The Runaway – Chapter 18: Best of Friends

Two days had passed and Alice was feeling a desperate need to socialise. She had been so busy looking after the garden and Shingo and hadn’t even realised how much time had flown by.

Her responsibility had dropped dramatically from missing school, so she’d also spent time working on some school projects. It helped greatly and she even reached Level 5 in the Logic skill.

Ch18 Project 1

During this time, Shingo had been a naughty dog and she’d caught him playing in puddles, so she’d told him off; sadly he hadn’t learnt his lesson yet.

Ch18 Puddles

Later that same day, she’d caught him drinking from a puddle; how gross! So she told him off again.

Ch18 Drinking from puddles

The third day was much of the same. She tended the garden; weeding and watering the plants and harvesting all of the items. Then it was time to take Shingo out, so she took him for a jog.

Along the way, they came across some rocks which she stopped to collect and even found a dirt pile for Shingo to dig, but after offering her the present that he’d collected, it became apparent that Shingo was now in desperate need of a bath, so she took him home and did just that.

Ch18 present

She was now fed up with the monotonous tasks that had become her life, except caring for Shingo of course. It was time to take action to get out into the world.

Alice was suddenly struck with a wonderful idea; she would make a club for all her friends and that way she could invite them all out to hang out at the same time. She called it Best of Friends.

Ch18 Best of Friends Club

Next, she had to think of somewhere fun to go in town and the perfect idea didn’t take long to emerge. They should all head over to the Bowling Alley.

So that is what they did and after a few calls, Alice and all her friends: Ciera, Jamie, Ava, Lucas, and Elsa, all met up to have some fun.

Ch18 bowling meet

They chatted for a while and then the game was underway. Poor Ciera fell flat on her face, just like Alice had done the first time she’d bowled with Caleb. She really hoped that wouldn’t happen this time.

Ch18 Bowling poor Ciera

At least Jamie seemed to be doing well. Little Elsa was certainly a dark horse as she bowled a strike. Then it was Alice’s turn and she stepped up to the alley, nervously, but she didn’t do badly at all. She only missed four of the ten pins.

Ch18 Alice bowling 1Ch18 Alice bowling 2

Next was Ava’s turn and the poor thing dropped the ball on her foot. She walked off and cussed a bit before returning again, but Alice missed her score because she was too busy looking around the room.

Over at the other end of the alley were two teens that she hadn’t met before and in the spirit of making new friends and socialising, she immediately went over to introduce herself.

Ch18 new teens

Their names were Mariko Yamamoto and Eric Millar. After a quick chat, Alice offered for them to join in the group game, but they explained that they were having a private competition between themselves and that maybe they could join them another time. Alice said that would be lovely and headed back to the group.

She hadn’t spoken to Jamie properly since they’d arrived so she gave him a hug and they talked for a bit and then they took a lovely picture together.

Ch18 photo time

Alice was now hungry and it seemed like most of the group were too, so she headed upstairs to order some food. When she got upstairs she realised this was where all the adults and elders were hanging out.

Ch18 adult hangout

Ordinarily, she would be bothered by that, but with her birthday fast approaching, she decided she didn’t care anymore.

She ordered a plate of meat and cheese and called everyone upstairs to dig in. They all picked up a plate and sat at the bar, trying their best to ignore the strange old man, hovering nearby with a drink in his hand.

Ch18 food time

After eating, Alice bought a club perk so that she could invite another member to the group and then sent an invite out to Aimee Chavarria. In doing so, she reached the second stage of the Leader of the Pack Aspiration.

She tried also inviting Aimee to come over and join their bowling fun, but Aimee declined because she was in bed trying to sleep. Oops! Alice had been having so much fun that she hadn’t realised it had gotten quite late.

They all agreed to have one more quick game and then call it a night.

Ch18 bowling fun 2

This time Ciera did quite well and she managed to stay firmly on her feet. Unlike the person next to her, who nearly fell over.

Then it was Alice’s turn again and she couldn’t have bowled better if she’d tried. Not only did she not fall over, but she bowled a strike!

Ch18 Alice bowling 3Ch18 Alice bowling strike

She’d never been happier! After the game was over, they all sat around and talked for a bit. Alice had a chat with Ciera about the Best of Friends Club and what she thought.

Ch18 good times

Ciera told her that she was a great leader and that the club was the perfect place to hang out.

Ch18 best of friends talk

Everybody seemed to be having such a great time; it seemed a shame to have to end the gathering, but it was now the early hours of the morning so they all said their goodbyes and left.

When Alice arrived home, she was greeted by a very excited Shingo, who almost knocked her over trying to lick her face.

Ch18 home to Shingo

What a perfect way to end the night.

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Author’s Notes:

Alice has §4,871 at the end of the chapter. She reached the third stage of the Leader of the Pack Aspiration just before calling it a night.

I’m so glad Alice got to finally hang out with some friends. Everything seems to take so long to do, like looking after the garden etc, so by the time she’s done that it’s already quite late in the day and it seems pointless to try to arrange a gathering. I finally made it work by doing as little as I could that morning lol.

I was pleased to see that the school projects are now giving Alice more responsibility, or that’s how it seems and, for the first time, I feel like it may actually be possible to get the Responsible Trait. Yay!


7 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 18: Best of Friends

    1. That’s a really good point. Before money was an issue and it seemed a waste to hire one but maybe she can soon, plus as part of the challenge I don’t think she can hire one until she’s an adult 🙂


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