The Runaway – Chapter 23: First Day at Work

It was finally Alice’s first day of work in her new career as a Scientist. Thankfully, she managed to wake up early and quickly headed downstairs to get some breakfast.

Ch23 2 Breakfast time

Shingo also decided it was breakfast time and headed straight to his bowl to eat.

Whilst Alice was eating her egg on toast she received a text message from Ava, congratulating her on landing the job, which Alice thought was really sweet.

Ch23 1 Text Message

After Alice had finished eating and was washing up her plate she received a notification that the car would arrive in an hour to pick her up, which left her just enough time to take Shingo on a quick walk over to the pond.

Ch23 5 Walkies 2a


The time had finally arrived and Alice was finally on her way to start her new job. Eek! She was so excited and yet incredibly nervous at the same time.

When she arrived she changed into her uniform, which comprised of a very unstylish lab coat, trousers and long black boots, but Alice secretly liked it.

Ch23 6 New Work Outfit

No sooner had she arrived, she was told that it was Experimentation Day and that she’d be very busy conducting essential experiments, researching new technologies and maybe even interacting with Alien life.

Wait, what?! Aliens?! Alice was completely taken aback by this. Did they really exist?

It was time to get to work and the first task of the day was to meet a co-worker and ask them for a crystal. As she headed inside she found Maki Murakami, sat at the receptionist desk, talking on the phone.

Ch23 7 Receptionist

She didn’t feel comfortable asking for a crystal straight away, so she opted to get to know Maki first and started by asking her about her interests. Alice learnt that Maki was a snob.

Ch23 8 Talking to Maki

She asked Maki about the job and tried to brighten her day and then they got into a deep conversation, where she discovered that Maki had a bit of an evil side. Alice made a mental note not to get on the wrong side of her!

Whilst they were talking Alice had her first breakthrough and wrote down an idea for a momentum conserver. Wow, she was better at this than she thought she would be.

Ch23 9 Talking to Maki 2

She still couldn’t pluck up the courage to ask for a crystal so she decided to theorise about Aliens with her.

As they talked, one of the lab technicians walked past. He said hello and introduced himself. His name was Advaith Anand. Alice noted that he walked in a very unusual way, but he seemed very friendly, so that was nice.

Ch23 10 Talking to Maki 3

Time was flying by and she still hadn’t managed to ask for a crystal so she decided to have a look around the lab and find the Invention Constructor so that she could brainstorm some ideas.

Ch23 11 Brainstorming

Alice had never even seen a machine like this before, let alone used one and she was quite apprehensive, but when she started using it, it all just clicked into place and she had completed the task in no time.

She still needed to ask for a crystal as she needed to analyse it when she acquired one, but, for now, she decided to continue using the Invention Constructor and try her hand at inventing the Moment Conserver.

Ch23 12 Inventing

After lots of tricky procedures, beginning with drawing up the plans, the little robot was finally at work, creating the item and before she knew it, it was complete and she had created her very first scientific invention.

Ch23 13 Momentum Conserver

She picked it up and walked around the glass-paned wall and placed it down on the floor so that she could see it in action.

She couldn’t believe it really worked and that she had accomplished this on her very first day. She was feeling very proud of herself, indeed.

Ch23 15 Viewing Momentum Conserver

Surprisingly, her boss informed her that she’d actually completed enough tasks for the day, despite the fact that she still had a few hours to go until her shift ended, so she decided to get to know some of the other co-workers

Alice spotted Saya Suzuki, sat working at a computer nearby, but first, she needed to take a quick bathroom break.

Ch23 16 Meeting Saya

When she was finished, she headed back downstairs, walked over to Saya and offered her a polite introduction. They talked about their interests and Alice learnt that Saya is a genius.

Ch23 17 Talking to Saya

It didn’t take long at all before Alice was able to ask for a crystal and it dawned on her, maybe she shouldn’t have tried to ask the receptionist for one…

Saya said she would be happy to give her a crystal and handed over a Citrine.

Ch23 18 Getting a Crystal

With two hours to spare, Alice went off in search of the Chemical Analyzer and soon realised it was located near the Invention Constructor, that she’d used earlier. It was going to take here a while, to get used to the different pieces of equipment.

Ch23 19 Analyzing the Crystal

When she’d finished analysing the crystal, she was informed that she had discovered some useful information about the element, although they didn’t actually tell her what the information was.

Ch23 20 Analysis Success

She still had a little time to spare so she also analysed a flower and then her work day was finally complete and it was time to return home.

When she arrived back and got out the car, Shingo ran over immediately and jumped up to greet her. Bless him, he must have been confused all day, by himself.

Ch23 22 Greeted by Shingo

She received a notification telling her that she’d received §281 in wages for the day. Alice was so pleased. Her first ever real wage! Although it didn’t earn her as much as the gardening did, she was sure with a bit of hard graft and determination, that would soon change.

Ch23 21 Money Earned

Shingo was still very happy to see her and she ended up spending a little while giving him cuddles and lots of fussing. She hadn’t even managed to walk into the house yet, but Alice didn’t mind. He was such a good boy, he deserved lots of love and affection.

Ch23 23 Petting Shingo

Shingo finally calmed down after a little while and Alice was able to head inside to grab some leftovers for dinner.

Despite how hard she had worked that day, her brain was still buzzing with ideas and as she took out the plate of food from the fridge she had a second breakthrough; this time writing down an idea for a Synthetic Food Serum.

Ch23 24 Breakthrough

After dinner, Alice noticed that Shingo had fallen asleep in the bathroom, whilst she was having a freshen up. The poor little guy must be shattered, she thought.

As much as she didn’t want to disturb him, she decided to wake him up and told him to go sleep in his dog bed. She had wondered if she did it often enough, whether he would stop falling asleep in random places, or more to the point, stop sleeping on the sofa in the living room. She guessed only time would tell.

Ch23 26 Putting Shingo to Bed

At least he did as he was told when she asked him and she smiled as he jumped onto the bed and completed his routine ritual of kneading the bed and turning around in a circle until finally, he decided that it was comfy enough to sleep on.

Alice was now shattered and decided to have an early night so she headed up to bed and was asleep in no time at all.

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Author’s Notes:

Yay, Alice finally completed her first day at work and I have to say I already love the Scientist Career!! As you can tell, I have never played out this career before, or in fact, any of the Get To Work careers and I have to admit my minor dense moment when I had Alice try to ask a receptionist for a crystal… lol! What can I say… 

I spent ages having them talk; eventually wondering if the hint had been literal, that they actually need to be friends in order for her to ask for one and then I eventually gave up, in case she ran out of time to complete the other tasks. 

Then, later on in the day, I had her talk to a lab technician and the interaction was there, almost immediately, and I was like “Oh that makes sense now,” haha! Oops!

Alice had lots of moodlets as the day progressed and here are a few of them. She even became very focused, at one point, which was cool.


I had tried to take a picture of the Daily Experimentation notification that pops up, but apparently, the screenshot feature in the game doesn’t work with these notifications… In future, I’ll have to try to remember to take a real screenshot of the screen and do it the hard way, using Paint lol 

I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it, I think this has to be my favourite chapter, so far 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 23: First Day at Work

  1. Oh yeah! Alice had her first day in the science career. And she really did well! She accomplished a lot on her first day! Bravo! And Shingo missed her…ahhh…..she’ll just spend lots of time with him on her days off. Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed the career! I have so much fun with it. You’ll want to try to get her focused before work viewing a fossil or something. I usually tried to keep focused the whole day by leaving elements all over the lab. Yes, you can leave your stuff lying around! As you saw you end up finished with all of the daily tasks by the afternoon. I would go outside and get collectibles and that’s where the real money’s at! There are even some alien nodes out there. Also, you’ll need collectibles for some of the inventions.

    Liked by 1 person

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