The Runaway – Chapter 20: Birthday Celebrations

It was the day of Alice’s birthday and after tending the garden and walking Shingo it was time to plan her birthday party.

Ch20a Planning a party

Jamie had suggested calling at Newcrest Park on the way, which Alice thought was a little odd, but she went along with it and so that’s where they all met.

When Alice arrived, she couldn’t believe her eyes; Jamie had decorated the park especially for her birthday. There was a gazebo built which housed a dance floor and a Deejay booth, a seating area with a bar set up and a buffet table for food and lots of colourful balloons and birthday banners.

Alice thought it was the nicest thing that anyone had ever done for her, so she gave him a huge hug.

Ch20 02 Hugging Jamie

After getting over the excitement of arriving and seeing the wonderful surprise, Jamie had done for her, Alice headed over to the buffet table and served up some food. Aimee came over and Alice helped herself to a plate of food whilst they talked.

They reminisced how they’d met on Alice’s first day in Newcrest back when Alice had only a tent and no money to her name.

Ch20 05 Chatting to Aimee

Spotting that the mixologist had arrived, Alice headed over to the bar and ordered everyone a Fizzy Fruity drink, which they all enjoyed. Seeing as though the party was made up of teens and children, Alice thought a soft drink was best.

Ch20 04 Ordering Drinks

Feeling hungry, Alice decided it was time to enjoy some of the wonderful food that she had served, so she called some people over to join her and they all sat down at a picnic table to eat.

Sadly not everyone was feeling hungry and she realised she may have ordered a bit too much food. Oops! Oh well, you only became a young adult once and it wasn’t like she was short of money anymore.

Ch20 07a Eating food

Then it was time for the cake. She’d had to bake the cake herself and she’d never baked one before, so she hoped it would taste nice. She set it up on the table and stood for a little while, deliberating on what her wish should be and then she blew out the candles.

Ch20 06 Blowing Candles

Unfortunately, everyone else was busy amusing themselves to notice that Alice was becoming a young adult, but she didn’t mind. She just couldn’t believe she’d survived the last few months and she was excited for what was to come.

Ch20 07 Older and Wiser

Now that she’d blown out her candles and aged up, it was time to serve the cake. She called everyone over and they all took a piece and went to sit down. Alice was pleased that they all seemed to enjoy it and that there was enough to go around.

Ch20 08 Eating cake

They’d all enjoyed some lovely food and drink and the wonderful Strawberry iced birthday cake and now it was time for the real fun to begin.

Alice gathered everyone up into a group and they all headed over to the dance floor.

Ch20 09 time to dance

The Deejay was doing a fine job, blasting out the tunes and soon everyone was dancing away, busting their erm…. cool moves.

Ch20 10 dancing

When the party was finally coming to an end, Alice called Shingo over to the park and he dutifully appeared. Alice had been worried about him being on his own all day and he was definitely in need of some attention.

Ch20 12 Shingo needs attention

She asked him what was wrong and realised that he needed some food, but there wasn’t a single pet bowl in sight, so she grabbed a plate of food and snuck him a few morsels and ate the rest herself.

Ch20 13 Sneaking food to Shingo

It was now getting quite late and the party had been over for a while so Alice decided to call it a night and take Shingo home.

When they arrived back, Alice filled up Shingo’s bowl and called him over to eat. As she reflected on the day and got changed out of her partywear, she suddenly realised that she didn’t want to spend the evening alone, so she gave Jamie a ring and invited him over to hang out.

When he arrived she cooked them up a plate of spaghetti each and they both sat down at the table to eat.

Ch20 17 Eating Spaghetti

They talked about the day and Jamie told her how lovely she’d looked in her blue playsuit. Alice thanked him again for the wonderful surprise. He’d really made her day very special and she would never forget it.

When they’d finished eating, Jamie stood up and Shingo came running over and practically pounced on him and tried to lick his face.

ch20 18 Shingo and Jamie

Alice chuckled at the pair of them playing and was so pleased to see that they were both getting along. Aww, her two boys were adorable together!

After Jamie and Shingo had finished playing, Alice and Jamie headed into the lounge to watch a romantic movie.

Ch20 19 Watching a movie

Shingo seemed interested too, and came over to watch, sticking his head in front of the television.

They enjoyed the film and chatted for a while about what Alice should do now that she was a young adult. She certainly had a lot to think about.

Alice had hoped that Jamie would stay over, but he had to get to home so they said their goodbyes and he left.

Ch20 20 hug goodbye

It was now time for bed and as Alice settled in, under the covers, she couldn’t help but feel excited about the next chapter in her life.

Lots of questions were buzzing around her head like: What career would she choose? Should she move house? Should she invite Jamie to move in with her? She even considered whether to get another pet.

Finally, feeling sleepy, she closed her eyes and fell deep into a dreamy sleep.

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Author’s Notes:

What a day Alice had, turning into a young adult. Weirdly I found this chapter really hard to write. Maybe it’s because I was so desperate to do it justice I kept feeling a mental block lol But I managed it in the end and I hope you enjoyed it.

Alice finished the party with a Silver medal as I still cannot get anyone to toast at a party, I wish they’d add an extra goal, in case one doesn’t work.

So now that Alice has aged up it’s time to think about her career and I think I’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities. So watch this space!

You’ll be pleased to know my obsession with Alice’s responsibility was worth it and she received the Responsible trait! Yippee! It means that now she won’t struggle to progress in her career. She’s had a tough life childhood, she doesn’t deserve to struggle as an adult too. 

Haha, funny moment; did you spot Shingo peeking in one of the pictures that he wasn’t supposed to be in? I must have used a screenshot out of order slightly. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw it. 


9 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 20: Birthday Celebrations

  1. Yeah Happy Birthday Alice! What a wonderful surprise that Jamie did for her. And the gazebo with all the balloons and banners looked amazing! So excited for Alice’s future. Can’t wait to see what career she picks. And loved Shingo looking at the romance movie, too. lol And thank goodness all that hard work paid off and Alice got the responsible trait. Yes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a great party and a wonderful surprise for her! I’m pretty sure that the pet bowls and litter boxes are portable so maybe she can carry one in her pocket for their next trip out. You would have to be controlling the other sim to have them toast the birthday sim. You have them stand and hold a drink then click on the sim and there should be an option to toast. I’ve done it with OJ at kid’s parties! Can’t wait to see what career she has chosen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a really good idea, I never thought to put a pet bowl in her inventory lol Thanks 🙂
      Oh that makes sense, I guess that’s why I haven’t managed to do it then as she’s the only one in the household.
      Really it shouldn’t allow that goal to come up in a single sim household :/

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re right. It doesn’t make sense that it was part of the goals. I wonder if there’s a cheat to complete it like there is for parts of aspirations you can’t complete.

        Liked by 1 person

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