The Runaway – Chapter 26: Back to Work

The weekend was now over and it was nearly time for Alice to return to work. After taking Shingo for a quick walk, the gardener arrived and then it was finally time for Alice to set off.

Ch26 1a Gardener gets to work

When Alice arrived at work she found it was Daily Experimentation day again, which made her feel more at ease as she knew what to expect this time.

The first task of the day was to ask one of her co-workers for a crystal so she headed inside to see who she could find.

This time she bypassed the receptionist and soon spotted Maki near the chemistry lab.

Ch26 2 Greeting Maki

Maki was really pleased to see Alice at work and immediately greeted her with a hug. They talked for a while but it soon became apparent that Maki didn’t have any crystals to offer so she wandered over to Advaith Anand, who was looking at a sample through the microscope and offered him a polite introduction.

Ch26 3 Greeting Advaith

Lo and behold, Advaith had a crystal and he handed Alice a turquoise.

Not wanting to be rude she spoke to him for a little while and asked him about his day and then headed off to find the chemical analyzer.

Ch26 5 Analysing Crystal

She analysed the crystal and with a stroke of luck, she found that there were trace elements of another crystal and after separating the two she now had an Amethyst.

Ch26 6 New Crystal

The next task also required the chemical analyser and required Alice to Analyse a metal. Thank goodness she’d saved the Literalite metal when she was out collecting.

When the analysis was complete Alice headed over to the microscope to analyse a plant sample but soon discovered that, in order to acquire a sample, she would need the logic skill so instead she headed over to Advaith to talk and before she knew it she was gossiping about co-workers with him.

Ch26 10 Chatting to Advaith

She now felt really at ease talking to Advaith so she cheekily asked him for a metal. He said that was fine, he had a Heavy Metal spare and handed it over.

She stayed and talked to him for a while and got to know him a bit better and then he told her to go have a chat with Saya Suzuki so she headed off in search of her.

It took Alice a while to find her as she was over on the other side of the lab, using a microscope.

Ch26 11 Saya Suzuki

Saya greeted Alice with a hug, just like Maki had done, which made her feel really happy. Alice explained that Advaith had sent her to talk to her and asked what it was about.

Ch26 12 Chatting to Saya

Saya told her that they needed another Momentum Conserver making and also to try having a chat with the Invention Constructor. Alice thought the latter was a little strange but she was new so she did as she was told.

On the way to the invention constructor, Alice passed by the little indoor garden and noticed the plants were looking rather neglected so she stopped to tend them and then harvested all of the produce.

Ch26 13 Depraved garden


Finally, she made it over to the invention constructor and as Saya had mentioned she struck up a conversation with the little robot.

Ch26 14 Talking to Invention Constructor

She felt so silly at first but she soon discovered that the robot could talk back and in fact, he was extremely chatty and Alice struggled to get him to shut up.

With just minutes to spare, before the end of her shift, she had finally made another Momentum Conserver and completed all of her tasks for the day.

Ch26 16 Momentum Constructor

Sadly, she didn’t have time to pick it up before she was whisked back home again. She hoped it would still be there when she returned.

Finally home her boss rang to inform her that she had done a fantastic job lately and had received a promotion. She was now an Apprentice Inventor!

Ch26 17 Promotion Time

Alice ventured into the house to see where Shingo was and found him in the kitchen eating his dinner, so she grabbed a plate of leftover cake from the fridge and ate too.

Ch26 18 Eating dinner

After dinner, Alice decided to buy a chess table so that she could spend some time improving her logic skill. Poor Shingo didn’t seem too amused by this, though and curled up on the floor in dismay.

After a while, Alice had to stop playing to give him some attention and after lots of hugs and playtime, he curled up on the floor and Alice spent the rest of the night improving her skill.

Ch26 20 Sleeping and chess

After a long night playing chess, Alice was now at logic skill level six and decided it was time to stop and take Shingo out for a jog before getting ready for work.

Ch26 21 Going for a jog


When Alice arrived at work she was pleased to see the Momentum Conserver was still where she’d left it and after putting it into her inventory she made another.

Ch26 22 Momentum Constructor

It was a daily experimentation day again and her workday comprised of much of the same.

She checked the plants to see if they needed watering and discovered she could take a sample, then she did some experimenting at the chemistry lab.

Ch26 23 Experimentation

While she was experimenting she discovered her third breakthrough and wrote down an idea for a Sim Ray.

Ch26 24 Third breakthrough

After experimenting, she headed over to the microscope to analyse the plant sample that she’d taken and was really pleased to gain her first slide.

Ch26 25 Analysing plant sample

Next, she brainstormed at the invention constructor and created some useful upgrade parts in the process.

After the brainstorming task was over, she analysed an apple and discovered that the quality was greater than first thought and also discovered a new splicing recipe.

Finally, just before heading home, she stopped to chat to Maki and discovered her fourth breakthrough and wrote down an idea for a Red Hot Serum.

Work was now over and although she hadn’t earnt another promotion after the third day she was still extremely pleased with the first promotion and that she’d done so well today. She couldn’t wait to get home to Shingo and see how he was doing and to call Jamie to tell him the great news.

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Author’s Notes:

So what a great two days of work Alice had. She got a really positive moodlet from the promotion which was good and I can’t believe she had two breakthroughs and a promotion all in one chapter.

Ch26 A Promotion Moodlet

I’m not sure I like that she no longer needs to sleep lol I kind of didn’t mind that she still needed to sleep every other day. Now it feels odd lol But, oh well, I did save 6,000 aspiration points so I suppose I shouldn’t complain lol 

Haha, okay so the plant sample was my error. I completely forgot that she needed to actually take it from the plant, I just saw that it said about needing logic. Then I had her go check the plants the next day and spotted it, haha, oops!



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