The Runaway – Chapter 34: Into the Jungle

It was early on Saturday morning and whilst Jamie slept, Alice and Shingo enjoyed a quick dip in the pool.

Ch34 1 Swimming

After their lovely, refreshing swim, Alice was about to take Shingo on a quick walk to the marketplace, but the poor boy must have been exhausted from being in the pool and had fallen asleep, near the front door.

Ch34 2 Sleeping Shingo

Instead, Alice headed off alone and hopefully, Jamie would be fully rested by the time she returned.

After taking a little boat across the river, she arrived at the marketplace, but much to her dismay, despite the fact that one of the tables already had some merchandise set up to buy, there wasn’t a single vendor in sight.

Ch34 3 No vendors

Wondering what she should do while she waited, she decided to wander down to the water’s edge and take in the view. Along the way she found a rock to dig and a lovely little fishing spot.

Ch34 4 Fishing

As she cast her line into the water, in the hopes of catching a fish, she couldn’t help gazing off into the distance at the beautiful waterfalls, at the other side of the lake.

After just over an hour of fishing, she hadn’t actually managed to catch a fish, but whilst she was doing so she was suddenly struck with an idea for a fantastic new invention; a Cloning Machine. She quickly whipped out her phone and wrote it down in her memo.

Ch34 5 Ninth breakthrough

She was sure that the vendors should have arrived by now so she headed back to the marketplace and, lo and behold, they were indeed up set up for the day.

From the first vendor, Alice bought some of the Dr. Parker’s Spider Repellent and from the second she purchased a machete, a few Waterfalls in a Bottle and several Plasma Bat Baits.

Ch34 6 Vendors

She also decided to buy some spare pet bowl’s – as she’d heard that they often go missing in the jungle – a pet bed and a ready-made fire pit, in case they got hungry.

By the time Alice returned to the bungalow, it was now 2 o’clock in the afternoon; she hadn’t expected the trip to take quite so long and she hoped it wouldn’t spoil there trip into the jungle.

Ch34 7 Fish n Chips

With time ticking by, they both quickly grabbed some of the leftover Fish and Chips and packed the survival gear, changed into their new outfits and then they were ready to go. Even Shingo had his own little jungle outfit to wear.

Ch34 8 All ready to go

When they arrived at the Belomisia Trailhead, Alice shared out the supplies and then headed over to the vines that were blocking the entrance to the jungle and began clearing them with her machete. Whilst Jamie waited, he entertained Shingo.

Ch34 9 Clearing the Vines 1

Sadly, whilst chopping down the vines, Alice’s machete flew out of her hand, thankfully, she’d just finished using it.

Ch34 10 Lost machete

Upon entering the jungle, Alice was so busy, watching some birds fly by, that she almost stumbled over a very strange looking egg and as she cast her gaze around, looking for what might have hatched it, she spotted a bird of prey, eyeing up the egg for its dinner. She knew that she had to act fast and after quickly rummaging through her backpack, she decided to mist the bird with some of her Drake’s Fire Quencher and, thankfully, the bird flew away with a squawk.

Ch34 E Strange egg

The little egg was saved and no sooner had the bird of prey flown off, it began to hatch. Alice knew that the little creature would surely be in danger, out in the open, so she scooped it up and moved it to a little cave, nearby, and to her surprise, the little creature bestowed her with a strange blessing.

Ch34 A Blessing of Self Care

Now that they were all safely through the vines and into the jungle, they both set about looking for things to collect and it didn’t take long for Jamie to spot an Avocado tree. He wandered over to the tree to see if it had any fruit to harvest and to his delight it did. After picking three of the ripest ones, he headed over to Alice and offered her them as a gift for her garden. What a sweetie!

Ch34 12 Avocados

The area they were in, had nothing else to offer so they set about looking for which way to go next and after noticing that one particular path was blocked by some kind of ancient door, they had no choice but to head over a very ominous looking wooden bridge.

Alice decided to attach Shingo’s leash, just to be safe, but in fact, the bridge was sturdier than they had first thought and they made it across with ease.

Ch34 13 Wooden bridge

When they reached the other side, they soon stumbled upon another patch of vines to clear, but with Alice losing her machete, this time it was Jamie’s turn to clear them.  Alice couldn’t help taking in the view of the beautiful waterfall, nearby and thought to herself that it was a very romantic setting.

As they headed through the dense vines, they stumbled across an archaeologist in distress and it soon became apparent that he’d lost his bag in some quicksand.

Ch34 D Bag in the sand

Jamie’s good nature took over and despite being a terrible fisherman, he tried to fish the bag out of the sand, but sadly he dropped it and it sunk further into the quicksand and disappeared, out of sight.

The archaeologist was furious and stormed off in a rage and poor Jamie was left feeling somewhat embarrassed by the ordeal.

Ch34 14 Through another path

Finally, they made it through the dense jungle and into another clearing and after taking a look around, Alice spotted a tree with different coloured berries on and couldn’t resist picking a few for home.

Ch34 15 Tree of Emotions

It was now getting quite late and the dark night was drawing in fast, so Alice suggested that they should set up camp and Jamie agreed.

After pitching the tent and lighting the fire pit, a swarm of bees appeared and surrounded Alice. Her quick brain jumped into action and she stayed as still as possible, hoping that they would just get bored and fly away and, would you believe it, they did. Phew!

Ch34 16 Bees

Alice wasn’t feeling very hungry yet and she wondered if it had something to do with the blessing that had been bestowed on her by the little creature, but Jamie was starting to feel peckish, so she roasted some hotdogs for him.

Ch34 19 Roasting hotdogs

When he’d finished eating, they both enjoyed the warm fire together until it went out. With the sheer beauty that the jungle had to offer, they were both feeling somewhat romantic and flirty so they retired to their tent, but it was a while before they actually went to sleep.

Ch34 20 Woohoo

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Author’s Notes:

Oops, they were supposed to head out nice and early but time flies by so fast, in game, that before I knew it had gotten to the afternoon. Thankfully it didn’t affect the start of their jungle trek, too much. 

The little creature was cool, it bestowed the Blessing of Self-Care so her needs barely decreased, which was very helpful indeed, but poor Jamie had an embarrassing ordeal. 

Ch34 B Fishing failure

After setting up their temporary camp, it took me three attempts to get them to be able to woohoo in the tent, they kept putting the tent down in places that they couldn’t get into lol! I kind of wish we were able to place them ourselves, but never mind. Oh, and they both got a moodlet from it called WooHooed in the Wild lol!

I’m loving their jungle adventure and I’m glad they finally made it into the actual jungle. I may never take them home, haha!


4 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 34: Into the Jungle

  1. Oh too bad that Alice lost her machete. She was a wild one chopping away at those vines! lol So glad that they got into the jungle and I loved that Shingo had a little jungle outfit on, too.

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