The Runaway – Chapter 35: The Adventure Continues

Alice awoke bright and early, the next morning, and for a second she forgot that she was in the jungle.

Ch35 1 Waking up

Jamie was still fast asleep in their tent so she decided to go in search of the archaeological dig sites that she heard the locals talking about and soon found one nearby.

Shingo must have been up to no good, fighting a squirrel in the bush as he looked very suspicious when she walked by, but he dutifully came and laid down near her, whilst she searched for some artefacts.

Ch35 2 Dig site

Unfortunately, she didn’t uncover an artefact, this time, but she did find some bone dust, which she hoped may be useful for something or other.

She headed back to the camp and was just adding a log to the fire when a swarm of bees attacked her and at exactly the same time, Jamie had climbed out of his tent and was attacked by some plasma bats; thankfully, nothing bad happened.

Ch35 3 Both attacked

Now that they were both awake, they decided to pack up their little campsite and venture further into the jungle, but first, they needed to eat.

Alice tried roasting some hotdogs over the fire pit, but try as she might, she just couldn’t do it, so in the end, they resorted to grabbing some quick bowls of cereal from the cooler.

Ch35 4b Eating Cereal

When they both finished their breakfast, Jamie headed over to the nearest set of vines and began chopping it down, whilst Alice played with Shingo.

Ch35 5 Clearing the vines 1

Finally, the vines were cleared and as Jamie emerged into a clearing he came across a family of Capybaras, having an afternoon drink at a nearby watering hole. He noticed that the smallest one was scorched and upset, but with no experience, or means to help it, he simply stood and observed them from a distance.

Ch35 A Capybara Encounter

After a little while, he decided it was safe for them to sneak past without disturbing the Capybaras but his mood was dampened by the fact that he had been unable to help the poor injured creature.

At the other side of the patch of dense jungle, Alice and Jamie came across what appeared to be an old Omiscan bathing pool and with the heat soaring by the hour, they both decided it would be a shame not to take a quick dip in the pool, so they got changed and went for a swim.

Ch35 7 Energised swim

When they had finally cooled down and were both feeling super energised, they carried on with their trek and as they wandered around, taking in the sights, Alice spotted a dig site and couldn’t resist seeing what was buried within.

This time luck was with her; she had found an unauthenticated Omiscan knife.

Ch35 8 Digging

Meanwhile, Jamie had been cutting down a patch of vines, nearby, and had now cleared a path for them. As they made their way through they stumbled upon some quicksand and poor Jamie dropped his bag.

Bag in the sand

He tried his hardest to reach it with a stick and he almost had it, when the stick snapped. The bag dropped, once again, into the quicksand and disappeared beneath the surface. Poor Jamie was so annoyed with himself for being clumsy and stormed off ahead.

Then no sooner had he made it through to the next clearing, he was attacked by a swarm of fireflies, thankfully he acted fast and grabbed a can of Drake’s Fire Quencher, out of his bag and managed to stave them off.

Ch35 9 Fire flies

As they explore the clearing, Alice spots another tree of emotions and harvests the fruit and then spots another and as she looks around she also spots a plantain tree, an avocado tree and a black bean bush and immediately sets to work, harvesting them all.

Ch35 10 Lots to harvest

Alice and Jamie soon realise that this clearing is a dead end so they head back the way they came and through the doorway that originally led them to the Omiscan baths.

This time, upon approaching another set of vines, Alice tries her hand at clearing her way through and after collecting the machete from Jamie, she sets to work.

Ch35 11 Clearing the Vines 2

When the doorway is clear and they’re making their way through the dense jungle, the strangest thing happens; Alice stumbles upon yet another archaeologist who’s lost their bag in some quicksand and, like Jamie, her good nature means that she can’t leave without trying to help, so she tries to fish the bag out of the sand.

Sadly, she also dropped the bag, which disappeared into the sand and feeling very embarrassed they carried on their way.

When they finally made it through to the next clearing, Alice couldn’t believe her eyes, not only were there a few rocks in front to dig up, but there also appeared to be some kind of chest.

Ch35 12 Treasure

She couldn’t resist opening it and was delighted to find a stash of simoleons and some adventure gear.

She also dug up the rocks and obtained two crystals to take back home.

Ch35 13 Opening treasure chest

It was now getting very late and after eating some more cereal from the cooler, they both headed into the tent to get some rest. Unbeknownst to Alice and Jamie, they would be sharing the clearing with someone else tonight… Eek!

Ch35 15 Crocodile

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Author’s Notes:

For some reason, their fire pit appears to be bugged, no matter how many times I tried placing it down, in different places, she kept swinging her arms around, saying she couldn’t use it. It had worked the last time I played the game, so I have no idea what had happened. Thankfully I’d purchased them a cooler and they seemed to be able to use that just fine. Although, when they sit on it to eat, another sim then can’t use it…doh!

They received lots of moodlets from the jungle again.

Poor Jamie really is having a rough time; with his skills being low he always seems to fail at the jungle adventure encounters lol He received a sad moodlet from the Capybara encounter and was very angry after dropping his bag in the quicksand.

Thankfully, they did both get these lovely moodlets, that kept the bad ones at bay. 



5 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 35: The Adventure Continues

  1. Such beautiful shots of the jungle. And, yes, poor Jamie does have some bad luck at things. I guess the better you are at certain skills, the better you are at the challenges. I wonder what happened with the firepit. Probably a glitch. Thank goodness they brought a cooler (on wheels, of course) lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yes they do well to pack all their gear into their nonexistent backpacks lol It’s a very good job it has wheels 😉
      Yeah it is a shame, he didn’t already have a few skills when he moved in and I’ve not had time to let him work on them lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, there is always so much going on and no time to skill. Doing a story, too, makes it more difficult as the hours of the sim day just go by so fast. Sort of like real life when you realize it’s 2pm and you say…omg….where did the day go? lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha, yes that happened to me yesterday. Before I knew it, it was time for work, although, it does baffle me how time seemed to slow down at work 😂
        As well, with writing it the chapters only tend to cover a day or two in game and skilling takes a while, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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