The Runaway – Chapter 32: Promotions and Celebrations

It was the middle of the work week and Alice and Jamie had a few hours spare, so they both sat in the little room upstairs together; Jamie worked on his video games skill and Alice read a book on rocket science.

Ch32 1 Studying before work

Whilst she was reading, Alice had a sudden wave of clarity and discovered her eighth breakthrough and quickly wrote down an idea for a Snake Oil Serum.

Ch32 2 Eight Breakthrough

When Alice arrived at work she found out it was another daily experimentation day and  when she saw what tasks she had to perform, she was very excited

First of all, she had to invent another Momentum Conserver, which she did with ease, but it was the next task that peaked her interest the most. She was asked to upgrade her SimRay, Blaster, with a mind control update.

She placed Blaster on the floor of the Invention Constructor and the little robot got to work, upgrading it.

Ch32 3 Upgrading Blaster

A cloud of smoke filled the room and when it had dispersed the upgrade was complete.

Alice’s next task was to talk to a co-worker, so she went off in search of someone to talk to. She soon spotted Katarina and asked her for a metal and a DNA sample. Thankfully, she had more success this time and she managed to obtain both.

After she’d finished talking to Katarina, she headed over to the chemical lab and mixed a Red Hot Serum and then when she saw what her next task was her face dropped.

Ch32 4 Red Hot Serum

She had been asked to test the serum on herself and after seeing the effect that it’d had on Advaith, in her first week of work, she was very reluctant to drink it, so instead, she opted to test the DNA sample that she’d gotten from Katarina.


Thursday brought a new invention in the form of a satellite dish.

Ch32 8 Satellite dish

As soon as the robot had finished constructing the dish, Alice placed it into her inventory and took it outside as the next requirement of her day was to use it to make contact with aliens.

Sadly, not a lot happened and so she moved onto her next task which was to use it to influence the mood of the neighbourhood by using the neighbourhood hive mind feature. She opted to try to make everyone friendly.

Ch32 9 Contacting Aliens

The satellite turned towards the sky and omitted a laser and soon after a pinky, purply rain began to descend upon her. She wasn’t really sure if the task had been successful, but it looked cool so she was happy.

When the satellite tasks were complete, she had a bit of an odd request to go and tinker with the coffee machine in the staff break room, so she headed upstairs to see what she could do.

Ch32 7 Upgrading the coffee machine

Her main tasks for the day were now complete so Alice spent the rest of her shift tending the garden and working on the rocket ship and then it was time to go home again.

When she finally arrived home, she was welcomed by a very pleasant surprise, not only had she received another promotion but, once again, so had Jamie.

Alice was now a Technological Innovator and Jamie was promoted to the position of Code Monkey.

After getting changed, Alice was about to do some washing when she noticed that she could upgrade the washing machine, so she spent a bit of time working on an upgrade to make the washing machine whisper quiet.

Ch32 5 Upgrading Washing Machine

For some reason she ended up with a bit of an audience; it seemed that Shingo and Jamie wanted to see how it was done.

When Alice was finished with the washing machine she received a phone call from Maki inviting her out to a nightclub.

Ch32 12 Nightclub invite

Alice thought this would be a great idea; they’d both received their promotions at work and they should celebrate so she gladly accepted the invitation and after ringing some of her colleagues and friends, they got in a taxi and were on their way.

As soon as everyone arrived at the venue, they all headed straight for the dance floor to dance.

Ch32 13 Dancing 1

Alice was having so much fun and the deejay was blasting some great tunes that she decided to get the whole group together to perform the One, Two, Steppin’ dance.

Ch32 14 Group dancing

They enjoyed it so much that after they’d finished that dance was over, they all agreed to do the Boogie Down Woogie dance, too.

Ch32 16 Group dancing 3

By the time they’d finished both dances, poor Jamie was exhausted from his first few days at work and after sitting down for a while, he laid down and fell straight to sleep.

Ch32 17 Jamie fell asleep

Alice didn’t want to disturb him so she headed over to the bar and ordered herself a drink.

She spotted Lisa and Katarina at the bar and sat down to talk to them for a while.

Ch32 18 Chatting at the bar

By the time Alice had finished her drink, it was time for everyone to leave and after waking up Jamie, they got in the taxi and headed home.

On the way, Alice had a brilliant idea and after arriving back at home, she asked Jamie if he fancied going on a short vacation to Selvadorada.

Jamie, of course, was absolutely thrilled and agreed that it was a fantastic idea and so they both rang work to inform them that they were taking some vacation time.

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Author’s Notes:

Once again, they both received their promotions which is fantastic. I was thinking of saving up so they could move house, but I decided they had both earned some time away from work and it meant they could travel somewhere new.

After harvesting the garden and selling everything in Alice’s inventory and the recent promotions they now have §16,517. I didn’t realise Alice had gathered so much lol! She still has a lot of metals and crystals in her inventory but I am reluctant to sell those in case she can use them for work. 



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