The Runaway – Chapter 31: Climbing the Ladder

The work week was beginning again and as Alice was getting ready for work the shower broke and then the bathroom sink, too.

She didn’t have time to repair them before work but, thankfully, Jamie stepped in and proved himself to be quite handy.

Ch31 1 Fixing the shower

When Alice arrived at work she was informed that it was a collection day and that her first task was to find ten collectables. She thought this might be quite difficult, but much to her delight she spotted several rocks nearby.

Ch31 3 Lots of rocks

The first rock contained a treasure map, which was a little disappointing, but the next one was much more rewarding, revealing an Obtanium.

Ch31 4 Digging 1

She dug away at all the rocks, occasionally revealing metals and crystals, but most of all she found time capsules.

When she finally reached the last rock, she was losing faith as to whether she could complete this task before her workday ended.

Ch31 5 Digging 2

When the last rock was gone, she had only found six collectables and she had dug at least twelve rocks.

She went off in search of more to collect and soon spotted two more piles of rocks nearby.

Ch31 6 More rocks

By the time she’d finished clearing the rocks, she finally had the ten collectables and she had also found thirteen time capsules. At least they sold for a good price.

Her next task required her to talk to some co-workers and acquire a DNA sample from one of them. This sounded like an easier task.

She wandered inside and found Maki sat at a computer and stopped to talk to her, everything was going fine until she came to ask for the DNA sample. Maki was not impressed at all and refused to give the sample.

Ch31 7 Maki said no

Alice gave up trying and decided to go take a shower instead; after digging all of the rocks, she was now quite smelly, so she headed upstairs.

When she came out of the bathroom, she spotted Saya and stopped her for a chat.

Ch31 8 Greeting Saya

She chatted with her for a little while and then tried again to ask her for a DNA Sample, but much to Alice’s dismay, Saya refused to give a sample, too.

Thankfully, at least when she’d asked her for a crystal she’d been much more helpful.

Alice headed back downstairs and decided to make a call to the Geo Council and then spent some time analysing a metal.

Ch31 9 Phoning Geo Council

Before she knew it, her shift was complete and it was time to go home.

She was a little disappointed that, for the first time, she hadn’t managed to complete all of her work tasks, but then her boss stopped her on the way out to let her know that she’d done amazing and had received a promotion. She was now a Serum Sequencer.

She was in a fantastic mood when she arrived back at home and she was even happier when she realised that Jamie had indeed fixed the shower and sink while she’d been out and she went straight upstairs to find him to give him a big hug.

Ch31 12 Greeting Jamie

After she’d showered and changed, she pottered around the house clearing up, whilst Jamie and Shingo played together and much to her ever-growing delight, Jamie and Shingo became friends.

Ch31 13 Playtime

Alice had noticed, when she arrived home, that the garden was thriving, thanks to the amazing gardener that she’d hired and it was now full of produce to collect, so she wandered outside to harvest it all.

Ch31 14 Thriving garden

When she returned to the kitchen, she was pleased to find Jamie whipping up a Garden Salad for dinner.

He was certainly proving to be a sweetheart; she’d been really worried, when he’d first moved in, that he was going to be really lazy but she was hopeful, now, that they would be very happy together.

Ch31 15 Jamie cooking

They both grabbed a bowl of food and sat down at the dining table to eat. Shingo came and sat near them, dutifully waiting for them to finish so that he could go out for his walk.

Ch31 16 Dinner time

It was quite late, by the time they’d finished dinner and in a matter of hours Jamie would be starting his first day at work, so he headed upstairs to bed and Alice took Shingo out for a walk.

Ch31 17 Walkies


When Alice returned to work on Tuesday, she was informed that it was moral choices day and that she had to choose between being good and helping her fellow scientists, or being evil and foiling their plans.

Ch21 B Moral Choices

Alice thought this was very strange indeed and, of course, there was no decision to be made; she was good, through and through, and would never think about being evil to anyone.

Her first task, today, was to work on the rocket ship for ten minutes. She spent a little while looking for it and then finally found it tucked away in a little nook.

Ch31 18 Build a rocket

Alice felt a little silly and she was glad that she hadn’t asked for help finding it. She’d been looking for a rocket ship, not an empty launch pad and parts to put together.

She managed to get a small part of the rocket built and then she took a break to go talk to some of her co-workers.

Ch31 19 Chat to Maki

She found Maki, sat at a computer, as usual, and talked to her. Whilst she was discussing work, she reached her seventh breakthrough and wrote down an idea for a satellite dish.

Ch31 20 Seventh Breakthrough

Her last task of the day required Alice to write up some research on a computer and it didn’t take her long at all. She was only halfway through her shift and sat pondering what to do next.

Ch31 21 Writing up research

She decided to check up on the garden and see how the plants were doing and she was very pleased to see that they had been well looked after during her weekend off and didn’t need tending at all.

Ch31 22 Harvesting

She did notice a few items to harvest and spent a little time collecting them and then spent the rest of her shift working on the rocket ship.


Alice was finally home again and after greeting Jamie with an affectionate kiss on the cheek, Jamie informed her of some very exciting news.

Ch31 23 Greeting Jamie

He had received his first promotion at work and was now promoted to the position of Quality Assurance.

She was so pleased and proud of him; to get a promotion on his very first day was fantastic.

Ch31 24 Great promotion Jamie

Things were just getting better and better for them; if they continue progressing in their careers, they would be able to move into a bigger home in no time at all.

This was, of course, Alice’s latest dream; to have a bigger house. Who knows, they may even need a spare room one day.

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Author’s Notes:

I can’t believe they both received promotions in the same chapter, I was sure Alice would get one as she had already fulfilled her requirements, but Jamie’s was definitely a surprise. They’re doing so great for money now and I’m definitely excited that I might be able to move them to a bigger house soon. 

I’m a little confused with the Moral Choices day in the Scientist career. I was expecting it to make her do good or evil but nothing happened and the tasks were the same as always lol Is there something I’ve missed?



3 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 31: Climbing the Ladder

  1. Another great chapter. I can’t comment on those moral choices because unfortunately I have never done the scientist career. It looks like a lot of fun, though. I wonder if there is a challenge where you have to be a scientist! lol Congrats to them both getting a promotion! Yippee!


    1. I know I was so surprised when they both got a promotion, things are working out quite well for them both.
      Yes, the moral choices day was a bit odd. I’ll have to look it up sometime.
      Thank you for reading my posts 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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