The Runaway – Chapter 27: Having a Blast

When Alice returned home from work on Tuesday, Shingo was looking very sad and was now in desperate need of a bath.

Ch27 1 Sad Shingo

Before she had the chance to deal with him, Jamie texted her to ask if he could call around. Alice, of course, said yes and within no time at all, he was knocking on the door.

Ch27 2 Jamie arrived

After giving Shingo a little attention, Alice headed inside, filled up his bowl and whipped up a plate of Fish and Chips for her and Jamie.

Ch27 3 Making dinner

They sat and talked about Alice’s day. She asked Jamie if he’d managed to find a job yet, but, much to Alice’s dismay, he told her he’d still not managed to find one. Alice thought this was a bit lazy but she kept it to herself.

Ch27 4 Enjoying fish and chips

Alice invited Jamie to stay the night and he said he’d love too and then after a heated embrace they headed upstairs for some alone time. Being an adult sure had its perks.

Ch27 5 Alone time

After they’d had some fun, Jamie had fallen asleep and as Alice no longer needed to sleep, she got out of bed and headed downstairs to give Shingo a bath.

Ch27 6 Filthy Shingo

The poor boy had gotten himself into a very filthy state and Alice wasn’t sure if he was even clean after she’d bathed him, so she did it again, just in case, but he was definitely clean and after getting out of the bath, he shook the water out of his fur and sprayed water all over Alice, much to her displeasure.

Ch27 7 Clean Shingo

The rest of the night flew by very fast; Alice played some chess, took Shingo for a short walk and then pondered some moves on the chess table and browsed Simipedia and then it was time for work. She gave Jamie a quick kiss and then she headed out to get in the taxi and he left.

Ch27 9 Kissing Jamie

When Alice arrived at work, she never could have imagined what an amazing day ahead was in store for her.

As she wandered into the lab, she spotted a new co-worker that she’d not met before. Her name was Katarina Davila.

Ch27 10 Katarina Davila

Alice headed straight over to her and offered her a polite introduction and they hit it off straight away and Katarina even offered her a crystal.

Ch27 11 Meeting Katarina

It was yet another Daily Experimentation day and Alice breezed through the first few tasks of the day. She chatted to the little invention robot for a short while and invented yet another Momentum Conserver. She was starting to build up a collection of them, as she already had three in her inventory so she placed this one in the lab for everyone to admire.

Next, she received instructions for a new task that she’d not completed before; she needed to create a Red Hot Serum. She headed over to the Chemistry Lab and measured out her ingredients and after mixing it all together she had made her first serum.

Ch27 12 Red Hot Serum.png

After that task was complete, she received her best task yet and when she saw what it was she was so excited! She had been ordered to invent The SimRay! She’d heard whispers of this amazing creation and couldn’t wait to create one for herself, so she ran over to the Invention Constructor and got straight to work.

Ch27 13 Creating the SimRay

The robot analysed the plans then set to work creating each part. Alice was truly amazed by this piece of equipment and it’s capabilities.

In no time at all, the little robot was fusing all of the pieces together and then he stopped. As the cloud of smoke cleared, the SimRay was revealed and Alice praised the little robot for his great work.

Ch27 15 Good Robot

She picked it up and looked it over and decided she would name it Blaster. What came next Alice could never have imagined; she had been ordered to test Blaster out on a fellow colleague!

Alice hesitated and then her curiosity got the better of her and she headed over to Katarina.

Ch27 16 Testing the SimRay

Alice pulled out Blaster from her pocket and when Katarina saw it she tried to plead with her to choose someone else, but Alice needed to test the freeze function and Katarina was the only sim nearby.

She set Blaster to freeze and fired it at Katarina, instantly covering her in a block of ice.

Ch27 17 Frozen Katarina

Alice thought that Katarina looked hilarious but she didn’t want to prolong the torture so she broke her out of the ice straight away. Poor Katarina’s skin had turned blue from the cold temperature.


Alice’s work day was now complete. When she arrived home her boss informed her that she had received a promotion and she was now a Junior Tinkerer. She was ecstatic!

Ch27 18 Promotion Time

Soon after arriving home, she received a text message from Katarina congratulating her on her promotion.

Ch27 19 Celebrate Promotion Text

She suggested they go out to the Blue Velvet bar to celebrate and Alice thought this was a great idea so she made some phone calls and set off.

Everyone arrived at The Blue Velvet Bar at the same time. She’d invited the girls, some co-workers and, of course, Jamie. Oddly Shingo stayed at home for a change.

Ch27 20 Blue Velvet Bar

Alice was starving so the first thing she did was head to the bar to order some food. The bar was quite busy and the poor member of staff had her work cut out for her as everyone tried to order at the same time and they were soon fighting over who should get served first.

Ch27 21 Straight to the bar

Thankfully, Alice didn’t have to wait long for her food. She quickly took a bite of food and then picked up her plate of Currywurst and headed over to talk to Jamie. It seems he’d given up on ordering a drink.

Ch27 22 Eating CurryWurst

He congratulated her on her promotion and told her how proud he was of her achievement. She hugged him and thanked him and after finishing her food she went to see where the girls were.

Ch27 23 Girls Dancing

She soon found them in the main seating area. Aimee was busting some moves and Ciera was busy texting. Ava, on the other hand, seemed to just be stood in a daydream.

Alice decided they all needed to have a good dance so she rounded up the group and called them over to join her.

Ch27 24 All dancing

Alice was so happy she completely let go and broke into some incredibly unusual dance moves, but she didn’t care what anyone thought, she felt on top of the world.

Ch27 25 Lots dancing

More people joined them and soon the room was full of sims, dancing, laughing and joking and just generally having a good time.

Ch27 26 Good times

The night was drawing to a close and aware that everyone would soon be leaving Alice had a chat with Ciera whilst they danced and then it was time to head home.

As Alice sat in the taxi on the ride home, she couldn’t help feeling like she’d been blessed. She’d had such a fun day at work and the promotion was fantastic and then to enjoy a great night out with great people. She was definitely blessed.

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Author’s Notes:

What a great day for Alice. I’m so glad it came up with the option to invent the SimRay. I’ve been wanting to use this item for a while, also I was getting a bit bored of inventing the Momentum Conserver over and over again lol They really need to change the title of that to create not invent. You can’t invent the same thing over and over lol 

I had initially intended to write this chapter as the last three days of work and my plans soon well apart when this day turned out so well. The Sims 4 always ceases to amaze me, just when you think it could get repetitive it throws in a few curveballs.

Haha, sorry for the pathetic SimRay name, it came up as a task to name it and my mind went completely blank.

4 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 27: Having a Blast

  1. Somehow I missed reading this chapter. So sorry. And I am so glad that I went back and saw this! Oh the simray! So cool! I haven’t done the science career, so have not had a chance to do that. Oh yeah for Alice! It was funny that “blue” Katarina asked her out to celebrate. Maybe she needed to dance to warm up! hehehe Great chapter!

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