The Runaway – Chapter 29: The Next Step

The weekend was finally here again and after a very successful week at work, Alice now had over §7,000 built up in her account.

She’d been contemplating having a utility room built, off the kitchen, and now she finally had the money so she called in the renovation team again and they got straight to work.

Ch29 3 Laundry Room 2CH29 2 Laundry Room 1

The finished result was better than Alice had expected; the team had done a fantastic job and they even had time to give the outside a new lick of paint.

Ch29 1 Extended house

As soon as they were gone, Alice headed straight inside to test out her new appliances. She’d never used a washing machine before; even her parents, back when she lived with them, only owned a washtub and clothesline.

Ch29 4 Doing Laundry

She went upstairs and grabbed a load of washing from the hamper that she’d bought and placed in her bedroom and then wandered downstairs to the new utility room to wash it.

She hoped she could remember what the guy had told her when he’d been going over the instructions.

Ch29 5 Washing Clothes

She loaded the washing into the machine, pressed the power button and turned the dial around and then the machine whirred into action. Yes, she thought! I’ve cracked it. Feeling pleased with herself she wandered into the living room to call Jamie as she had something very important to talk to him about.

She had been reflecting a lot, lately, about her new job, the long hours and how it was affecting Shingo and she now had a plan.

Ch29 6 Meeting Jamie

After calling Jamie, she hopped in a taxi and met him outside the diner. They immediately hugged and then headed inside to request a table.

Alice spoke to the host at the podium and after checking his computer, he showed them to their seats.

Ch29 7 Booking a Table

As they sat down, Alice realised that the diner was in fact quite busy and although it wasn’t a big deal if people overheard, she wasn’t sure how Jamie would react to what she was about to ask him, so she realised that this maybe wasn’t the best time or place.

She decided to distract herself and perused the menu to see what she fancied to eat.

Ch29 8 Ordering Food

Soon the waitress came over to take their order. They both decided on the Grilled Cheese for their meal and then Alice ordered a Cream Cola for herself and a Rootbeer Float for Jamie.

Ch29 8a Ordering Food

Avoiding the subject that she’d originally wanted to discuss, Alice asked Jamie about his day and then the waitress brought their food over and Alice thought it was a welcome distraction.

Ch29 9 Eating food

When they’d finished their meal, Alice suggested that they go for a walk to the nearby park, seeing as though it was such a lovely day outside.

When they got there they sat down on the bench, whilst Alice plucked up the courage to speak.

Ch29 10 Private Chat

Feeling bold all of a sudden, Alice decided to take a different approach and almost swept Jamie off his feet with a passionate kiss.

Ch29 11 Passionate kiss 1Ch29 12 Passionate Kiss 2

This seemed to give Alice the much-needed confidence that she was looking for and whilst Jamie was still slightly dazed from the kiss, she asked if he wanted to move in with her and Shingo and much to her surprise and delight, he said yes.

Ch29 13 Moving in

Afterwards, they headed their separate ways for the last time. Alice headed back to the house to check up on Shingo and Jamie headed back to his old house to gather his clothes.

Alice soon realised that he actually didn’t own anything, nor did he have any funds to bring with him. She would certainly have to deal with that sooner rather than later.

When Jamie finally arrived at the house, after putting away his clothes the first thing that he did was sit in front of the television to watch a film.

Ch29 14 Lazy Jamie

She thought it was nice that he felt comfortable but she also thought it was a little rude, but she let him off and went off to move the clothes to the dryer.

Ch29 15 Drying washing

Thankfully the dryer was easier to use than the washing machine and she didn’t struggle at all to remember how to use it. She pottered around the house tidying up and then decided it was time to have a chat with Jamie about getting a job. She was earning a lot of money now but she still needed him to pay his way.

She soon found him upstairs, playing a game of Blikblock on the computer.

Ch29 16 Jamie gaming

As soon as she walked in the room, he stopped playing and stood up to talk to her and so they discussed him looking for a job.

Much to Alice’s surprise, he agreed with her and he rang up straight away about a position in the Tech Guru career and was offered the job immediately.

Ch29 17 Chat about work

Ch29 18 Tech Guru Career

Afterwards, they both sat down to get some skill building in for their work. Jamie did some gaming research, which, lucky for him, involved actually playing the games and Alice sat down at the chess table to work on her logic skill.

Ch29 19 Skill building

Before long, though, Shingo came over to Alice looking sad and in need of some attention so she stopped what she was doing and petted him.

Ch29 20 Shingo time

Once again, Shingo was in need of a bath and also needed to go out for a walk, so Alice put on his leash and took him over to the pond across the road.

Ch29 21 Walkies

They walked a little bit longer and then it was time for Shingo to have a bath so they headed home and Alice called him straight into the bathroom.

Ch29 22 Bath time

With Shingo now clean and walked and happy again, Alice headed into the kitchen to see what food she could whip up for dinner. Thankfully, she still had some leftover Grilled Cheese in the fridge so she grabbed two servings and after heating them up she called Jamie down to eat.

Ch29 23 dinner time

After dinner, they both showered and when Jamie had finished in the bathroom, Alice went in to use the toilet and found that he had left his dirty clothes in a heap, on the floor, in front of the shower.

Ch29 24 Jamies a slob

It was becoming apparent that Jamie was a slob and she wasn’t impressed so she called him to go clean up his clothes and thankfully, he did it without a grumble.

Ch29 25 Making Jamie Clean

Alice was starting to have a minor doubt as to whether she’d done the right thing by moving him in, but she wanted their relationship to take the next step and this seemed like the best step forward.

At least he did always do things when she asked him to, so it wasn’t all bad, hopefully, in time he would learn that he was no longer living in a house full of guys that things worked differently here.

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Author’s Notes:

So hopefully Alice has made the right decision moving Jamie in. It’s funny it wasn’t until after he joined the household, I looked at his traits to see which job would work for him and I saw that he was a slob and that none of his traits will boost any skill building as his traits are Slob, Romantic and Bro(If I remember correctly). 

I’m so glad I finally got to add in a laundry room, I’ve been waiting for her to have enough money and actually she had about §3,000 leftover so she’d built up more than I thought. 

2 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 29: The Next Step

  1. Alice’s house looks really nice now. I love the laundry room, and so love the game room, too, especially that pic on the wall. I don’t think she made a mistake having Jamie move in. He may not be a clean freak, but there are other ways that he will make Alice happy 🙂


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