The Runaway – Chapter 28: The End of the Week

Alice had a great time out with her friends and she was now back at home. Shingo as always greeted her with a huge hug, which warmed Alice’s heart, every time, without fail.

She decided he needed some attention so she petted him and they played for a while.

Ch28 1 Playtime

After playing with Shingo Alice headed to the bathroom to shower and relieve her bladder. The toilet broke and began spewing water all over the bathroom floor so Alice repaired it, scavenged for parts and headed outside to harvest the plants.

When she came back inside, she found Shingo jumping around in the trash pile that she’d absently forgotten to clear up. Naughty Shingo!

Ch28 2 Naughty Shingo

Not only had he been naughty he was now absolutely filthy again. Alice lectured him about jumping in the trash and he cowered and put his head down, but sadly he didn’t learn his lesson this time.

CH28 3 Lecturing Shingo

She commanded him into the bath and washed his fur and then after throwing away the trash, they headed out for a jog.

Alice spent the rest of the night playing chess and getting herself in a focused mood for work and before she knew it Thursday morning had arrived and it was time for work again.

Ch28 8 Chatting to Saya

The morning flew by. Alice greeted Saya and asked for a crystal and then she analysed some flowers and then she received instructions to upgrade Blaster so that it could transform objects.

The little robot worked hard and before she knew it Blaster was upgraded and she headed upstairs to transform a chair.

Ch28 10 Transforming a Chair

Alice wasn’t exactly sure what would happen when she transformed the chair but she was soon very pleased when she saw the results.

The chair had transformed from an Attainder chair worth §110 to the Straight Back Plush Dining Chair worth §135. Interesting!

Ch28 11 New Chair

Her next task was the most amusing of the day. She had a request to test the Red Hot Serum on a co-worker. Alice scanned the room and saw Advaith working at the Chemistry Lab and wandered over to him and offered him the serum.

Ch28 14 Testing the Red Hot Serum

Alice was a little disappointed by the results; she expected to see some kind of immediate reaction from him and was soon distracted when she saw Katarina walk in the room and wandered to go talk to her. Thankfully, her skin was no longer blue so she’d healed from the effects of the freeze ray the day before.

Ch28 12 Greeting Katarina

Alice was really starting to see her co-workers as good friends, they always greeted her with such a lovely hug. She talked to Katarina for a while and then she left to go work in the other room.

Advaith had wandered back into the room and had taken the place of Katarina at the computer. Alice’s curiosity got the better of her again and so she decided to stop and chat with him and it soon became apparent what effects the serum had on him.

Ch28 15 Mean look

She tried to get to know him a little better and he shot her the meanest look she’d ever seen and it became apparent that he was now in a very angry mood. No sooner had they finished talking, he stormed off in a rage.

Ch28 16 Advaith storms off

She decided it was probably best to avoid him for the rest of the day and headed over to the Chemical Analyzer to analyze a metal.

Finally, just before her shift was done for the day, she had her fifth breakthrough and wrote down an idea for a Hover Lamp. She’d even earnt her self another vacation day!



***** *****

That night, Alice decided to spend some time reading a book on rocket science. She figured at some point it might come in useful. Within no time at all, she had reached rocket science level 4 and even better whilst reading she reached her sixth breakthrough and wrote down an idea for a Rose Perfume Serum.

Ch28 19 Reading time

Satisfied with her skill level she decided to take a break and put the book back on the shelf and headed outside to harvest the plants.

Whilst she was gathering the lilies she reached level 10 in the gardening skill and completed her Freelance Botanist aspiration. She was so happy!



***** *****

It was now the last day of Alice’s working week and once again, like every other day that week, it was Daily Experimentation Day. Although Alice was glad it comprised of tasks that she was familiar with, she really hoped that the next week would bring a new challenge.

When she arrived she headed inside to have a chat with the little invention robot. She was really starting to like him and she thought he was adorable.

Ch28 24 Chatting to Little Robot

After talking to the robot, she wandered in search of Advaith and was pleased to see that he was no longer angry with her… Phew!

She decided to get to know him a little better and asked him about his day and then asked him for a metal and a crystal.

Ch28 25 Chatting to Advaith

Her next task of the day was to create the Rose Perfume serum that she’d written down, the day before so she headed over to the chemistry lab and got to work.

Ch28 26 Mixing a Serum

She created that with success and then began work on a Synthetic Food serum. Something very strange happened to it though. It had become tainted so she wasn’t sure she dared test this one on anyone. She put it in her inventory to keep it safe.

Ch28 27 Synthetic Food serum

Her tasks for the day were now complete so Alice decided to give the garden a little attention. She tended the plants and then bought some new planters for outside and planted an apple tree.

Ch28 28 Planting an Apple Tree

She also bought some new planters for inside and planted some carrots, chrysanthemums, and some mushrooms. These were all things that could come in useful for experiments later on.

Her last day had certainly been a bit of an anti-climax compared to Wednesday but then that had been a very spectacular day and would definitely be hard to beat.

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Author’s Notes:

At the end of playing out this chapter, I realised Alice had built up a huge amount of aspiration points and now had 10,825! Whoop! So it was time for me to peruse the aspiration rewards to see what useful traits she could have.

After a long search, I decided to buy her Savant for the faster skills gain, Entrepreneurial for the promotion boost, Shameless to avoid those awkward encounters, Speed Reader so she could read books quicker and Night Owl as she no longer needs to sleep so through the night is the best time for her to skill up. 

I then acquired this lovely achievement 🙂

Ch28 29 Most Interesting Sim in the World


3 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 28: The End of the Week

  1. So great that Alice completed the gardening skill. So much happened in this chapter! She is getting so much better at work and testing serums on everyone lol And that is fantastic. The most interesting sim in the world. Cool! She certainly had a lot of points stored up. Woot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah she’s doing really well now. I can’t wait to see what else you get to do in the Science Career. I think part of it is the ‘Feel the Love’ interaction, it gives so many aspiration points it almost feels like cheating, haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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