and played with him.

Ch16 petting shingo.png

Then the cutest thing happened, they became companions. So cute!

Ch16 becoming companions

With all the excitement of searching for and adopting Shingo, Alice realised she hadn’t seen Jamie for several days. She needed to take Shingo out for a quick walk, but as soon as they got back she would invite him round to the house and then he could meet Shingo, too.

They didn’t walk far, just up the road, past the play area and back, so that Shingo could go potty.

Ch16 quick walk.png

As soon as they arrived back at the house, Alice rang Jamie and invited him round. He arrived quickly and Alice introduced him to Shingo; they seemed to get along great.

Ch16 Jamie meets Shingo

For some reason, Jamie was embarrassed about something that had happened earlier and after meeting Shingo, he went and hid under Alice’s bedcovers.

Ch16 Jamie hiding

When he finally resurfaced, she talked to him and tried to work out what was wrong, but he didn’t seem to want to tell her, so instead, she showered him with compliments and tried to cheer him up and that seemed to work.

Ch16 talking to Jamie

He thanked her for cheering him up and told her how great the new house renovations looked and then they shared a kiss and he headed home.

Ch16 goodbye kiss

Alice decided to pick up where she’d left off, the night before, and carried on training Shingo how to fetch. Alice thought it was so cute, that when she threw the ball he bounded off to get it.

Ch16 Shingo fetching

He learnt to fetch, very quickly and Alice praised him for being such a good boy and offered him a treat. Shingo got so excited, he began bounding around and wagging his bum. She was sure if he’s had a tail, it would be wagging, ferociously.

Ch16 happy Shingo

Alice tried to take a Simstagram picture of him bounding around but by the time she’d set up the picture he had sat down. He did at least gain 16 followers from the picture.

It was now quite late and Alice thought it best to get some sleep. She encouraged Shingo to go potty and he learned how to pee outside and then they both went to bed.

Ch16 learned to pee outside

The next day, Alice awoke feeling great. She enjoyed a bowl of cereal in front of the tv and then got ready to take Shingo out for a jog.

Ch16 out for a jog

Along the way she bumped into Ciera, whom she’d met a while ago. She hadn’t seen her in ages and had lost her contact details, so she’d not been able to get in touch with her.

Ch16 jogging Ciera

Alice stopped and had a quick chat, but Ciera didn’t seem very happy and shortly after she made her apologies and left. Alice felt really bad and she hoped that it wasn’t because she hadn’t been in touch.

She’d made sure to get her phone number so that she could get in touch and arrange a get-together.

Ch16 jogging 2

They carried on jogging around Newcrest Park and then back towards the pond and then returned home.

Alice thought after all that exercise, Shingo might need a bath again, so she commanded him into the tub and gave his fur a good scrub. Just like the first time, Shingo jumped straight out of the bath and sprayed water everywhere; she would never learn.

Ch16 wet Shingo

After he had covered Alice and the bathroom in water, he turned around and barked at her again, so she had to lecture him. She really hoped he would grow out of it soon; it seemed to be taking a long time to untrain.

Ch16 lecturing about barking 2

The garden needed tending to again and Alice really wasn’t in the mood to sort it out, but as her only source of income, she couldn’t afford to neglect it and it really was paying well; selling all of the produce.

Just as she was finishing fertilising the last plant, Shingo came over looking upset. She tried to find out what was wrong, but after a little love and attention, he seemed okay again.

Seeing as though, the garden was now all sorted and she had a few hours spare, she decided to continue with Shingo’s training and began teaching him how to lie down.

Ch16 Shingo learns lie down

He seemed to learn it quicker than all the rest and Alice was thrilled.

It was now nearly time for bed so Alice headed inside and cooked herself a plate of Grilled Cheese and sat down in front of the television to eat. She liked it so much that she ate three whole platefuls. I think she might have a new obsession, hehe.

Ch16 mm grilled cheese

After finishing the food, she quickly washed up all of the dirty dishes and then headed to bed. Hoping she would get a good night’s sleep, ready for the next day.

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Author’s Notes:

Alice reached Gardening Level 8, whilst spraying for bugs, yay! It won’t be long now until she reaches Level 10. I’ve been switching between a few different aspirations, but Gardening is the only one that’s reached the final stage. Although, I kinda wanted to avoid growing a Cow Plant for this story, so I may just complete all the goals but that one, or just not write it in, but that would be kind of difficult to hide in pictures, lol.

Ch16 Lvl 8 gardening

After cleaning all the dishes at the end of the story, Alice maxed out her manners value so al being well, she’ll have the Good Manners Trait as an Adult. This is the first time I’ve worked on a teen or child’s values so I’m thrilled, now I just need to keep plugging away at the responsibility; hurray for pet training!! lol!

Ch16 Manners maxed out

So I had Alice eat three plates of Grilled Cheese, lol! I couldn’t resist when I’d chosen that for her meal to cook. I may or may not continue with it, I just couldn’t resist doing it, hehe!

Ch16 Grilled cheese aspiration

Oh and look, I have four lovely Simstagram pictures on the wall. I can see this becoming my obsession and her having a wall filled with pictures.

Ch16 Simstagrams

I do find it really hard to get a good picture though, I always seem to miss the really good poses.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, sorry it was posted a little later than usual. I’ve had a crazy few days with Christmas and I realised I hadn’t written this post on Christmas Day, oops! But as they say, better late than never. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas or a nice few days off if you don’t celebrate it 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 16: Showing Off Shingo and New Tricks

  1. Oh I just love Shingo. He’s a great looking dog and is a fast learner. Yeah for completing 2 training modes for Shingo. Alice is doing great and I laughed, too, when I saw she got the Grilled Cheese Aspiration. lol

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