The Runaway – Chapter 37: Into the Temple

Whilst Alice went in search of dig piles, Jamie spent some time with Shingo and they were getting on so well that they finally became companions.

Ch37 2 Jamie and Shingo

Behind the temple, Alice had found what she was looking for and began her excavation and uncovered an unauthenticated statue.

When she’d finished, she headed back to Jamie and after mucking about taking several pictures together, they braved entering the temple.

After climbing the steep stairs, they reached the entrance and Alice couldn’t believe her eyes; at the bottom of the staircase inside, was a door with what appeared to be a flame trap, blocking their way.

Ch37 7 Fire

Alice and Jamie warily walked down the stairs and found two strange totems, one at each side of the stairs.

Alice began examining the first trap whilst Jamie had a look around. After carefully examining the first totem, Alice discovered that three of the four triggers wouldn’t remove the flames, but it was uncertain what the fourth trigger would do, so to be on the safe side, she examined the other totem.

Ch37 11 Examining trap 2

The examination of the second totem proved very useful, indeed, as she discovered that all of the triggers were fake, which meant that she’d found the real one on her very first attempt. She returned to the first totem and reached into the tree glyph hole and, lo and behold, the fire blocking the doorway dispersed and their way forward was now clear.

Ch37 12 Tree glyph

As Alice and Jamie walked down yet another flight of stairs and into the room below they were met with several dig sites and an archaeological table.

Ch37 13 Archaeology room

Alice was eager to uncover some more artefacts, so Jamie helped her by excavating the same pile. Shingo had finally followed them into the temple and promptly fell asleep while they worked.

Ch37 14 Digging together

They were now both in need of food and to relieve their bladders, so whilst Alice fed Shingo and grabbed a quick bowl of cereal from the cooler, Jamie nipped outside to pee in a bush and then they swapped over.

Ch37 15 Dinner time

They took it in turns as they were a little apprehensive about leaving Shingo in the temple on his own, especially with the doorway in the next room, omitting what could only be poisonous gases.

Ch37 16 Poisonous trap

When their needs were met Alice and Jamie were about to go into the next room but they couldn’t believe what they saw next; there was a skeleton walking around!

Ch37 17 Skeleton

Jamie headed in first, scared of what it might do and cautiously offered it a friendly introduction and was very relieved when the skeleton waved back and began talking to him.

Ch37 18 Talking to skeleton

Whilst Jamie entertained the skeleton, Alice set to work examining the three traps and once again, she was able to determine that only one of the traps had a trigger that would disarm the trap, so she headed over to it and assembled the leaves glyph and the next room was now clear to enter.

Ch37 20 Correct trigger

Jamie was now very tired and after a little fun in their tent, they both got some well-earned rest.

Alice didn’t really need to sleep so she got up and out of the tent and couldn’t resist excavating the two dig sites nearby. She uncovered a chaos relic base and a fossil rock. Then she thought she’d try her hand at uncovering an artefact from a dirt clump that she’d found and after chipping away at the dirt, it revealed an unauthenticated Omiscan vase.

Ch37 22 Uncovering artefacts

A few hours had passed by and Jamie was still sound asleep, so Alice decided to try authenticating the vase, but sadly, to Alice’s dismay, it turned out to be fake, worth only §42.

Alice was pleased to see that Jamie was now awake, so they packed up their tent and moved on. The next room, to their delight, contained only two traps to examine.

Ch37 23 Totem trapCh37 24 Pressure plate

The first defense contained only fake triggers, so she moved onto the other, which appeared to be some kind of pressure plate, and examined it, hoping that it would only have one usable trigger and it did.

Alice ate a museberry and suddenly felt inspired to continue and stepped up onto the plate, as she did so, it lowered to the ground and lit up with a blue glow and once again the doorway was cleared.

Ch37 26 Inspiration

In what Alice and Jamie hoped was the final trap room, they saw just one solitary temple defense; a group of three skeletons holding weapons. Eager to find the treasure that she’d heard of, Alice immediately began examing the skeletons

Ch37 27 Skeleton defense

She soon determined that the right warrior’s weapon was the key to disarming the trap, pulled it and turned to look at the doorway, at the opposite side of the room and, lo and behold, it worked.

Ch37 28 Poison door disarmed

When Alice and Jamie walked into the last room they almost jumped for joy. There in front of them were two treasure chests, just waiting to be opened. There was also a dig site, nearby.

Ch37 29 Treasure chests

Whilst Alice searched the dig site, Jamie moved the heavy lid off the first chest and found that it contained §654 and some adventure gear. The final chest he left for Alice to open.

Ch37 30 First chest

What awaited her, Alice could never have dreamt of in a million years. As she pushed the lid back, there, in the bottom of the chest, was a Jewelled Gold Perereca worth §10,015! There was also an unauthenticated mask and a watcher relic base.

Ch37 31 Treasure

Alice and Jamie had finally found the temple’s treasure and lucky for them they’d completed the temple just in time; their holiday was now coming to an end and as much as they didn’t want to, they couldn’t take any more time off work, so they made their way back to the jungle bungalow, packed up their belongings and headed back home.

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Author’s Notes:

In order for Alice and Jamie to be able to enter the temple, I had to extend their vacation by another day. I couldn’t resist having them explore it and so they had to take another day off work. Unfortunately, Jamie didn’t have any vacation days left, so I think he was just skipping work, oops lol!

As much as I would have liked Jamie to examine the traps, his skills were sadly too low and it scares me to have sims guessing in the temple. Alice’s skills were high enough to uncover the correct triggers, hence why she was the only one using them. 

I was so pleased when I first had them walk up the stairs, to see that in fact the temple had changed and was different to one I had visited previously with Emerson in my Runaway Teen in the Jungle series on Youtube.

So Alice and Jamie and Shingo are now back at home and it’s back to work for them, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of having them in the jungle and I hope you did too. I may just have to plan another vacation soon, hehe.



4 thoughts on “The Runaway – Chapter 37: Into the Temple

  1. Oh I am so, so happy for Alice and Jamie. What a terrific adventure in the temple and what a find! Wowzers! I can’t wait to explore the temple with my asylum crew, but a bit scared of what will happen, too. I wonder if the finds are different each time you go in? Terrific story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The temple itself actually changes when you go in, I think you have to end the vacation and go back again before it will, though. Yeah I think there’s several different treasures you can find 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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