The Runaway – Chapter 21: Renovation Time

When Alice awoke the day after her birthday, she still couldn’t believe that she was now a Young Adult!

The first task of the day, Alice decided, would be to request the services of a gardener to take care of her plants.

Ch21 01 Hiring a gardener

She couldn’t bear to part with her little garden, but she knew that she needed to find a job soon and that she wouldn’t have as much free time when she started working.

Ch21 02 Hiring a gardener 2

Alice began harvesting the plants while she waited for the gardener to arrive, but he showed up before she was finished. She wandered over to introduce herself. His name was Karim Mounib.

Ch21 03New Gardener

Alice quickly gathered the rest of the harvestable items and then the gardener went straight to work, tending to the plants.

After Karim had finished gardening for the day, Alice had a look through her inventory to see what she had to sell and found that she had built quite a collection. She had several rocks and all the plants that she’d just harvested.

She sold all the items but one, it was a strange seed that she’d never seen before. It resembled a baby cow, which she thought was very odd.

She decided to buy an extra planter and sow the new seed.

Ch21 04 Cowberry seed.png

She soon realised, though, that it wouldn’t germinate in a planter, so she sold it and simply tried sowing the seed into the ground and this time it worked. What an awkward little seed.

Ch21 05 Planting cow plant

Now that the garden was taken care of, she decided it was time for some more renovations to her house and this time she had big plans for the team.

First of all, she decided it was time to add another floor, this meant that the bedroom could move upstairs, creating more space downstairs.

Ch21 06 Bigger house

The living room was extended slightly and Shingo’s bed was moved into the living room and Alice bought a couple of paintings. Other than that, the room was the same for now.

Ch21 07 Living room 1Ch21 08 Living room 2

Next, the bedroom was removed and the bathroom was moved to where the bedroom used to be. It was now bigger than it was before which meant she could have a new sink unit fitted and a mirror.

Ch21 11 Bathroom 1Ch21 12 Bathroom 2

Now that the bathroom had moved, the kitchen could now be extended to make room for a bigger dining room. She bought a new table and chairs, a rug, a vase with flowers and a painting to brighten up the room a little.

Ch21 09 Dining RoomCh21 10 Kitchen

And then it was time for the upstairs. The hallway was a little narrow getting upstairs, but there was only Alice and Shingo in the house so it didn’t matter too much just yet.

The bedroom, she kept decorated just as she’d had it before, except there was no room for Shingo’s bed, hence why it was now located in the living room.

Ch21 13 Bedroom 1Ch21 14 Bedrrom 2

Just off the hallway, upstairs, there was space for a small room which Alice thought would be great for a study, except she had run out of money before she could finish it so that would have to wait for another time.

Ch21a Downstairs floorplanCh21b Upstairs floorplan

The renovations were complete and Alice decided she couldn’t wait to show off the new house to Jamie so she invited him over to hang out.

Jamie said he would be straight over, so Alice set straight to work cooking dinner.

Ch21 15 Cooking a meal

She whipped them up a lovely plate of Italian Meatballs and just as it was ready, Jamie arrived.

They both grabbed a plate and sat down at the new table and began to eat.

Ch21 16 Eating meatballs

About halfway through the meal, they had begun talking about Alice’s birthday and what she was going to do next and Alice realising she didn’t know when Jamie’s birthday was, asked and he confessed that it was actually that day.

She couldn’t believe that he hadn’t told her, but then he explained that he had just wanted her birthday to be special and that he was happy just enjoying this wonderful meal with her.

Ch21 17 Jamie's Birthday

After dinner, Alice decided she at least had to make him a cake, so that is what she did. She added some candles and called Jamie over to tell him it was ready.

He absolutely loved it.

Ch21 18 Jamie blowing candles

Alice giggled at the funny expression, Jamie made as he blew out the candles. She asked if he had made a wish, but he wouldn’t tell her what it was.

Eager to tuck in, they both grabbed a slice and sat back down at the table.

Ch21 19 Eating cake

After they had finished the cake, they were both so stuffed with food that they headed into the living room to watch a film.

They both settled down on the sofa and then Shingo came over to join them. For some reason, he was highly interested in the tv and often bounced around in front of it, playfully.

Ch21 20 Watching a film

They both thoroughly enjoyed the film and when it was over, Shingo ran to go get a ball and thought that it might be playtime.

Ch21 21 Shingo wants to play

Alice and Jamie, however, had other ideas. Now that they were adults, Alice asked Jamie if he would like to spend the night. He said yes, that he’d love to.

It was getting quite late and they both decided to call it a night and headed upstairs.

Ch21 22 Alone time

They were both quite nervous, but they decided to have some fun before going to sleep and so they had some fun in bed together.

Ch21 23 Woohoo

Afterwards, Jamie fell straight to sleep but Alice wasn’t quite feeling tired enough yet, so she headed downstairs to spend some time with Shingo.

Ch21 24 Shingo time

They headed outside and she gave him a huge hug. He was such a happy dog, he always gave Alice the best cuddles.

She decided to have a game of fetch with him, seeing as though he’d brought the ball over to them earlier. Shingo was really good at fetching now and always picked up the ball straight away and brought it straight back.

Ch21 25 Playing fetch

After a little while, Alice decided that it was finally time for bed and so they headed back inside.

Tomorrow was a big day; she was going to have to make a decision on what career to take and she really didn’t know which one to choose…

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Author’s notes:

I hadn’t actually decided to do any renovations this chapter, but when she sold her produce items and I saw that she had over §9,000 I thought what the heck. Haha, I didn’t actually mean to spend the whole amount, but I kept seeing that I’d missed things like the carpet and wallpaper in the spare room and things like that and then before I knew it she had less than §100 left.

Okay, so I confess I realised at the end of the last chapter that teens and young adults can’t spend the night together, so I had to find a way to age up Jamie. It just didn’t seem right to keep him as a teen. Plus now he is a young adult too 🙂

I wasn’t going to rush into choosing a career, but then I spent all her money renovating the house, so now she has no choice but to make the choice. 

5 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 21: Renovation Time

  1. Oh what a nice looking house. So funny about spending so much that all you had was $100 simoleons left. Yah, I’ve done that too. lol So happy that Jamie has also aged up to an adult. I have a good feeling about these two, and I guess I’ll have to wait until the next chapter to see what career Alice chooses. Great chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The house looks great! I would have aged him up too if it were me. I can’t wait to see what job she’s chosen. Also, I was thinking I don’t think I congratulated you on getting her the responsible trait!

    Liked by 1 person

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