The Runaway – Chapter 17: More Tricks and Exploration

It was a new year and a new day for Alice and looking back, Alice realised she met and lost sight of several good friends and she needed to put that right.

The only way she could meet up with her old friends was by bumping into them, but at least she was still able to make new ones.

The day started off well, with a new face walking by. Alice wasted no time at all and went straight over to introduce herself.

Ch17 Ava Hannah

The teen was called Ava Hannah. They chatted for a while, in front of Alice’s house and Alice learned that Ava was a cheerful sim who loves the outdoors. They joked around and exchanged phone numbers and then Ava carried on her way.

Not long after Alice had met Ava she received two text messages; one from Jamie and one from Lucas telling her how cool it was that she was friends with Ava.

Shingo decided that he needed some attention from Alice, so she gave him a great big hug and spent some time playing with him.

They practised some tricks that they’d learnt and Shingo did great every time and showed off what a clever boy he was at lying down.

Ch17 practising tricks.png

Then Alice began teaching Shingo how to roll over. At first, he looked at her puzzled and then he got confused and simply laid down on the ground, but then all of a sudden it clicked and he rolled over on the ground and back again.

Ch17 learning rollover

Whilst teaching Shingo the trick, Alice reached Pet Training Level 4. She was now able to Show off Pet Tricks and Command her dog to attack, but she certainly wouldn’t be doing the latter of the two!

Ch17 per training lvl4

As Alice made her way back into the house, she realised that she had forgotten to pay the bills, which had arrived that morning. They were now at §381, eek! Those house renovations had certainly bumped up the cost.

When Alice returned to the house, she filled up Shingo’s pet bowl and then had a sudden urge to do some sit-ups so she laid down on the living room floor and did a few sets.

Ch17 situps

After completing her workout, she went back outside to tend to the garden. She was now growing very tired of looking after the garden. It was becoming a daily grind for her.

She really wanted to find a new way to earn some money, but she just didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. She’d missed a lot of education from not going to school and she knew it wasn’t safe to get a job until she was old enough.

She couldn’t wait until her birthday arrived and then people wouldn’t be able to question her circumstances anymore.

After Alice had finished with the garden, Shingo came over looking sad so Alice played with him and managed to get the cutest Simstagram picture.

Ch17 simstagram 1

After they’d finished playing, Alice decided to take Shingo out for a jog. She quickly got changed into her workout clothes and set off.

Ch17 jogging

She absolutely loved being out with Shingo and he seemed to really enjoy it too.

On their way back to the house, Alice spotted a dirt pile and realising she was now able to send Shingo to explore it, she did just that.

Ch17 simstragram 2 digging

Shingo went straight over to the dirt pile and dug away at it, flinging bits of dirt everywhere. Alice couldn’t help taking a Simstagram picture; he looked so cute!

When Shingo had finally finished digging, he wandered over to Alice with a present in his mouth.

Ch17 present.png

Alice accepted the gift and praised him for being such a good boy and then proceeded to open the present. Inside was a Meow Ball. It wasn’t worth anything so Alice decided to keep it and would put it into Shingo’s toy box when they got home.

She was so excited by their new way of gathering items that she decided to take Shingo on a collecting spree and went in search of more piles of dirt for him to explore.

Ch17 digging 2

They soon found several piles and Alice even found two rocks to dig. They didn’t find anything of real value, just a broken fossil, a Clam It Up toy and a hunk of metal, but Alice enjoyed every minute of it.

By the time they had finished, Alice realised they’d stayed out all night and it was now morning so they headed back to the house to get some food. Surprisingly, Alice wasn’t feeling very tired so after eating she decided to freshen up and get ready for the day.

A short while later, Shingo decided to bark at Alice again and this time after telling him off, he finally learnt his lesson and unlearned his bad behaviour.

Ch17 no barking

Alice then decided to write in her journal for a little while. She didn’t make enough time for her journal and she thought this was something she really should do more of. Whilst she was writing, she reached Writing Skill Level 2.

It was time to tend to the garden again. Alice trudged outside, like the teen that she was and begrudgingly weeded and watered the plants and then gathered the produce. At least it wasn’t all bad, though; she now had §2,333.

It was time for more tricks and Alice decided to teach Shingo how to play dead and it certainly was a funny sight to behold.

In order to teach Shingo, Alice first pretended to play dead herself.

Ch17 play dead1

At first, Shingo was very confused and sniffed at her to see if she was okay and then when got back up, he wagged his tail with relief.

Then it was Shingo’s turn. The first few times he just stood there and looked at her, but then after a few attempts he finally got the hang of it and flopped to the ground in a heap.

Ch17 play dead2

When Shingo had finally learnt how to play dead, Alice headed back inside the house and got ready for bed.

She had started the day off so well, meeting a new friend, and then she’d forgotten all about her goal of making friends, so she vowed that tomorrow she would invite some people out somewhere and have some well-earned fun.

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Author’s Notes:

So, yet another day has gone by and Alice’s birthday is looming. I think it’s around 5-6 days away, eek! I can’t wait for her to reach adult life and begin a new chapter, however, I’m undecided as to what she should do for a career. Do you have any suggestion of what you would like to see? If so please comment and let me know.

As you can tell I’m very bored with the gardening now, lol! I almost want her to complete the gardening aspiration, but at the same time, feel like just moving onto another.

Alice is quite active, so one possibility is the active career. I also definitely want to steer away from the stay at home jobs. She needs to get out into the world lol. The science career appeals to me, too, as she collects a lot and has the gardening skill. 

It was so funny when I spotted Ava Hannah just stood outside Alice’s house. I was just thinking how she needed friends after losing her contacts with the Cats and Dogs patch and then there’s a teen just stood outside the house. Perfect!

3 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 17: More Tricks and Exploration

  1. Alice at least made friends again with someone, although she is certainly distracted with Shingo. But what a great distraction, and congrats on getting him to not bark. So annoying. I haven’t trained the dogs fully, so not sure if there is a surprise waiting, but you are well on your way, and Shingo is such a good doggo. Career-wise, yes, I agree, Alice needs to get out and meet peeps. As a runaway, she avoided conversing with others for too long, and she needs to do more of that. Maybe the new vet career would be ideal, as sims would come to her, and she would meet lots of sims for sure. She could be a mixologist and listen to other sim’s problems. lol Whatever she does will be great!

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