The Runaway – Chapter 19: A Champion Pet

After the fantastic night out with her friends, the night before, Alice was very surprised to wake up in such a foul mood. She was going through a mean streak phase. She decided she’d better not meet anyone that day and spend some time earning some money, instead.

After breakfast, Shingo desperately wanted some attention, after being on his own for most of the night, so Alice petted him and played with him.

Ch19 Play time

When they’d finished playing, Alice decided to take Shingo out for a jog and to see what they could collect.

Ch19 Jogging 1

She felt so blessed to live in such a beautiful area with a beautiful pond across the road from her house and two parks very close by. It always made her so happy to take Shingo out.

Along the way, Alice spotted a dirt pile and she encouraged Shingo to explore it. He did just that and dug up three presents containing a Volenton worth §45, an It’s a Bird toy worth §5 and a Diamond worth §90.

Ch19 Present

Further along the way Alice also found two rocks to dig containing a Romantium metal worth §150 and a Shinolite worth §75.

Ch19 Digging rocks

They were now both very hungry; they’d been out for quite a few hours so they headed back to the house. Alice spotted another dirt pile for Shingo to explore and couldn’t resist seeing what he would find and she was glad she did because he found her two more presents. The first containing another diamond and the second containing a Bleep the Robot worth an amazing §285!

Ch19 More dirt

When they finally made it home, Alice filled up Shingo’s new automatic feeder bowl and called him over to eat. He must have been starving because he wolfed down his food in no time at all.

Ch19 new bowl and eating

Now that Shingo was taken care of, Alice opened up the fridge to see if she had any leftover food, but unfortunately, all she found was an empty plate and some leftover Grilled Cheese which had spoiled and smelt really bad.

She had no choice but to cook a meal and so she cooked herself a plate of Spaghetti.

Ch19 cooking dinner

She sat down at the table and began to eat her food. Whilst she ate, Shingo wandered into the kitchen and collapsed on the floor and went to sleep. He must have been exhausted from the jog. He looked so cute!

Ch19 Exhausted Shingo

When Alice had finished eating her plate of spaghetti, she realised she hadn’t even showered or changed her clothes since coming back home so she headed to the bathroom and freshened up.

Then when she finished she had a quick look through her inventory to see what items she had collected and after selling it all she now had §5,801; she hadn’t even tended the garden yet today.

Ch19 Gardening

She couldn’t believe just how much money she was earning lately. She tended the garden and sold all of the produce and sold them for §706.

Whilst she’d been gardening Shingo had come out to watch and sat nearby, but then Alice spotted him drinking from a puddle and immediately told him off and this time he learned not to do it again. Hurrah!

Ch19 Drinking from Puddles

It was now early evening on Sunday and Alice decided it would be a good idea to work on another school project before the school week started up again.

She bought a Rocketship school project and sat down on the lawn and got it out of the box. Whilst she worked, carefully mixing the chemicals and reading the instructions, Shingo came over to have a nosy at what she was doing.

Ch19 Science Project

No matter what she was doing, he always so inquisitive and came over frequently to check she was okay. He really was a good, loyal dog and she couldn’t have wished for a better companion.

When the rocket was finally complete, Alice had not only reached Level 3 in Rocket Science but she also finally maxed out her responsibility trait.

Ch19 Full Responsibility

She was absolutely thrilled! Now she just had to maintain it for the next two days before her birthday arrived, eek!

After selling the rocket, Alice decided to teach Shingo how to speak and as always he learnt it really quickly. Alice also reached Pet Training Level 5.

Ch19 Pet Training Mastered

After they’d finished learning tricks, Alice gave Shingo a bath and then Shingo begged to go for a walk so Alice decided to do something fun and take him out to Pupperstone Park in Brindleton Bay.

Ch19 Pupperstone Park.png

When they arrived, Alice headed straight towards the straight tunnel and called Shingo over. She showed him what to do and he didn’t disappoint her.

Ch19 Trick Tunnel

Then Alice had an idea. She’d never run the full course before so instead of using each piece of equipment individually, they could run it all one go.

Shingo had already used the tunnel, but again he succeeded, then it was on to the weaving poles.

Ch19 Trick poles

After acing the bendy tunnel and the hoop, Shingo’s final stop was the podium and when he was finally complete Alice was notified that Shingo had gone around the whole course without a single fault.

Ch19 Perfect no faults

That couldn’t have gone any better. They ran the course one more time and Shingo did great, right up until the last step when he barked at another dog who was passing the podium. Apart from that, he did fantastically and Alice thought he looked adorable jumping through the hoop.

Ch19 trick hoop

Before heading home, Alice needed the toilet, so she headed over to the bathroom and whilst she was gone, poor Shingo slumped in a heap on the floor and went to sleep. He must have been shattered and they hadn’t even been for a proper walk yet. Alice woke him up and then they headed home.

She took him for a quick walk around the house and then it was time to settle in for the night.

Alice grabbed herself a plate of spaghetti from the fridge and sat down in front of the television to watch a movie.

Ch19 movie time and dinner

She suddenly realised that despite waking up in a terrible mood, the day before, she’d had a really good time just pottering about and collecting again.

Before the movie was over, Alice headed to bed. Tomorrow was the big day; her birthday was finally here and she was determined to make the most of it and not sleep in late. That’s if she could even sleep with all the excitement.

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Author’s Notes

At the end of this chapter, Alice had §8,122. I can’t remember what I sold, but I have a feeling I got distracted when my boyfriend came home from work and forgot to write it down, but she’d gathered a bit more mid-story.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw Shingo had gone around the obstacle course without a single fault first time. Alice received a cool little buff for it.

Ch19 Champion Pet

Eek, her birthday is finally here and it will be the next chapter!!! So many things to think about; Can she move house? Should she move Jamie in? (They’d definitely need a bigger house lol) What job should she get? Exciting times!

6 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 19: A Champion Pet

  1. Oh wow! Shingo did the course with no faults and is a champion pet! Congrats! And tomorrow is her birthday….is that the end of the Teen Runaway Challenge then? Alice has certainly done great from when she first started to today. Lots of simoleons.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. After reading chapter 16 I had to catch up! Looks like she’s doing quite well for herself. How exciting! If you haven’t chosen yet I vote for the Science career. It’s my favorite. I agree with whoever suggested you get a gardener too. I usually get the Free Services aspiration reward and the gardener (and any other services) is free!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yea but she’ll be a YA soon so yay! I really do love the science career although it’s long hours so you’d have to factor in her not being home much. I think it’s something like 10am-7pm.


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