The Runaway – Chapter 25: Quality Time with Shingo

When Alice awoke on Sunday, Shingo ran straight upstairs to greet her and proceeded to try and lick her face.

Ch25 1 Greeted by Shingo

After giving him a huge hug, Alice headed downstairs to get some breakfast. She didn’t want to waste time cooking a proper meal so she simply grabbed a plate of leftovers from the fridge.

Ch25 2 Breakfast Time

She had decided that today she would spend some quality time with Shingo before her new work week began.

When she was finally ready she put on Shingo’s leash and they were about to head out for a walk when Shingo wandered over to his toy box and picked out a ball.

Ch25 3 Fetching a ball

He placed it at her feet and looked at her all excited, so she picked it up and popped it into her bag and they headed out of the door.

As they made there way over to the pond, Mariko Yamamoto came over to Shingo and petted him and then all of a sudden she burst into song and Shingo started cowering.

Ch25 4 Shingo cowering

Alice guessed he didn’t like her singing, but it was very odd behaviour. She didn’t think that Mariko sounded that bad.

She walked over to Shingo and tried to calm him down and that seemed to help, by which time Mariko had left and they could enjoy their walk in peace.

Ch25 5 Calming Shingo

She encouraged him to do his business and then Alice picked the ball out of her pocket and teased Shingo with it and then they played fetch for a while.

Ch25 6 Fetch

Alice ignored the strange lady, prowling nearby but she did think there were quite a few odd people out today.

Shingo eagerly chased after the ball that Alice had thrown and brought it straight back to her. He really was such a clever boy.

Ch25 7 Fetch 2

They played fetch for a little while longer and then they carried on with the walk. Along the way, Alice spotted two dirt piles to dig up, so she stopped and encouraged Shingo to dig for presents.

Ch25 8 Dig Dig

He did a great job! Instead of the toys that he usually found, he dug up a large space rock and a Hematite. Alice wondered if they may come in useful for work, so she decided to keep them and popped them into her bag.

Ch25 9 Presents

After digging the dirt, they headed further down the road and passed the local park. Alice decided they should stop and see if there were any dogs for Shingo to meet, but no sooner had they arrived, Shingo curled up on the floor and went to sleep.

Ch25 10 At the Park

Upon entering the park, Alice had spotted Aimee sat a chess table, playing a game by herself, so she wandered over to join her whilst Shingo slept.

They sat and talked for a while and then just as Shingo was waking up again, Aimee decided to leave.

Alice headed back over to Shingo and had a look to see what tricks he still needed to learn and realised that he only had one left, still untrained, so she began teaching him how to Shake.

Ch25 11 Teaching Shake

Of course, being the clever boy that he was, he learnt the trick in no time at all.

Alice had a quick look around, but there still wasn’t any other dogs around for Shingo to meet, so instead, she had him perform some tricks for Supriya Delgato who was playing chess, nearby.

Ch25 13 Performing Tricks

Shingo showed off how good at sitting he was and Supriya thought he did great and walked over to applaud him.

It was now getting quite late and Alice decided to take Shingo home. They headed back out and around the park and were home in no time. Maybe next time she would try to venture further with him.

When they arrived back, Alice grabbed some more leftovers and then spent some time playing with Shingo.

Ch25 14 Playtime

She really hoped that he had enjoyed their fun day and that he would be okay this week. As much as she was excited about her job, she was really worried about the poor boy, being left on his own and wasn’t sure what she could do if he wasn’t. If only there was an option to do the same job part-time.

Alice was amused by some of Shingo’s expressions and decided to take a picture of him to upload to Simstagram. The pose was funny, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get the right angle for it.

Ch25 15 Simstagram

Whilst doing so, Alice reached Level 2 in the Photography skill and Shingo gained 17 followers.

After buying the never weary trait, Alice no longer needed to go to sleep, so she went outside to harvest the plants and then she spent a bit of time evolving them.

Ch25 16 Harvesting

She still had a lot of time spare before work, so whilst Shingo slept downstairs, she headed upstairs to do some research and then browsed simipedia for a while.

Ch25 19 Research Time

Checking out Simipedia, made her feel really focused and she was now ready for the next challenge at work.

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Author’s Notes:

I got a bit of a surprise when I got near the end of this chapter and realised Alice had taken Shingo home and she still wasn’t tired. It seems there has been an update to some of the Aspiration Reward traits. I guess this happened in the last patch, but I had forgotten to look at the notes for it.

I had purchased Never Weary for 4000 and the sims seemed to still get tired, just at a slower rate. Now, this perk is worth 10,000 points and it now completely stops tiredness. 

They’ve introduced a newer perk called Seldom Sleepy which does what the old Never Weary did. The great thing is, if you had bought Never Weary before the patch, the sim basically got it for 4,000 instead of 10,000! Bonus!

So this is a slightly smaller post, but once again, it seems only right to start Alice’s new job in a new chapter. Now that Alice’s week is going to get a little bit repetitive, with work, I’m unsure as to how I will go about writing the chapters. I may start summarising a bit more for the less boring days at work and focus on the more interesting stuff. Otherwise, you’ll be reading about her going to work for 5 weeks straight and I think that could get boring lol!

12 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 25: Quality Time with Shingo

  1. A great day for Alice and Shingo, Does Shingo have the music appreciation trait – lol – he certainly didn’t like that sim singing in the park. Maybe he’s more of a blues music dog! hehehe Too bad Shingo didn’t meet any other dogs in the park, but sometimes that’s a good thing. We don’t want any dog fights. A great day for a great start to the week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it having day spending some time with him. Poor boys gonnaa have to put up with her being at work all week at least she doesn’t sleep any more but it does feel odd that she doesn’t now that they updated the traits.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That is so cool about having that perk! Although, in my Sims 3 save where nobody sleeps it wears on my nerves after awhile. I know I’m a little late to comment on this but what I did when I was in that career was always took at least one “at work” screenshot to kinda show the days passing. But, you’re right it would get boring after the third time she froze a co-worker!


    1. Sorry I’ve only just seen this comment. Somehow my phone didn’t show the notification :/
      Yeah it is a cool perk in some ways, as I guess now she can just makes sure she takes Shingo out early morning before work, but then it’s made it weird for writing the story lol. I might just start making her take sick days or vacation days every now and then lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s confusing for me too in my TS3 SNAFU Apocalypse story cuz none of them sleep since they are part alien. I’m used to cutting off at the end of the night but with them they’re up all the time!
        I think there’s a perk that you can take as many days off as you want. I forget what it’s called. You could say she works part time or something, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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