The Runaway – Chapter 33: A Jungle Adventure

Alice and Jamie had both decided that they would like to go on holiday together and so they both contacted their workplaces to let them know that they were taking a few days vacation.

Ch33 1 Vacation time

They’d ordered some new clothes for their holiday and Alice was really pleased with them. After they were changed and ready, she ordered them a taxi to the airport and then they were on their way.

Ch33 2 Jungle Bungalow

When they finally arrived at the Jungle Bungalow vacation home in Selvadorada, Shingo was in need of a bath and Jamie was exhausted from the flight so whilst he took a nap, Alice took Shingo to give him a bath.

Ch33 3 Bathing Shingo

After Shingo was all cleaned up, he ran outside and had barely been gone five minutes, when Alice heard a commotion. She wandered outside to find that Shingo had knocked over the bin and as much as she hated to do it, she had to tell him off.

Ch33 4 Naughty Shingo

Ch33 5 Lecturing

It was difficult for Alice to see him looking so sad, but at least he had learned not to play in the trash again.

She wondered if maybe he was in need of some attention and was acting out a bit, so while Jamie rested she took him on a walk to explore their surroundings.

Ch33 6 Walkies

No sooner had they set off, Alice spotted a rock to dig up and couldn’t resist finding out what was inside; it revealed an Orange Topaz, which she placed in her pocket to take home.

Ch33 7 Digging

Further down the path, Alice came across a new type of tree that she’d not seen before, which she later discovered was a Plantain tree. The tree was ready to harvest so she picked the Plantain so that she could plant it back at home.

Ch33 8 Plantain tree

At the end of the path, Alice and Shingo reached the Belomisia Trailhead, which she’d seen in the travel brochure.

She really wanted to venture into the jungle, but she knew that they would need to purchase some supplies first, so they both headed back to the vacation home, to see if Jamie was awake.

Ch33 9 Belomisia Trailhead

When they both arrived back, Jamie was up and taking a quick shower. Whilst she waited, Alice, filled the food bowl for Shingo.

When they’d booked the holiday there weren’t any pet items, so they had to request them, especially.

Ch33 10 Feeding Shingo

Jamie was now ready so they headed to the Cantina “El Árbol Del Jaguar”. Sadly, when they arrived all the merchandise vendors had packed up and left for the day but seeing that the food vendor was still open, they both decided to order some food.

Ch33 11 Cantina

Jamie ordered a plate of Pastel de Palmito and Alice ordered the Pastel de Camarão. They’d both been really looking forward to tasting the local cuisine but after finishing eating, they both felt very uncomfortable; it certainly wasn’t what they had been expecting, but maybe they could get used to it in time.

Ch33 12 Local cuisine

They were just about to get up from the table and head into the cantina when Alice spotted that one of the merchandise vendors had returned for the evening so she headed over to take a look at what was for sale.

Ch33 13 Local Vendor

After perusing the wares she decided to buy a few bottles of Drake’s Fire Quencher, a tent, a spare bowl for Shingo, a cooler and a weathered lantern, then they headed into the cantina.

They both ordered a few drinks and sat down at one of the tables nearby and were soon joined by a guy named Pablo Moreno. They weren’t really sure if he was a local or a fellow vacationer, but they spent awhile chatting and asked him about the local sights.

Ch33 14 A new friend

The local music was playing through a speaker on the wall behind the bar and Alice thought it sounded amazing so when they’d finished their drinks, Alice decided it was time to have a dance and so she dragged Jamie up on to his feet.

Ch33 15 Dancing

It was now getting quite late, so they both decided it was time to head back to the bungalow, but just as they were leaving, Alice spotted that another vendor had appeared with some different stock, so she went and bought a few extra bits and then they headed home.

Ch33 16 New merchandise

When they arrived back, they were both very hungry again so Alice whipped them up a plate of Fish and Chips and after eating, Jamie kissed her goodnight and headed up to bed.

Ch33 17 Second dinner

They had both planned to head into the jungle tomorrow, which meant that they needed to get an early start so that they could make the most of it; at least they’d managed to buy a tent, just in case they ended up having to camp overnight.

Whilst Jamie slept, Alice reflected on her first day in Selvadorada and just couldn’t believe how absolutely stunning it was, the pictures in the brochure hadn’t done it justice. She couldn’t wait for the next day to begin.

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Author’s Notes:

So after having to take a break last week, their jungle vacation is finally here. I’m so glad I decided to bring them here; Selvadorada is definitely my favourite place in The Sims right now and it’s refreshing for them to have a change of scenery.

Hopefully, the vendors will sell some better items when they go back, otherwise, they’re in for a very interesting adventure into the jungle lol!

Thank you for your patience whilst I took a mini break and thank you so much for coming back to continue their story ♥



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