The Runaway – Chapter 30: Family Time

It was Sunday morning and Alice had big plans for the day. She’d heard that the Flea Market was in town and so she thought it would be nice for them to go out as a family and see what bargains they could find, have a picnic and take Shingo for a nice walk together.

Jamie was still sleeping, so Alice headed to the kitchen to make them some BLT sandwiches to take in sack lunches.

Ch30 1 Making lunch

When Alice was finished making the food she popped it in the fridge and as she did she heard Jamie stirring upstairs. She was very happy that he was now awake.

Ch30 2 Jamie's awake

To Alice’s delight, he headed straight downstairs and got showered and ready and then they headed out.

They soon arrived at the Flea Market and Alice couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw all of the items for sale, just waiting for someone to come along and buy them.

Ch30 5 Flea Market

Alice had never been to the Flea Market before and she couldn’t contain her excitement and ran straight in to look for something to purchase. She was determined to find something nice for the living room and she soon spotted the perfect lamp.

Ch30 6 New Lamp

She snapped it up straight away before anyone else could get there first.

Then she spotted a table full of snow globes that someone was selling and she couldn’t help wandering over to take a closer look.

Ch30 7 Snow Globes

On closer inspection, Alice thought they were adorable and just had to buy one, but she couldn’t decide between them, she wanted to buy them all.

She noticed that three of them were limited editions so she bought them all and also bought two more; one had a cute Freezer Bunny inside and the other was a Stanley the Jackalope Snow Globe.

Ch30 8 Buying Snow Globes

Nearby a busker named, Sofia Bjergson, had set up a busking pitch and had started playing her guitar so Jamie and Alice went over to watch her play. She’d attracted quite a crowd and they both thought she sounded amazing.

Ch30 9 Watching the Busker

Alice left her a §20 tip and then turned to Jamie to discuss stopping for some food. That was when she realised that she’d left the food in the fridge at home.

She was so disappointed, but Jamie suggested that they try some food from one of the food stalls, so that is what they did.

Ch30 10 Food Kiosks

The food stalls didn’t offer a lot of choices, so choosing was fairly simple. They both ordered a plate of curry and headed to a nearby picnic table to eat.

Ch30 11 Ordering Curry

As Jamie took his first bite, the heat hit him and Alice wondered what was wrong with him and then all of a sudden a flame shot out of his mouth followed by a puff of steam.

Ch30 12 Blowing Flames 1

Alice thought this was hilarious and thought that Jamie was over exaggerating how hot the dish was, that was until she tried it and the exact same thing happened to her.

Ch30 13 Hot Curry

When they’d finished eating, Alice spotted Shingo quivering nearby. She’d forgotten that he was with them; he been busy doing his own thing getting attention from people.

Ch30 14 Scared Shingo

She immediately got up and went over to him to make sure that he was okay. As soon as she got there, he seemed alright again, but he was now in desperate need to go potty so Alice decided it would be a good time for them to take a nice family walk together.

She had a quick look around and soon spotted the sea and so they headed to the water’s edge and walked along the path.

Ch30 16 Seaside walk

Along the way, Alice noticed a patch of grass and headed over to it so that Shingo could do his business.

As Alice gazed out across the ocean she was suddenly hit with a surge of romance and grabbed Jamie and kissed him.

Ch30 18 Romantic Kiss

They stood there for a moment taking in the view and then Alice realised she was in dire need of a bathroom, so they headed back towards the Flea Market and soon spotted a toilet, much to Alice’s relief.

Ch30 19 Finding a Bathroom

The market was now closed and packed up for the day and they were just wondering what to do next when Jamie noticed a basketball hoop nearby and suggested that they stop to shoot some hoops for a bit. Alice thought that it was a great idea.

Ch30 20 Shooting Hoops

It was great fun at first; they missed a few times and then they were just starting to get good at getting the ball in the hoop when a few people showed up and joined in and Alice decided it was time to leave.

Ch30 21 Lots of People

They were just about to head home when Alice heard someone announce that there was a karaoke contest starting in the nearby bar and she couldn’t resist signing them both up, but first, she set down a bowl of food for Shingo and called him over to eat.

Ch30 22 Feeding Shingo

As soon as he was finished eating his dinner, they both headed inside and sang a country duet. Alice knew that they both sounded terrible but she didn’t care, they were having so much fun.

Ch30 23 Karaoke duet

They even had someone cheering them on for a little while.

After the song was finished Alice decided to sing a solo song called For Your Love, which she dedicated to Jamie, who had sat down on the sofa to watch and cheer her on.

Ch30 24 Karaoke Solo

Sadly, they didn’t win but they had so much fun, they both swore that they had to do it again sometime and maybe they could practice a bit in the meantime.


They were now back at home and Alice wasted no time at all in putting up some new shelves in the living room for her new snow globe collection. She also placed the lamp in the corner of the room near the television.

Ch30 26 Snowglobes

She stood back and admired the snow globes and then Jamie came in and took her by surprise and gave her a huge, romantic, kiss. He really was such a sweetheart.

Ch30 27 Romantic kiss goodnight

It was now very late and Jamie headed upstairs to bed. Whilst he slept, Alice played some chess and reflected on their beautiful day out. They’d had so much fun and it made her realise just how madly in love with him she was.

Maybe it was time for them to start planning a real future together.

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Author’s Notes:

At the beginning of this chapter, I bought Alice the Professional Slacker trait. I don’t want the majority of chapters to just be about her going to work so this trait will help her be able to skip the occasional day. It was RainyDayz’s suggestion that maybe Alice could kind of work part time and it was a very good suggestion indeed, so thank you Rainy 🙂

I’ve been working a lot over Easter and I tried to write this post the day before(Monday) and I experienced my first mental block. I sat down at my pc and I just didn’t know what I could have them do for the day so sadly I had to turn it off. 

Thankfully, I managed to write it the day before it being scheduled to post. Despite the mental block the day before, I turned on the game and no sooner had I unpaused it that I received the notification for the Flea Market. It’s one of the reasons I love this game so much. Just when you’re not sure what to do, something pops up to give you incentive again ♥

I took an overview of the house, but it didn’t fit into the story so here it is. I love how the house looks now.

Ch30 A Overview of the House

Oh and a little funny moment, when they were watching the busker, I tried to take a picture and then this guy just rudely put his head in the way, haha!!

Ch30 B Photo bomb guy


4 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 30: Family Time

  1. I love your new banner. It’s so beautiful. It looks like they had a great day together. San Myshuno has so many things to do and I always try to go sing karaoke in one of the contests! lol I turned the volume on once (because usually I play with sound off), and about died of laughter listening to them singing. hehehe I am so happy that things are working out for Alice and Jamie.


    1. Thank you. Yes, San Myshuno is quite a good place to go and it’s the first time I’ve taken a sim to the Flea Market so that was good.
      Haha, yes when they first start singing it is quite funny to listen too!

      Liked by 1 person

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