The Runaway – Chapter 36: Extended Vacation

After waking up bright and early, yet again, Alice decided to do a spot of fishing, whilst Jamie slept. It wasn’t until she cast her line into the water, that she realised they had, in fact, spent the night near a crocodile, eek!

Ch36 1 Fishing

Thankfully, they’d made it through the night, unharmed, but to be on the safe side, when Jamie awoke, Alice thought that they had better move on.

Poor Jamie really was having a tough time in the jungle; he was awoken early by a swarm of bees and despite trying to run away from them, they managed to sting him all over.

Ch36 2 Jamie stung

After his ordeal was over, he was still very tired, so he crawled back into the tent and went back to sleep.

Alice’s morning of fishing had proved very productive. By the time Jamie had finally woken for the day, she had caught two Angelfish, a Tambaqui, two Discus fish, and an eel.

She even discovered her tenth breakthrough and wrote down an idea for a Slimify Serum, in the memo on her phone.

Ch36 Tenth Breakthrough

Their supplies were running very low and Alice had received a reminder that their vacation would be ending soon, so both Alice and Jamie packed up their camp and headed back to the bungalow, but when they arrived back at the vacation home, Alice was overwhelmed with a huge wave of sadness. She was having so much fun in the jungle and she wasn’t ready to leave so, after talking with Jamie, they both decided to extend their vacation for another two days.

Alice and Jamie both wanted to head straight back into the jungle, but first, they would need to make a quick trip to the marketplace.

Ch36 3 Vendors

When they arrived there, they were both very hungry but first, they needed to see what the vendors had to offer and Alice was pleased to see that one of the vendors had a very good selection, indeed.

They purchased everything worth buying and then whilst they waited to see if the vendors restocked, they both ordered some Selvadoradian food.

Ch36 4 Selvadoradian food

With full stomachs and a well-stocked set of supplies, Alice and Jamie were now in need of a good night’s sleep so they headed back to the bungalow to recuperate.


The next morning Alice and Jamie were up bright and early and within no time at all, they were already trekking through the jungle and heading back to the place they’d left the day before.

They crossed over the wooden rope bridge and walked up to the beautiful waterfall that they’d seen on their first excursion and had stopped to take in the sights. After a moment’s rest, Alice turned around to carry on their trek, to find that Jamie was down on one knee, in front of her.

Ch36 5 Proposal

Alice couldn’t believe her eyes and as she stepped forward towards him, Jamie pulled a box out of his pocket, revealing an exquisite diamond ring and asked Alice to marry him.

She was absolutely speechless and took a moment to gather her words together and then nothing could stop her. “YES!” She exclaimed, and with that, they were now engaged!

Ch36 6 Yes

A moment of passion overcame Alice and Jamie and they shared a very romantic kiss and then Alice jumped into Jamie’s arms but they soon remembered that they still had quite a way to go and as excited as they were, they were also eager to carry on their little adventure, so they continued on through the jungle and in no time at all, they had made it back to where they’d left off.

Ch36 7 Vines

Alice set straight to work clearing a path through a thick patch of vines. As she tore through the last one, she looked up to notice a whole troupe of sloths staring back at her and they were eyeing her warily.

Ch36 B Suddenly Sloths

She decides to offer them the Guzmania Pollenis flower, in the hopes that they’ll let them pass by and much to Alice’s relief the sloths seem very interested in the sweet-smelling flower. One of them takes it and motions to follow in a very sloth-y manner and leads them to a beautiful overlook, where they witness a bunch of bats flying over the jungle canopy.

As Alice and Jamie turn to walk away, Alice spots a relic at her feet and picks it up; it’s a Zazatototl death relic. She shivers at the sight of it and puts it safely into her backpack and they carry on.

In the next clearing, they can’t believe their eyes when they see a wondrous ancient building in front of them; The Omiscan Temple!

Ch36 8 Omiscan Temple

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Author’s Notes:

I somehow seem to have a shortage of pictures in this chapter. I think I was just so caught up in playing out the story, I got a little distracted.

I couldn’t resist extending their vacation and I’m so excited that they made it to the temple. I just hope that I can get them through it without any casualties lol!

They got a few nice little moodlets from their adventures. Alice received one for her fishing and for her tenth breakthrough:


Poor Jamie got one for being stung and then they both got the Overwhelming Flavor moodlet from the Selvadoradian food from the marketplace.


And then, of course, they got the wonderful moodlet that they are now engaged. When they were walking past the waterfall, I saw the romantic moodlet and just thought, this is perfect, he has to propose!! 

Ch36 M5 Engaged

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