The Runaway – Chapter 24: Girls Day Out

When Alice went downstairs the next day, she found Shingo asleep on the sofa, despite the fact that she’d sent him to his bed, the night before.

Ch24 1 Waking Shingo

She woke him up and was about to tell him off when she realised he looked really sad and started whimpering.

She asked him what was wrong and discovered that he was feeling sad and needed some attention. She had worried that this might happen; she could only hope that in time he would get used to her being out of the house a bit more.

Ch24 2 Petting Shingo

She spent a bit of time giving him lots of cuddles and attention and then grabbed herself some leftovers for breakfast and got ready for the day ahead.


Finally dressed for the day, Alice noticed that she hadn’t sold the items that she had harvested the day before and after doing so, she now had ยง4,065, so she decided to treat herself to a few new items.

She had the urge to buy a dishwasher and she also treated herself to some new items for the spare room, upstairs. She bought a desk and a computer, a bookcase, a painting and a chair to sit on whilst reading.

Ch24 C Spare Room

Alice glanced at the time and realised it had already reached 9am and that she’d not heard from work to say that the car would be arriving soon and that’s when she realised it was actually Saturday and that she had the weekend off work!

She had been so focused on work, she’d not even realised what day it actually was. In that case, Alice decided Shingo needed to go for a long walk.

When they got back, Alice decided to hit the gym and she invited Ava, Aimee and Ciera for a girly workout session.

Ch24 3 Gym outing

As soon as they arrived, they all headed straight upstairs to the treadmills and started running, all except Aimee, who instead, dropped to the floor and did some press ups.

Ch24 4 Running 1

It seems Shingo had followed Alice to the gym and with the three girls running on the treadmills, he headed over to Aimee for some attention.

Ch24 5 Aimee and Shingo

Despite slipping a few times, Alice, Amy and Ciera were still running fast on the treadmills. Aimee had decided that she preferred to lift weights instead.

Whilst they all worked out Shingo amused himself and jumped around a bit and then laid on the floor and watched.

Ch24 6 Running 2

Ava was the first to stop running, quickly followed by Ciera and then eventually Alice decided to stop too and then they all headed downstairs to hit the showers.

Alice and Ava showered first and then Aimee went in afterwards.

Ch24 7 Bathroom meeting

Whilst they were stood in the bathroom talking, Bella Goth came in and walked into the shower stall before Ciera got chance to go in and as she walked past, Alice noticed a very moody look on Ava’s face towards Bella. How odd!

Ch24 8 Evil looks

When they’d all finished getting ready they decided to visit the Perfect Balance Spa. Once again, Shingo followed them and after a cuddle and a pet, Alice sent him home. She was really starting to worry about him being on his own all week.

Ch24 10 To the Spa

They all made their way inside and Alice headed upstairs and no sooner had she reached the top, she was notified that a Yoga class would be starting soon and so she went to find the instructor to ask if she could join in. The instructor was Johnny Zest.

Ch24 11 Johnny Zest

Alice thought that the girls would have joined in too but they didn’t. Instead, they’d all stayed downstairs.

Aimee had wandered into the meditation room and was sat on a seat meditating.

Ch24 12 Aimee Meditating

Whilst Ava and Ciera were sat in a lounge area, chatting to the Reflexologist, Ali Al Arabi.

Ch24 13 Ava and Ciera Chatting

Alice figured she’d just leave them to it and join them later.

When the class finally began all but one of the mats was taken up and they all began following the instructor’s movements.

Ch24 14 Yoga Class

Alice was surprised that she was reasonably okay at following Johnny. She did wobble a few times but overall, she managed to balance quite well.

It appeared that one person in the corner, who Alice later found out was Geoffrey Landgraab, didn’t seem to know what to do and just stood there on his mat throughout the whole class.

Ch24 15 Yoga Class 2

Alice was feeling herself really begin to relax the more the class went on and when they finally came to rest at the end of the session, she actually fell asleep on the mat for a moment.

Ch24 16 Alice asleep

The class was now finished and Alice went to look for the girls and soon found them working out in the mini gym. It seems they had wanted to carry on working out and surprisingly, this time it was Ciera on the weights and not Aimee. She must not mind running after all.

Ch24 18 Girls working out

Another yoga class was announced and this time Ava and Ciera decided to go to it so Alice tagged along too.

Ch24 20 Yoga Class 2a

Ciera struggled a little and wobbled around but Alice and Ava both managed to balance okay. Oddly the same mat was free, just like the first time, but at least this time everyone was joining in, including Geoffrey.

Alice wondered if maybe he had just been nervous the first time around and had been simply observing.

Ch24 21 Yoga Class 2b

The class went well, but after a while, Ciera was suddenly desperately in need of a shower and she just got up and left the class.

Ch24 23 Ciera leaves Yoga

Finally the last move, before winding down, was a kind of handstand stretch, which the instructor Johnny, did with ease, but pretty much the whole class fell flat on their backs, all except Bjorn who seemed to have been doing his own kind of workout throughout the whole class. Alice thought he was a bit of a show-off.

Ch24 22 Yoga Class ouch

The class was now over and Alice decided it was time to call it a day. She said goodbye to Ava and then went in search of Aimee and Ciera, but it appeared that they had already showered and left, so Alice headed home.

What a lovely outing they’d had, although she’d hoped they would have gotten chance to talk more. Maybe next time she would invite them out for a bit of retail therapy or maybe for a meal at the local diner. Either way, she would definitely have to make it happen on a more regular basis.

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Author’s Notes:

Ok, so yet again I had a minor mental lapse and didn’t even realise that it was actually Friday on Alice’s first day of work and that this chapter would be her day off. When I started writing it I had even mentioned about work and then that all-important notification never arrived and I was like “oh!” Haha!

I realise Alice hasn’t had much luck with friends and after all the hard work she put in getting her responsibility up and trying to survive I decided she really deserved a fun day.ย 

I’m so glad she managed to finally get some furniture for the spare room. I was a little sad when I renovated the house and realised she didn’t have enough money to finish it. The money she makes from gardening is ridiculous and technically she didn’t even need to take a career, but the idea of the challenge is that she gets a high paying job and a big house and a family so I think once she gets her gardening skill up, I may remove some, if not all, of the garden.

I keep mentioning that Shingo has followed Alice and that is in fact what happens because for some reason, despite the fact that I haven’t invited him along, he just appears wherever she travels lol Is this a thing with loyal dogs? Or is it just a part of the game?ย 


12 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 24: Girls Day Out

  1. I’ve found that the pets almost always tag along. I added the portable bowls and litter boxes to my sim’s inventories because they’d always show up and be hungry and needing to potty! It looks like she had a great time out with friends. Maybe next time they can do dinner and dancing or something. She needs to let loose! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh because once they aged to YA the curse took affect and they couldn’t leave again. So the day before their birthday they had a sort of last hurrah.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like Alice had a great time at the gym and spa. I laughed when I saw Geoffrey Landgraab in the first yoga session just standing on his mat in his sock feet. Poor Geoffrey. And Shingo…lonely Shingo just wants to be with Alice. More simoleons from the garden! Wow! The house is just coming along so nicely. Great job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I know I was like is he stuck, is he too nervous? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’m pleased with how much she’s earning now. I reckon she’ll have a big house in no time. I’m so glad I got the gardener too lol

      Liked by 1 person

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